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Suave Professionals Conditioner, Almond and Shea Butter 12.6 oz

Our moisturizing conditioner is infused with 100% natural almond and shea butter, which are known for their rich emollients. It replenishes and leaves your hair well nourished and beautiful.

Key features

  • Suave Professionals Almond + Shea Butter Conditioner replenishes to leave hair well-nourished and beautiful
  • Salon-quality shampoo and conditioner system salon proven to moisturize as well as Aveda Dry Remedy
  • Use with Almond + Shea Butter Shampoo for stunningly smooth and moisturized hair
  • Infused with 100% natural almond & shea butter
  • Nature-Inspired Fragrance

Honest reviews



Bought this on a whim at the store to try. I like suave humectant so assumed this would be a good choice too. Made my hair stiff and stripped the moisture that my homemade pre-condition mix (before the wash) left! I also wash with a natural shampoo that doesn’t strip my hair. Imagine my surprise when this conditioner stripped my hair better than a normal clarifying shampoo. Returned to the store the next day. Would not recommend.

Tiffany Buffalo Center, IA

Extremely moisturizing–better than Pantene!

I decided to give Suave a try when I got feed up with Pantene constantly changing their formulas; I found that none of their new products that I tried (includingPantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions Flat to Volume Conditioner, 25.4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)andPantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Conditioner, Moisture Balance, 25.4-Ounce (Pack of 2)) worked well for my hair. Although my hair is fine and thin, I chose this Suave conditioner for Dry, Damaged hair because I have always found that with other brands, conditioners described as “voluminizing” or specifically intended for fine hair failed to adequately condition my hair, leaving it prone to tangling and breakage.When I first tried this conditioner, I was impressed with the viscosity of the product; other inexpensive conditioners I have used have been thin and runny, but this Suave conditioner was very thick and creamy. I also loved the subtle scent, which I found reminiscent of the shea butter ingredient. And as promised, this product did an EXCELLENT job of conditioning! After using this product for awhile, however, I wound up thinking that it was over-moisturizing my fine hair, so I switched to Suave’sSuave Professionals, Aloe Vera & Ginseng Conditioner, Volumizing for Fine Hair, 14.5-ounce Bottles (Pack of 6), and I have been completely happy with that product (please also see that review).So, in the end, I would not hesitate to recommend this conditioner, although users should note that it truly does have a strong moisturizing effect and is probably best for those with dry/damaged hair as the product name suggests.

Lydia Port Republic, VA

Softes hair ever

My hair is damaged and 30-40 percent gray. I have to dye my hair all the time because it fades easily so it gets a little frizzy. I have tried some of the expensive brands including smoothing serums with so-so results. This shampoo made my hair feel soft without being droopy and it makes my color look shiny and healthy. I love it!

Johanna Lambrook, AR

A wonderful back up conditioner or Pre poo

This conditioner is great for under $2!! It smells great and makes my hair pretty soft. Now, it didn’t get 5 stars from me because it kind of sits on top of my hair a little bit instead of sinking in, BUT since I condition over night, it does eventually soak in. I noticed quite a bit of shedding also when I was using this product. I’m not sure if that was the product or if I was just naturally going through a shedding phase. Still, with two faults (Neither likely MAJOR faults.) it just loses a start with me. Still 4 stars in this price range is awesome.A different use for this product is as a “protectant” for my ends from my shampoo. I like to use regular sulfate shampoo, but I want my ends to stay moisturized. This product, with all it’s oils and silicones work very well to protect my hair, while the sulfate shampoo cleans my scalp. So this product has many uses! ( I love a multi tasker!!!) AND if it’s your thing, this product really defines curls, so if you’re into conditioner only styling and don’t mind some cones, this may be your product. So.. THREE in one! Awesome!!!!I’d definitely recommend this product to a friend. 🙂

Milagros Wadsworth, TX

My coarse hair is now soft and smooth.

Suave proves that you don’t have to spend much money on conditioner (and shampoo) to get softer hair. It amazes me that only a few dollars gets the job done.

Gail Black River, NY

Deep Conditioner

African American curly hair, love as deep conditioner!!! Very moisturizing, I mix w/ their Rosemary Conditioner which is more strengthening!!! Love Suave Conditioners!!!

Harriet Withams, VA

Yes, its good!

These new suave products are awesome. This one along with the keratin conditioner they have make your hair super clean and soft! I recommend this and there shampoo.

Cathy Post Mills, VT

Decent Conditioner

I would keep using this but unfortunately Suave tests on animals and so I’m switching to Natures Gate instead. They don’t test on animals!

Celia Sylvania, AL

Unexpectedly great product

Purchased in combination withSuave Professionals Conditioner, Almond & Shea Butter for Dry, Damaged Hair, 14.5-ounce Bottles (Pack of 6), I was pleasantly surprised by this shampoo!The scent is light, slightly fruity, but not overpowering. The shampoo is white, and a tad thinner than other Suave products I’ve used in the past. A little (about nickel sized bit) goes a long way to getting a rich lather on my shoulder length, thick, color-treated hair. The lather is reminiscent of salon sudsing and rinsed cleanly, but with a slight weight from the moisturizing properties. No greasiness though.NOTE: I then used the Suave Professionals Almond + Shea Butter conditioner (leaving it on the recommended 1-3 minutes) and rinsed. The conditioner is thinner than the shampoo, but the same amount did a great job on moisturizing my hair. It didn’t leave it heavy, just conditioned.My overall impression of this shampoo and product line is ‘Wow! They got it right this time. I hope they never stop making it!’ My thick, 40-something, color treated hair is softer, smoother, shinier, and more manageable than its been in years. I’ve never tried Aveda’s haircare line due to the high cost. I can’t help but think to myself: “Isn’t it great that now I can, even if the label says ‘Suave’?” Don’t hesitate to buy this product and the conditioner – very impressive and bound for greatness!

