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Suave Professionals Conditioner, Natural Infusion Seaweed & Lotus Blossom 12.6 oz

View larger Salon-Proven to Strengthen as Well as a Salon Brand Enriched with special exotic natural ingredients and free from parabens and dyes, Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Seaweed and Lotus Blossom Conditioner gently cleanses and adds body from root to tip so hair is uniformly voluminous. It’s also safe for color treated hair. Directions for Use Apply after using Natural Infusion All Day Body Shampoo. Leave for 1-3 minutes. Rinse. For longer lasting volume use with Natural Infusion All Day Body Leave-In Foam. What’s in the Box Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Seaweed and Lotus Blossom Conditioner, 12.6 Ounces. All Day Body System with Seaweed & Lotus Blossom: 24-hour body Touchably soft, weightless bounce Luxurious nature-inspired fragrance Safe for color treated hair

Key features

  • Infused with seaweed and lotus blossom
  • 27 hour body
  • Luxurious nature inspired fragrance
  • Safe for color treated hair

Honest reviews


Like this!

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m not one to wash my hair every day. More like every other. And I didn’t have the shampoo that goes with this conditioner. I did like that I could pronounce most of the ingredients in this (and yes, there were a few I couldn’t).But, I really liked how my hair felt after using this. Soft, silky and easy to brush through. As someone with fine, thinning hair, it’s always nice to a lesser amount left in the brush. This conditioner also ads a shine, which is wonderful.Bottom line, I think I’ll keep using it. See if I can find the matching shampoo locally and if not, order both online. It’s a very good product and I am quite satisfied with it.

Margarita Westons Mills, NY

Very pleased with this product

This conditioner smells really nice, and did a great job detangling and softening my hair without leaving it flat, greasy, sticky or gummy. It is also kind to color-treated hair. I would definitely recommend this as an alternative to higher-priced products.

Connie Peosta, IA

Used on Natural AA Hair Texture 3b-c. Very nice, natural product for moisturization and conditioning.

Used on Natural AA Hair Texture 3b-c. Very nice, natural product for moisturization and conditioning. I like it. It’s lighter than what I normally use on my hair but it worked well. It gave me volume but I have curly, spirally hair. My hair felt soft and moisturized throughout the day. The scent is nice and not too strong and the cream is mid-thick. Good product and an excellent conditioner. I would most definitely recommend this product.

Britney Mauriceville, TX

Body without excessive weight

Does a great job of adding body without making your hair look like you never washed it begin with. Scent is .very fragrant but disappears within an hour.The only downfall is that it has little effect on light or thinning hair, i.e., whatever conditioning you experience in the beginning is gone within in couple hours.Otherwise, a great product for the price.

Olivia Blue Springs, MO

Decent, but I think there are better out there

I’ve been using this after my workouts at the gym. I think it does a decent enough job leaving my hair smooth and shiny. It has a light sea-ish fragrance that’s pleasant. That said, I do prefer a more economical product, TRESemme Smooth and Shiny Conditioner. For about same about of money you get a lot more conditioner, plus the alternative seems to work a little bit better.

Lora Temple, TX

Feels great to the hair

Fragrant and smooth, this conditioner really goes on smooth and leaves your hair feeling great and smooth. Very nice. I have thin, fine hair. It’s made to be used with the shampoo of the same brand, but, I used it with another brand of Shampoo and it worked just as well. If you are a fan of the Suave brand, this conditioner works really well.

Renae Oakland, IL

Smells great !

Seaweed and lotus blossom sounds great but my nose was unable to zero-in on that particular scent. But what ever is was, it sure smells good , though not too strongly.It did condition my hair but not as well as some other conditioners I’ve tried in the past.Thank you.

Lou Grampian, PA

Scent is a bit overpowering …

I like Suave products and was excited about trying this particular version of their conditioner. However, I am sensitive to strong scents and I found this one just a bit overbearing for me. I also found that it "over conditioned" my hair a bit, even when I used a small amount.Many will find it fine (I have short hair, which could be part of the problem), so I am giving it three stars … just OK.

