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Suave Professionals Conditioner, Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil & White Orchid 12.6 oz

View larger View larger Enriched with special exotic natural ingredients, Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil and White Orchid Shampoo is safe for color treated hair. Directions for Use Apply after using Natural Infusion Moisturizing Shampoo. Leave for 1-3 minutes. Rinse. To enhance hydration, use with Natural Infusion Moisturizing Light Oil Spray. What’s in the Box Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil and White Orchid Conditioner, 12.6 Ounces. *vs. non-conditioning shampoo. Conditioner with Macadamia Oil and White Orchid: 10x more moisturization* Softer, smoother look* Luxurious nature-inspired fragrance Safe for color treated hair

Key features

  • Infused with macadamia oil and white orchid
  • 10x more moisturization
  • Luxurious nature inspired fragrance
  • Safe for color treated hair

Honest reviews


Its ok

This is an ok conditioner. Not much more than I would have expected from Suave. It definitely does not compare to Pureology, so I am not sure how they can even bring themselves to state that it does. I have used various lines of Pureology for many years now and this Suave is not even remotely similar to any that I have used.All that said, this is a little thicker/more rich than typical Suave conditioners – you can tell it is slightly better than the 99cent varieties. It does smell good and does a good job of detangling and conditioning, but I do have to use a lot of it at a time. If you have to use a ton of it, it really isn’t worth it because you are using it up faster and buying it more often. Pureology is highly concentrated, so I only have to use a tiny bit of it, whereas with this Suave I have to use probably at least 4 times more – we are talking a heaping handful compared to a small blob in my palm. So, that gives an idea of the comparison between the two.It isn’t totally awful, although I have never heard a stylist recommend or even speak well of Suave (or various other low end brands). It does condition decently, even if it doesn’t have any lasting results or improvements on the hair. It rinses easily and I haven’t noticed any buildup. If I had to recommend a product under $3 I would recommend this one, but under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t recommend it and I definitely would never compare it to Pureology.

Miriam Rouses Point, NY

Typical Suave

I hoped Suave’s Professionals line would be better than its flagship product, but it largely appears to be a rebranding using Pottery Barn-colored bottles and exotic scents. Having used both the shampoo and conditioner in this particular set, after several days I noticed my hair was increasingly limp and oily. That’s pretty typical of my experience over the years with Suave, so while I was at the grocery store today I pulled this and the regular bottle of Suave to compare. Yup, nearly identical ingredients.So if you like flaccid hair that smells (strongly) of Hawaii, this should be your go-to. Otherwise drop a couple extra dollars and pick up some better shampoo.

Candy Orange City, IA

It smells too flowery for me

I have used Suave conditioner for several years because I can’t afford to buy salon brand conditioner. Most recently, I have used theSuave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner 28 oz. I have sensitivity to the perfumes used in a lot of products. I did not get a bad reaction from the scent of this conditioner so that is good, but it is a little too flowery for me.Scent is a hugely personal thing, so others may absolutely love the smell of this product and think I am crazy for not liking it. I suggest giving it a smell test if it is available at your local store.Even more than the scent, this conditioner isn’t designated as being for color treated hair and didn’t make my hair feel as soft as the Moroccan Infusion conditioner, so I will continue to purchase that one instead.

Daphne Una, SC

Hair Rescue for the Fiscally Challenged

Some people complain about the fragrance, but I love it and find it quite refreshing. This is a knockoff of Pureology Precious Oils Conditioner which is one of the higher priced salon conditioners. Took the time to compare ingredients between the two brands, and although they’re not identical they’re quite similar. Chemicals, silicones, plant extracts and fruit oils. Consistency is not as thick as I usually prefer, but in some ways that ensures better distribution throughout hair, enabling use less of less product too. Win/win.Have dry, bleached, pouffy and unruly Irish hair, and this Macadamia Oil and White Orchid formula did the trick by rendering it shiny and smooth. Note, as with most any other conditioner, this may be used as a leave in. Having a drainage issue in my shower and hoping to avoid using more water, tried this as a leave in. While my hair was still fairly wet (which allows for better distribution), applied say 35 cents worth of conditioner (meaning a dime size and quarter size amount of product) into my thick shoulder length hair and combed through. Worked out great too. So if you’re on the go, using as a leave in can be a good time saver.So, as the rest of me is going downhill at an alarming rate, it’s no small comfort that my hair still looks pretty decent.All round, the Suave Professionals line has been a big hit, and in this economy only the most foolish are spending a fortune on their tresses.

