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Suave Professionals Color Care Shampoo, Moroccan Infusion 28 oz

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo is infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil and gently cleanses your hair, keeping color vibrant while noticeably enhancing shine. Suave Moroccan Infusion Color Care shampoo for color-treated hair is salon-proven to add shine as well as Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo when used as a system with Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner. Get long-lasting conditioning benefits with Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. (Moroccanoil is a registered trademark of Moroccanoil Inc.)

Key features

  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo, infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil, gently cleanses your hair
  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo keeps color vibrant while noticeably enhancing your hair’s shine
  • Get long-lasting conditioning benefits when you use Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair
  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo adds shine as well as Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo when used as a system with Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner (Moroccanoil is a registered trademark of Moroccanoil Inc.)

Honest reviews


Fragrant, economical shampoo

One always has to be fairly skeptical about manufacturers’ claims, and this Suave Moroccan infusion color care shampoo is no different. Promising “luxurious fragrance”, “brilliant shine”, “long lasting conditioning” is a little meaningless, isn’t it?First thing’s first: the fragrance. For me, it was overpowering. The whole time it’s in my hair all I can think is “wow that’s a lot of fragrance!” I can’t place the smell, something close to vanilla, I suppose, and the ingredients list (“fragrance (parfum)”) doesn’t help. Frankly, the ingredients list is a little scary, it sounds like a complex college lab experiment. I note that in addition to this mysterious Moroccan Argan Oil, there is also Sweet Almond Oil and Hydrogenated Coconut Oil.Suave recommends using this product with the Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner, as well as the Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil, if you really want your shine “enhanced”. For me, this shampoo is shine-neutral by itself, my hair doesn’t come out any shinier.Despite the thick and satisfying lather this stuff produces, the overpowering fragrance is just too much for my tastes. Not tastes… smells… (?) You know what I mean. 🙂 Others may really enjoy it though, and it’s worth a try if you’re looking to try a new, affordable shampoo. I would recommend, as Suave does, trying the conditioner and styling oil as well. My hunch is it is the styling oil that provides the shine.

Cindy Waka, TX

It’s shampoo

We have used Suave hair products for as long as I remember. They are usually the cheapest brand at anywhere from 89 cents to about $2 a bottle, so at the price they sell it on Amazon it’s way out of range for the brand. I have no expectations for shampoos other than they will clean my hair and then wash out clean. The “magic” exotic sounding names on shampoo bottles (including this one) are laughable. Shampoo is only a bottle filled with chemicals and fragrances. We buy one bottle to serve everyone who uses the same shower.The fact that this one is supposed to protect color treated hair is meaningless to those who use it who don’t color treat their hair. After using it a couple of times my observations are that, while I don’t mind the scent, the fragrance is a little more intense than most shampoos and leans toward a woman’s perfume more than the usual fruity scents. For someone with a very full head of long hair the lingering scent may remain to conflict with additional perfumes or colognes.The texture is thick and not runny. That is a positive, I don’t like squirting shampoo into my palm and having most of it drip out before it gets to my head.After using it, absolutely nothing magic happened … it’s shampoo … it cleaned my hair reasonably well and at the end of the day my hair still looked okay. I’m giving it 4 stars because it’s a little better than “okay”.

Rhea Arapaho, OK

I couldn’t get past the smell

I honestly can’t say how it performs, since I couldn’t get past the smell. I wanted to try it and almost did a couple of times, but once I opened the lid, I just couldn’t face it. Granted, I’m not a big fan of strong scents or scents at all, for the most part. Maybe give this a sniff at the store first before buying it.

Aileen Fresno, CA

soft and full

I was pretty skeptical about the “argon oil” promise, as it seems just like the “shea butter”, “avocado oil”, and “olive oil” supplements offered in this same products over the last few years. It seems like a trendy ingredient and not necessarily beneficial. I’ve rec’d face lotions and even hand cream with argon oil, so it’s everywhere.But, I was very impressed with this product. It made a nice lather that rinsed fast and my hair (despite hard water) didn’t feel like straw.The use of the conditioner really polished it off. The two work well together. I had light, full hair, no tangles, and no greasy feel like an “oil” might make you think of.

Bernadine Swisher, IA

Smells like the desert after a spring rain

Others have complained about the smell but I rather like it. I live in the high desert of southeastern Arizona and this shampoo reminds me of the unique aroma creosote, mesquite and sage give off after a spring rain. It’s a unique smell and I like it!The shampoo itself also lathers and cleanses nicely and provides a nice luster in natural sunlight. I felt a slight residue in my hair later that day after my first washing that made my hair limp. I’ll wash again to see if I just didn’t rinse enough the first time.This product is a bit expensive for a Suave product, but as far as performing, like all Suave products that I use, this one does not disappoint.

Mercedes Marsing, ID

Suave Moroccan Infusion

Very pleasant scent, definite cleaning power but too many chemicals and not enough natural ingredients, just a personal preference though. Other than the ingredient list it really is great.

Ila Rogersville, MO

Pleasantly surprised. Visible lightweight shine and very inexpensive.