Grace Bangor, PA

It’s nice, but I like Suave’s Moroccan Infusion conditioner even better

Suave’s new Professional’s line has some really outstanding products. They’ve gone from what I always thought of as the super cheap shampoo that has great fragrances, but don’t really do anything for my hair, to now having some really great products. Each of their new shampoos and conditioners will find someone who has the right hair for it. While this Natural Infusion Seaweed and Lotus Blossom line is nice, there other new ones from Suave that are even better for my hair. Specifically theSuave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner.The Moroccan shampoo and conditioner line works amazing with my hair type, thick, long and poofy when not tamed. I’m not certain which hair type this Natural Infusion line is perfect for, but if you have hair like mine, I’d say try out theMoroccan Infusioninstead.

Ebony Portage, PA

Suave Conditioner

I really like Suave products. I’m always buying the kid’s bath products and have, on occasion, bought the shampoos for myself. I’m not big on conditioner, generally speaking. However, I tried this conditioner and I really like it. It smells nice and it doesn’t leave a waxy feel in my hair. I usually feel like I can’t rinse conditioner out of my hair good enough. This was different. I rinsed good and it just left my hair feeling clean.

Lynnette Concord, MA

Worked fine

I love a product with natural ingredients, including healthy seaweed (yes, it’s healthy!). This conditioner doesn’t have parabens, as the current TV spot for it stresses, and I imagine that’s a good thing though I don’t know much about parabens. What I experienced with it the several times I’ve used it is that it has a pleasant smell and white, slightly runny texture, it made my hair easy to comb through after the shower, and it left it soft throughout the day. I tried it according the directions, leaving it in a few minutes before rinsing, and I tried it with just rinsing right away. I didn’t see a real difference between the two methods. And it didn’t seem to add volume, but my hair is very fine.

Aurelia Lanesville, NY

Good conditioner, good value

For context: My hair is colored, medium length, fine, dry, and slightly wavy.While this isn’t my favorite conditioner, it works just fine. It is a bit lighter/runnier than most conditioners, so I do end up using more. It does a great job of easing the detangling, and it rinses out very well. I like the nice, light scent which others have described as "leafy". It does not leave my hair as silky as some pricier options. For the price, this is a good choice.

Francine Annawan, IL

Pre-shampoo conditioner/detangler

I actually use Suave Natural Infusion conditioners before shampooing my hair. It works fine as a detangler and may be a good conditioner if your hair is naturally oily, but my dry hair needs more. It doesn’t do anything for me if I use it after shampooing. Sometimes I add oil (almond, apricot, grapeseed, or castor) and use it that way. All three of the scents I’ve tried smell very nice and not too strong as to hurt my nose. This one has a light pleasant smell. I prefer the ginger & honeysuckle version out of all three (I’ve also used the orchid version). I wouldn’t use this conditioner again past this initial trial.

Dena Burr Oak, KS

Conditions Well For The Price

Suave Natural Infusion Seaweed and Lotus Blossom works well as an inexpensive conditioner. It works a little better than you would think for the price. This product makes hair easy to comb through and style after using and it smells very nice. I try to stay away from sulfates and other ingredients that are found in this type of product, but overall, the performance was pretty decent for this Suave conditioner. My teenaged daughter really likes it too so that can save money on conditioner! This works well for the cost and the light scent is very nice.

Ma Prairie View, TX

Add volume

This conditioner is good at coating the outermost part of hair, making it feel soft. It’s loaded with dimethicone, a silicone oil that makes hair shinier and a little slippery which helps in detangling. It contains a fair amount of stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, which is a surfactant derived from vegetable oil and helps blend oil and water components of the conditioner. I like the fragrance too.