Wanda Valencia, PA

Works as well as other conditioners

This Suave product as a light, pleasing aroma. Conditioner has a light texture, applies easily and rinses thoroughly. Hair is very manageable when dry. That said, there is really nothing that would distinguish this product from many other conditioners on the market. Since it is a Suave product, price will likely be very competitive.

Sondra Columbia, SD

I don’t feel the 10 times moisture as it claims and scent is a little strong to me

This conditioner comes in a 12.6 ounce flip-top bottle and is thick and white. The scent is Macadamia Oil and White Orchid and it smells nice but it’s really strong smelling. It definitely a feminine scent and it reminds me of perfume. I usually like stronger scents but this is a little much for me personally. It’s mainly the floral scent that you notice.As far as how well it conditions your hair it’s about average to me. It certainly not the best that I have used but it’s not the worst either. I just feel like most of the moisture rinses out of your hair right away and I can hardly tell that I used conditioner at all. It’s advertised as providing 10 times the moisture and I simply don’t see the benefit based on my experience.

Eleanor Fox Valley, IL

There Are Better Alternatives

This product heavily weighed down my hair and gave it a greasy feel.This conditioner has a heavy and unpleasant scent that lasted all day. However, this product does makes it easier to comb through to get the snarls out after showering. My over-processed hair took on an oily look and feel when dried.You need to leave this product on your hair for 1 to 3 minutes before rinsing.As for the manufacturers claim to ‘moisturize’ you hair – the only proof I have of that is that it made my much processed hair needing more shampoos, more quickly. Normally I like to shampoo and condition every other day to cut down on the stress to my hair. This product did not help with that.According to the directions you also need to use the corresponding shampoo and Moisturizing Spray to get the best possible benefits.

Josefa Mendon, OH

Creamy hair from root to tip

Really a sweet item, great fragrance and moisturization and definitely reasonably priced. Regarding the felicitous selection of botanicals, the writer and scholar in me will indulge in a little etymology. The word "orchid" is Greek in origin, and comes from the word "testicle." I only recalled this bit of trivia when viewing the back of the bottle that boasts a pair of macadamia nuts before a rather Georgia O’Keefe–esque blossom.

Christi Drury, MO


I have liked almost all of the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion conditioners. They are much nicer than most discount conditioners. They are thick and spread easily through the hair. They rinse out nicely and leave the hair well conditioned. This isn’t a heavy conditioner. It is a lighter conditioner but detangles nicely.The white orchid is my favorite scent. It is so lovely. It smelled lovely all day but subtly so.

Melva Mirror Lake, NH

The conditioner works as advertized

My wife and I found that this moisturizing conditioner made our hair softer and gave it a smooth look. It has a very pleasant natural-smelling fragrance. It does not harm the color of color-treated hair. We would buy this product again and we have recommended it to friends and family.

Avis Cisco, TX

Strong smell

I used this with the matching shampoo and found the scent to be very strong. I could smell it even after blow drying my hair. After a few days I got more used to it, but could still tell it was there. If you are sensitive to smells, this wouldn’t be good for you. I have fine hair and this conditioner did well with it. It did not weigh it down or make it greasy. If I could get over the smell it would be a great product.