I used the Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo for the first time last night. Honestly, I didn’t have great expectations. I was pleasantly surprised.Typically when a hair care product has oil in it my hair ends up shiny, but greasy-shiny. I have used Moroccan oil in my hair before and I might has well have poured a bottle of cooking oil on it. Anyway, this product did what it said it would do. My hair was shinier than it was with the shampoo I was using before. I’m anxious to see what it does over time and also if it is in actuality color-safe. My hair stylist has said never to use cheap shampoo and to always insure that whatever I use that it is color-safe. We shall see.For now, I was pleasantly surprised. I read reviews about the scent being super strong. I am typically sensitive to scents and I really didn’t mind it and actually hardly noticed it. I would say it the scent is closest to almond essence/oil. It really wasn’t strong at all. You can’t beat the price!

Jewel Alto, MI

Decent Shampoo.

My wife has been using this product for awhile and it does a great job of cleaning the hair. It feels really good after using it. It seems to work about the same as other moderate level shampoos. It is not salon quality but it is not the cheapest either. It does have a good scent. I couldn’t really notice any extra shine from the Moroccan oil. So if you are looking for a moderate priced shampoo that works you may try this one as Suave put out a decent product as usual with this one.

Dee Pleasant Valley, NY

Works well, seems to protect colored hair

As I’ve said in other reviews of products like this, I usually find most soaps and shampoos are about the same; I’ve tried very few that I really didn’t like. That said, I do think that Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo (like theSuave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine ShampooI reviewed a few days ago) is better than a lot of shampoos I’ve used before. This product cleans well, and it seems as though my hair had a bit more body and fullness after using it than before.I don’t color my hair (happy to be slowly going gray) but my wife does; after trying this shampoo for several days she is also pleased with it. She found that it seemed to protect her hair coloring as advertised, and also imparted some additional fullness and shine to her hair.I’ll add that there no no dramatic scent to these Moroccan Infusion shampoos; if anything there is a certain nutty scent, but this is very subtle and I’m would not expect you to notice this fragrance in your hair after use.

Carolina Smithville, WV

Almost Perfect, but…

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo is a very, very good shampoo for cleaning/washing your hair. It is a good buy, and cleanses your hair thoroughly. However it is slightly too detergent-y for my hair.If you know me yet, you know I have a crusade going on to find the perfect shampoo. Not unlike Goldilocks (but she was a porridge freak) I am a shampoo freak. Had I but known, I would have married a beautician, but Jim is in construction and it’s too late to send him to beauty school. Or is it??? hmmm.At any rate I must continue my quest for the best in my opinion and this shampoo is my most recent attempt at trying to control my really crazy, over- dyed, brittle, frizzy, strange-colored, hair from “outer space”.All I can say is that my hair felt clean. On the other hand, this shampoo,Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo, despite the word “Moroccan” on it (which calls out hydrating to me), still left my hair pretty dry.I needed a further solution.Stay tuned and you will see that I will continue on and reveiw the matching conditioner.So basically I went for the solution of….MORE PRODUCT.You will see my opinion over on the conditioner page. What do you suppose I will say?best wishes, Jean

Sheri Clarksville, PA

OK shampoo but not for me

This shampoo sounded like a wonderful opportunity to find a conditioning shampoo for color treated hair that would not be too expensive to use every day. Unfortunately, I was disappointed but part of the reason for that is me and not the shampoo.My hair is very thick (I have a lot of hair) but each strand is thin and fine and very, very straight. I found that the shampoo was too heavy and that it made my hair so soft that it would not keep any curl or body. This is a problem that I have with many shampoos that contain conditioning elements. The shampoo also did not give me the squeaky clean feeling and sound that I like to have when I wash my hair. Finally, I really did not like the smell. I tend to prefer unscented or lightly scented shampoos and lotions. This product has a strong, sweet and musky smell that I did not enjoy and did not want to have conflicting with my perfume. My hair was indeed shiny and soft when I was done with the shampoo and conditioner but the other aspects of the experience made it less than perfect.I think that this product would be more appropriate for those with coarse or very curly hair or very dry hair. I do not have those so it was not a match for me.

Erika Rarden, OH

Good formula, don’t like the scent

This shampoo cleaned my hair nicely, and it appears to be maintaining my color just fine. The shampoo is thick and opaque, and it comes out of the bottle very quickly (little squeezing required, as I learned). It produces a nice lather and rinses easily. My main complaint with this shampoo is the scent. I don’t care for it and it’s too heavy. When I used the shampoo and conditioner together the scent stayed on my hair for quite some time.