Earlene Cora, WY

Seems like a nice conditioner; Light Scent, but Some Ingredients of Concern

I like the fact that the fragrance is light and does not cause my eyes to burn. The conditioner helps control fly-away hair without being too oily. The absence of dye is a plus because I have sensitive skin.I looked up some of the ingredients on EWG’s cosmetic database. Of most concern is DMDM HYDANTOIN, which is a preservative that releases formaldehyde. I can’t tell how much is in this product and I am sensitive to formaldehyde so I would prefer a product that is formaldehyde-free.Also of concern are the chemicals Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone. Both of these are listed on the cosmetic database as being allergenic and somewhat toxic. Feel free to look them up on your favorite online encyclopedia if you aren’t easily alarmed. (If you are, you will be happier not knowing the details!) I read that Methylisothiazolinone is toxic to fish, which makes me wonder what the environmental effects are of letting these preservatives go down thousands of drains and eventually into waterways.I realize that preservatives are necessary in liquids that are stored on a shelf after opening. I have no idea if there are alternatives that are 100% safe. If it weren’t for the preservatives in this conditioner, I’d feel comfortable giving it five stars.

Zelda Hammond, IL

Use with matching shampoo

I was able to use this with the coordinating shampoo and got really nice results. I have fine that tends to be a little dry and since it’s all one length, it’s pretty obvious when it doesn’t look great. The shampoo alone left my hair extremely dry but with the conditioner, my hair looked very healthy and shiny. I didn’t have any static or flyaways, it stayed smooth through the entire day – I was really impressed with the shampoo/conditioner combination. I didn’t get any extra volume but I liked the appearance of my hair enough that I didn’t mind that much.I wish there was more scent to this product though. It smelled fantastic in the shower but within an hour or so it faded almost completely.

Concetta Mastic Beach, NY

Floral Scented and All Day Body

The Suave Professionals Natural Infusion with Seaweed and Lotus Blossom is designed to be hair care for all day body for normal to fine hair. It smells pretty floral yet still smells like you expect shampoo and conditioner to smell.It conditioned and left my hair feeling soft. It contains no parabens or dyes and is safe for color treated hair.I already have pretty full hair but this did seem to provide even more body.

Sheena Huntingtown, MD

Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Seaweed and Lotus Blossom Conditioner,

giving it 5 stars because I do love Suave’s products, however, since Vine keeps sending these heavy items in bubble envelopes, it was cracked clear through the cap and all of it was smashed out into the envelope and I really didn’t feel like cleaning up that mess just to try to get enough to try it. Sorry, wish I could say more except for one thing I did not like, it smelled very strong and it was a cheap perfumy scent. I don’t know if that would stay in your hair or not but if it would, I wouldn’t have used it more than once.

Lucile Niagara, WI

Works well at a good price…

I do color my hair at home using a variety of products, and that process leaves my hair a bit more dry than usual. Add to it the fact that it is winter and that results in my hair needing some intensive care and moisture. I want clean, soft, smooth hair without static or flyaway ends. Also don’t want a greasy look that you sometimes can get using products made for processed hair. This conditioner works well for me and I am happy with the way my hair looks and feels.I’ve been using this conditioner and the shampoo of the same product line for a couple of weeks now and I like it. I use about a quarter-sized squirt of product on my wet shoulder-length hair after shampooing. It seems to penetrate quickly so I don’t have to leave it on for a long time to get the moisturizing effect. I love scented products that don’t smell like musk or chemicals and, although this scent is not my favorite, it’s nice enough.I like it and would buy it again.

Benita Van Buren, ME

I’m a Fan …

Tonight, I paired this shampoo with the matching conditioner. I think many of these Suave products, in order to reach their full potential, need to be experienced as a set (especially since the shampoos can be a bit aggressive). Here are the results of this evening’s experiment:While I initially thought the scent was a little cloying, I ended up finding it refreshing. (But, there is a note of caution to those who struggle with stronger scents: this one is pretty powerful). The lather is effortless and rich (which is not the case with most products labelled as "natural"). (HOWEVER,do note that these "natural" Suave products still have sodium lauryl sulfate as the second ingredient … yes, this gives that lather that we all love, but truly "natural" product do not include this element). Moreover, this shampoo rinsed super clean.The conditioner has a pleasant smell and also rinses super clean. Moreover, I really appreciate the "upside-down bottle" design … it makes getting those last bits of product much easier. Thank you, Suave! Now, since I have very long hair, I (maybe) used a tad too much. My hair did not have the volume for which I had hoped, but it was clean, yummy smelling, shiny, and smooth. And, that’s good enough for me.Suave is crazy inexpensive. I even use it to clean my Bare Essentials brushes. For certain, it "gets the job done." It’s not the best, but it is effective!