Lourdes Stone Mountain, GA

Suave ramps things up a bit

I’m not an expert on the nuances of hair-care products, just someone who tends to have dry hair and always uses a conditioner after shampooing. In the past, I’ve always thought of Suave products as reliable "go to" products when on a budget: they were inexpensive and did the job, albeit without a lot of value-added subtleties and other extras.This particular conditioner, part of a new line of upgraded Suave products, has a creamier texture and a more complex, interesting scent than the typical Suave conditioners I’ve used in the past. It also delivers results more in line with the pricier conditioners we sometimes buy. My hair really felt more nourished, and definitely less dry, after a use or two.Further, while it’s not as inexpensive as Suave’s basic line of products, this conditioner doesn’t seem to cost as much as comparable premium conditioners, and it’s still a lot less than the really premium stuff (I checked out the product’s current price on Amazon prior to writing this review). So, this could be the best of both worlds: the usual Suave economical pricing with quality more in line with the good stuff.So, in short, I’m enjoying my Amazon sample of this Suave Macadamia Oil and White Orchid Conditioner, and would happily buy a new supply at my own expense when the time comes.

Alexandria Fabyan, CT

Great conditioner

I really enjoy this conditioner from Suave. It’s not too heavy, it leaves me hair looking and feeling great, and I also really like the smell. I’m a fan of orchid as a scent, so I like that the smell lasts.

Sondra Reeds Spring, MO

Amazing Conditioner

I’ve been a big fan of Suave’s new line of shampoos and conditioners over the past year. This conditioner is no exception. It smells great and lasts a long time.The conditioner has a nice texture that allows you to use less of it with the same results. It’s tempting to use more because it smells great.The conditioner works better than many deep conditioners I’ve tried. This is one of the best conditioners I’ve used in a long time.

Juliette Pearl, IL

Flowery Softness

I like Suave not because it works the best, but because my hair comes out pretty well and the price is low. The same applies to this conditioner. It leaves my hair soft and with decent volume, and the scent is not bad. The main negative is that the cheap floral note lingers the longest. Overall, a good value.

Victoria Pico Rivera, CA

More Heavy Duty Conditioner

I have pretty oily hair, so I require a thin conditioner. I totally understand I am in the minority, so I think this conditioner would be an awesome, affordable choice for most people. For me, it made my hair feel great- soft and smooth, but it was heavier than I personally needed. I think anyone with dry hair would really benefit from this.The smell is sweet and a little nutty. It should appeal to most people- not too strong, but still a nice smell. Overall, pretty good conditioner!

Jenifer Bradgate, IA

So nice

This conditioner smells so good! I usually have 3 or 4 conditioners in the shower just because I like to switch it up depending on my mood for the day and this has become the one I’ve been grabbing most often. It covers really nicely and rinses out easily, which is a big plus. And the smell is just so clean, fresh and long lasting. I love it!

Tanisha Parishville, NY

Conditions Hair and Leaves an Exotic Scent!

I could tell that this conditioner was effective the moment I put it on my hair. Immediately, it smoothed and softened it. Immediately it rinsed out tangles and frizz, leaving my hair manageable and easy to comb. It also left behind an exotic, feminine scent, which is very pleasant! I did not expect such wonderful results from Suave, a product known for its low price. I will be using this conditioner more often! I love it!

Kristi Liberty, TN

Decent Conditioner for all types of hair

While this isn’t a deep conditioner, it’s perfect for everyday use. It has a nice scent but not too overpowering.Leaves hair very soft, and worked nicely with every member of our household.Personally, I prefer the Suave Moroccan Oil line, but as a lighter option, this is very good.

Ophelia Glenville, PA

Great smelling conditioner that works well with my hair

This line of shampoos and conditioners is exceptional. I’m a fan of the Macadamia Oil and White Orchid conditioner by Suave. It works well with my 4A hair (I use it for deep conditioning) and it smells great. After I run out of this bottle, I will continue to purchase this line of conditioner, because it smells so nice.

Jodie Citra, FL

Very good conditioner for its price range

I have waist-length hair, and conditioner is an important part of my haircare regime. The ends are very prone to drying out and splitting, so when I saw that this White Orchid conditioner was supposed to be very moisturizing, I decided to try it.The conditioner is a bit thicker than other Suave conditioners I’ve tried, but it is not heavy. The floral scent is pretty, and I was pleased at how quickly and easily it washed out since a lot of "moisturizing" conditioners tend to weigh hair down and make it feel greasy.I haven’t been using this for very long, but the ends of my hair do feel softer and less frizzy. The conditioner also has a nice detangling effect, which has made combing my hair out much easier.