Lauri Raymondville, NY

very good

buy this for my grandaughter in college and she loves it. what a shock since she is really picky. going to try it myself

Elizabeth Eastanollee, GA

Suave como su nombre

Este producto es increible, te deja el cabello suave y sedoso.Definitivamente la mejor compra que hecho en mucho tiempo.

Ofelia Summerfield, TX


This is hands down the best conditioner ever. It rescues damaged dry hair immediately. It turns hair into silk. It’s loaded with wonderful ingredients. I will never be without it.

Young Gibson, GA

My new go to conditioner

This conditioner works perfect on my hair. It’s soft, it feels moisturized and it doesn’t weigh down my waves. I love the smell of this formula. It is thick and rich and I will continue to order it.

Michael Copeville, TX


I love this stuff there will never be another because it smells great and leaves my 3b curly hair and my sons 4b textures soft,moisturized and easy to manage. I also love that you can purchase a 28 oz bottle of this for only 2.88 at walmart! This is the real deal right here!

Britney Athol Springs, NY

Five Stars

amazing price and hair is soft and smooth even just after shampooing!!

Sherrie Lake Cicott, IN

Good conditioner

Not bad for the price, smeells good and a little goes a long way. Sometimes i use a little as a body wash because it is so smooth and creamy. 2 in 1 conditioner.

Laverne Madison, PA

Inexpensive and Good

We all have different kinds of hair, and different kinds of styling we do with our hair. So I’ll begin by saying my hair is fairly thick, and it goes from short to waist length over 2-3 years. I then cut it, sell it for charity, and start growing it again. So my needs for a conditioner vary depending if it’s frozen snowy out, if it’s broiling hot out, and the length of my hair.In general I’ve had pretty poor luck with the other Suave offerings. They typically are sticky and gel-like, which then attracts dirt to my hair and makes it hard to brush. Especially when my hair is in its long stage this can be quite a chore.I’ve been generally pleased with the Professionals line. This almond shea butter conditioner is fairly thick, almost like a lotion. It stays on the hair well to let it soak in a bit. I would almost say it’s a bit too thick; if it was a mite bit thinner it would work through the hair layers more easily to get to all the underneath hair.It rinses out fairly well and doesn’t leave that hard-hat sticky residue of some of the other lines Suave offers.That all being said, it’s still not an ideal detangler. So there are still some issues with brushing the hair. Again, most people might not mind. Since I’m trying to get every hair I can to stay on my head for the 3 years so I can then give it to charity, it does matter to me. I’m trying to be as careful as I can with my hair.So this is fine for the short to shoulder length stages of my hair. During that time the hair is short enough that it doesn’t really tangle. The conditioner is inexpensive and keeps it clean.However, once it gets longer, I wouldn’t use it. I’d go to other conditioners that are more robust in their conditioning and detangling abilities.

Evelyn Penokee, KS

One of my favorite products 😀

So I bought this conditioner because it seemed to have all this great stuff in it. I LOVE this product. I used it like you would any other conditioner at first but now I use it as a daily moisturizer because my hair can get soooooooo dry it’s ridiculous. I condition my hair a lot more than I wash it so I use a cheapy conditioner when I shower (VO5 moisture milks conditioner, only a dollar most places, and with my thick hair I go through A LOT of conditioner) and then I just follow up with this afterwards. My hair stays so soft and moisturized. I have a lot less breakage ever since I started using this. Not that I’m a hair expert or anything like that, but I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their hair healthy, especially to anyone with chemically treated hair (I have a texturizer in mine). Here’s a tip : you can find this product in a pump bottle some places and that is super convenient. It also helps to make sure you’re not using more than you need to. I’m African-American by the way, if that helps put some more perspective on this review. I hope this helps 🙂

Jacquelyn Northfork, WV

Economical Hydrating Hair Conditioner That WORKS WELL!

Don’t be put off by “Dry, Damaged Hair” in the name. If your hair CRAVES hydration and you’re constantly trying to find a really moisturizing conditioner, you must give this product a try. This conditioner is very hydrating, it smooths and sooths your hair and smells pleasant. Whether you get it here or elsewhere, TWO BUCKS for 12 ounces is a good value compared to the various upscale brands and salon products AND IT WORKS WELL.I agree with the many positives listed by the other reviewers. The only negative I have is Wally world sometimes has the 28 ounce size for LESS THAN THREE BUCKS. I haven’t found the Suave BONUS ECONOMY size bottles anywhere locally recently so I had to purchase the regular size here.

Letitia Wishram, WA

Suave professionals conditioner, almond & shea butter

This is a great conditioner and a little goes a long way. It does have a great scent and leaves your hair soft and silky.

Clarice Chaska, MN