Joyce Gloucester City, NJ

made in the USA works for me!

if I didn’t use conditioner my hair would be a mess! My 50 year old curly, thick longish Irish hair if prone to split ends and the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Seaweed and Lotus Blossom Conditioner didn’t do as good a job as other Suave products that I leave in for 3 minutes and then wash out.

Carolina Mililani, HI

Works great

I love how this smells and I am using it along with the shampoo and my hair feel and looks great. I also love how they put the bottles so one is upside down so I can tell what they are with out my glasses. Great Job Suave.

Michele Bigfoot, TX

Left Film/Funny Smell

I thought the smell of this conditioner was a little strange and preferred the ginger and honeysuckle version to this one. The texture is somewhat thinner than other conditioners I have used, but it is Suave. When I used it, it was okay. It definitely conditioned my hair, but I felt like it left a film and the next day, my hair was slightly greasy. I don’t usually wash my hair everyday and use dry shampoo in between washes because otherwise I get split ends, but with this conditioner, I would have to wash everyday. I have very soft, but thick hair (it’s not coarse, but is thick).

Anne Silver Grove, KY


I have liked almost all of the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion conditioners. They are much nicer than most discount conditioners. They are thick and spread easily through the hair. They rinse out nicely and leave the hair well conditioned. This isn’t a heavy conditioner. It is a lighter conditioner but detangles nicely.The seaweed and lotus blossom is a nice conditioner. I didn’t care for the scent much. It just seems generically floral. It was a bit heavy for me.

Bobbie New Harmony, UT

Perfect for Men Who Suffer from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)

My hair is thin, fine and greasy. I have suffered with Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) since I was in my early twenties. However, in order to prevent it from becoming more noticeable, I use gentle shampoos and conditioners that add body to my hair. As if I didn’t have enough hair challenges to overcome, I also suffer from dandruff if I don’t use a daily conditioner.I work two full-time jobs and don’t have time to waste in the shower using first my shampoo and then my conditioner. I prefer a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner but good ones can be very difficult to find. Nevertheless, I was thankful when I was offered the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Seaweed and Lotus Blossom Conditioner and the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Seaweed and Lotus Blossom Shampoo (Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Seaweed and Lotus Blossom Shampoo, 12.6 Ounce).When I take a shower each morning, I use both the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Shampoo and the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Conditioner together. I rub a dab of each in the palm of my hand and thoroughly mix them together before applying them to my hair. The combination lathers very well. I let it remain in my hair until after I finish soaping my body and then rinse it out. The mixture of shampoo and conditioner easily rinses out and doesn’t leave a sticky, slimy or tacky residue. Also, both the shampoo and conditioner are lightly fragranced and I don’t smell them after I take my shower.My hair feels great. It is shiny, bouncy and healthy. How do I know when my hair is clean and healthy? I don’t feel it. I don’t even now it is there. It doesn’t itch. It doesn’t feel greasy. There are no flakes of dandruff on my shoulder. After I blow dry my hair, it looks more voluminous. My hair doesn’t look thin. My MPB is hardly noticeable. I have found in the past that it is always good to cycle my hair products. Our scalps become immune to the shampoos and conditioners that we use on them year after year after year. Bodybuilders will tell you that their muscles grow bigger and faster when they frequently change their workout routines.Suave is a brand that I have used all my life. Their products have always been safe, reliable and inexpensive. They perform as well, if not better, than the more expensive brands. I especially love their body lotions, which I can use all over without worrying about allergic reactions. I never experienced an allergic reaction when using both the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Shampoo and the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Conditioner together. Besides being safe, they are gender friendly in that both genders can enjoy them. They don’t make insane promises such as they’ll make you irresistible to the opposite gender. I highly recommend them.Joseph B. Hoyos