Earnestine Corinna, ME

Rich conditioning

I really like the scent of this conditioner and how it moisturizes my hair all the way down to the ends. I am currently using this conditioner with the shampoo of its kind and I am enjoying the shine and silkiness of my hair "again" after a long winter. My hair is fine-med texture and a couple of inches below my shoulders. It is also wavy like, so I have to be careful with too much oil in a shampoo or a conditioner, therefore, I only use a dab of this conditioner – that’s enough to detangle my hair and keep the natural bounce. Wonderful combination, best for dry and/or frizzy hair.

Suzette Parachute, CO

Works well but strong scent

This works very well – leaves my hair feeling very conditioned but not overly greasy or flat. Of note, the scent is a bit strong so don’t use it if you are going to be in a meeting with coworkers for an hour or you’ll likely annoy them. I don’t use this all the time as a result.

Ashley Ada, OH

Love This

This Suave Conditioner is wonderful. It makes your hair feel pampered and silky soft like what you would get from a salon. The fragrance is light and absolutely wonderful and lasts all day. My hair has never felt so good and at a price that I can easily afford. The real test though will be after leaving the beach at the ocean in the warmer months as I always put conditioner in my hair for the ride home to help restore some of the moisture that has been taken out from the sun and sand. Summer where are you.

Faye Trimble, TN

Nice Conditioner, Smells Great, Moisturizes Well…

I like this conditioner quite a bit. I use it about 2-3 days a week. I have long, thick, wavy to curly hair and it’s typically on the dry side. This conditioner does a pretty good job of moisturizing my hair. My hair feels quite a bit better after I’ve used this conditioner and it really helps with the tangles.I really like the scent of this shampoo. It has a very flowery scent though so I’m sure there may be some guys out there that may not like it for that reason but my husband has no problem using it.I like this conditioner quite a bit and I would recommend it.

Annabelle Mattawan, MI

Pleasant but heavy scent

This conditioner does have a heavy scent that lingers, so those who are sensitive to that kind of fragrance might want to stay away from it.However, the conditioner itself is luxuriant and like most Suave products the price is not high.I have very long hair and this leaves it feeling very soft and shiny without feeling greasy and heavy. It helped get the tangles out of my hair that had been braided and was left a bit twisted together still when I shampooed it.I would prefer a fresher scent and one that was not so heavy.

Dona Placedo, TX

Pleasant Scent, nice conditioner

There are a lot of conditioners out there. Like most of them, this one conditioned my hair, not too heavy, not too light. What I really enjoyed about it was the light scent, which did seem to last longer than some I have used in the past.

Shirley Elsie, NE

Nice, but I like the Suave Moroccan Infusion version even better

I have long thick hair and this conditioner works pretty well on it. The smell is okay, if you like floral scents (I’m not a big fan of the fragrance). Suave’s Professionals line has been making some great hair products recently, with my favorite color care conditioner being their Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner. While this Natural Infusion Macadamia Oil conditioner is good, I like their Moroccan Infusion conditioner even better. Very similar, so if I couldn’t get my Suave Moroccan Infusion, I’d definitely get this Macadamia Oil instead. Both are nice options for an everyday conditioner.

Patrica Wagoner, OK

Great Detangler

This product has decent conditioning and detangling properties. It applies smoothly and rinses cleanly, leaving hair feeling soft and smooth. I didn’t particularly care for the floral fragrance, however it did not linger in my hair. I am growing out layers in my fine, color treated hair and it was not weighed down. I can’t say I enjoyed any greater moisturization but it was gentle and conditioned well. An inexpensive option, this product is an excellent detangler and a good conditioner.

Celina Kellerman, AL

I love the macadamia/white orchid blend

Suave Natural Infusion Moisturizer Conditioner – Great smell! I love the macadamia/white orchid blend.Due to recent color treatment, heat styling and dry winter conditions, including sitting in front of the fireplace, my hair needed moisturizing and conditioning.This product does a great job, especially when you follow the directions on the bottle and leave it on your scalp for a few minutes before rinsing.For the price difference on more expensive products that are similar, this is a great value and product.5 stars

Dionne Naper, NE