Juliette Garden Grove, CA

Least favorite of the line

The shampoo and conditioner that I have used for the last few years has recently changed their formula and it no longer provides the moisture that I need. I have now begun shopping for a new favorite product. While I enjoy this one because it has a nice scent, it does not provide the amount of moisture that I need. I have tried almost this entire line because it is comparable to pureology within their description. I don’t know if that is true. While pureology is too expensive for me to buy on a regular basis, it does have a tendency to give my fair, limp hair bounce. I don’t think this one conditioned very well. It still left my hair tangled, even after using a fairly large amount (more than any of the others). This is one of the reasons why I have switched from my long time use conditioner. It just isn’t given me everything that I need.

Henrietta Alameda, CA

It’s ok

I have to use conditioner, as I can’t get a comb through my wet hair without it. This conditioner does an excellent job of detangling. However, it’s supposed to be part of a volumizing system (with the shampoo of the same name), and I see no volume in my fine, straight hair after using it. It has a very faint "soapy" scent that dissipates quickly, but I prefer a stronger scent. If you dislike scented hair products and don’t actually want to increase the volume of your hair, it might be a fine product for you

Lula Solon Mills, IL

smoothed out the damaged part of my hair

My hair is not thick, but it’s rather long and it’s damaged and dry and it takes a lot of conditioner to coat it, thus my main requirements for a conditioner are that 1) it’s not expensive and 2) it moisturizes my hair and leaves it smooth and manageable. This one meets my price expectations, which I kind of expect from Suave and I was actually surprised at how well it did with making my hair look nice! It felt very slippery going on, so I thought it must be packed full of silicones (it is) so after I washed/conditioned my hair, I decided to ALSO use a little bit of this as a leave-in conditioner. It worked very well. Last year my hair suffered from some chemical damage/breakage in some front areas and there are some bits I stubbornly refuse to cut until they grow more and somehow they have miraculously not broken off yet and they sometimes feel rough and dry and crinkly (and just generally look bad) and I’m pretty impressed with how this conditioner smoothed them out. Even three days after last washing/conditioning my hair, I don’t feel/see the damaged part.I do think there is too much silicone in here to use it every time, and I’m not thrilled with the smell (I don’t even know how to describe it, the best I can do is "cheap 1970s body lotion") but you don’t really notice the smell once hair is dry (don’t know if I’d want a date smelling my hair after this though…) Overall, pretty happy with it.

Caitlin Corydon, KY

Affordable, Fragrant, & Good Performing Medium Body Conditioner

The first thing I noticed with this Suave product was it had a smell that was so natural I actually noticed it. It smelled like clean grass and faint flowers with nary a false, artificial, note. A really pleasing smell. The plastic bottle was a little funky as it seemed it was a bottle made for the top actually being on the top and as such it was being used as a bottom. This isn’t a big deal, however, just something a marketing major in business would notice. So, I went along with the program and used the bottle with the top being the bottom. Lol!A nice smell does not a good performing conditioner make, and Suave even as they position their products as cost saving alternatives knows this. What counts is if one’s hair formerly dry is no longer so without being waxy or greasy. Suave Professionals Natural Seaweed and Lotus Blossum Conditioner is a really good product because it does truly condition my fine hair without ill side-effects. The consistency of this conditioner is as close to right as possible. It’s thick enough to hold on ones hand and it’s viscosity is such as it moves around easily on wet hair. It’s medium as far as the conditioning goes which translates to an appropriate daily conditioner. Only a few times will one require something with more body and conditioning potency such as Aussie 3-Minute Miracle (my personal pick for best heavy conditioning that isn’t too greasy when rinsed).Suave has hit a homerun with this product. If it said some boutique on the label it wouldn’t be out of place at double the price…or more. It really smells refined and natural and it delivers moderately bodied conditioning while washing out without weighting down hair. Highly recommended as a product that delivers high value within the category.

Alfreda Vinton, LA