Esmeralda Ute Park, NM

Lots of static, fly-away hairs

I have always been a fan of Suave products and was very enthusiastic about this new addition. Unfortunately this one did not work out well for me.The shampoo has a nice, rich consistancy that works into a good amount of lather, and the scent is very pleasing with a bit of a musky hint to it. As with all Suave products, a little goes a long, long way and the value is definitely there. Once dry, my hair had a gorgeous, healthy shine that would be the envy of shampoos costing 5 times as much.Here’s the problem – as the day wears on I begin to notice more and more uncontrollable fly-away hairs that will not stay in place. It’s almost like a static kind of thing. My hair is medium length, fine, I have it colored every 30 days, and I don’t use hair spray or other products except for a light, leave-in conditioner. I towel dry and then follow-up with about 2 minutes of blow drying. Anotherwords, I keep it simple. That’s why I was so disappointed with these results. Slighly oily when I run my hands through it and then all of these little hairs all over the place.It’s too bad it didn’t work out as a hair shampoo, but I’m not giving up completely – it’ll be great as a body shampoo!

Marion Boylston, MA

Gentle and effective for color treated hair

I use other products containing Moroccan oil and while the scent is a bit bold, I have really come to like it and appreciate its sultry quality. Apart from the distinctive fragrance, the first thing I noticed about this shampoo was the lavish amount of lather it produced. I only used a small amount yet there were billowing clouds of rich, foamy lather. It felt rather luxurious.After washing, the shampoo rinsed out easily and thoroughly and left my hair feeling clean and soft but by no means limp. My hair is very curly and tends to be fairly dry and this oil-rich Suave formulation seems made to order. That, combined with its reasonable price will have me coming back for more.

Rhoda Mt Baldy, CA

Suave Professionals Mooccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo

This is a really good shampoo. I’m not sure that I want to pay $4.59 for it (cause I’m so cheap), but it gently cleaned my hair and rinsed out well. I no longer color my hair and have decided to just go natural, but I could tell that it was gentle on my hair. I shampooed 2 times since it’s been a couple of days since my last shampoo. It has a scent, but it’s not overwhelming at all. I am very sensitive to perfumes and can’t tolerate but the barest amount of scent. The scent this shampoo does have is most unusual and quite nice.

Roxie Lawn, PA

My hair feels great, smells wonderful!

I love LOVE this whole line of products! It’s been a few days of use and my colored hair is MUCH softer and it smells so good! (I don’t care for perfumy or floral/fruit scents which most shampoo and conditioner is.) I have noticed a bit more shine but with color treated hair you aren’t going to see a huge difference. I highly HIGHLY recommend this entire line for anyone and everyone!

Earline Sand Springs, MT

Smells Like Vacation

Suave Moroccan Infusion Color Care shampoo has a very nice smell that is unisex, though it has a slight lingering floral undertone. It is the same smell as cheap floral shampoos, but much more subtle, and the primary smell is more tropical. Unlike some shampoos that look like lotion, this is mostly clear and does a good job of getting the hair clean. The effect of the Moroccan oil is pretty minor, but it does add a bit of moisture and shimmer.This shampoo is good at what a shampoo is for (cleaning hair), and wisely does not go overboard with the moisture or shine ingredients. It is a good balance. It works and smells the same as the kind that is not for colored hair, so you are not missing out if you need to use this color safe variant.

Ashley Acushnet, MA

Nice smell, works well

As someone who can only wash her hair 2-3 times a week (or it dries out horribly), I’m willing to spend a little on shampoo. However, thanks to the Suave Professionals, I really don’t have to. The Moroccan Infusion line has joined the Keratin line in my repertoire. It smells nice, lathers and rinses out well and (when used with the conditioner) leaves my hair very clean and soft. Worth the money!

Rosella Waimea, HI

Suave Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo – Great Product For The Price!

I am a regular consumer of Suave products – lotion, shampoos, conditioners and most of their health and beauty line.I wanted to try out Suave’s version of the popular Moroccan Argan oil health and beauty movement. I have previously used Avon’s “Techniques” Moroccan line and Organix Moroccan line.Suave does measure up to Avon’s line and is certainly priced better. The Suave shampoo has a wonderful clean scent and super rich lather. I also use the conditioner that is in the same line.For the price, Suave’s Moroccan shampoo is a good product and is very comparable to Avon’s line that costs double.

Jesse Farragut, IA

No Complaints

I really have no complaints about this shampoo. The smell is mild but pleasant, it lathers very well and washes out squeaky clean. The price is right for a drug-store type shampoo and honestly, this is one of the better shampoos I have tried in the Suave line. My hair does not feel heavy or oily (which I have to admit was a concern since it is made with an oil) and I was able to dry and style as usual. It is very soft today so in my opinion, for the price, it is a good buy.

Marcella Poth, TX

You Get What You Pay For

No noticeable difference on vibrancy of color or even softer feel. It smells great and leaves your hair feeling light, but hair color seems to fade as usual. Price wise it is competive with retail. I’m not sold on it, though, and prefer my usual brand I purchase much cheaper than retail on Amazon.

Lenora Bombay, NY

Nice line!

I tried the shine versions of this and I liked it. This one is nice too since I dye my hair. It makes my hair soft and easy to comb through.

Jodi Whitinsville, MA

Nothing to brag about

Since I color my hair, I am always trying to find shampoo and conditioner that will allow me to keep my hair color shiny and soft (and lasting). I tried the shampoo/conditioner combo for 2 weeks since coloring my hair and do not notice anything different from the expensive brand that I was previously using.The shampoo cleans nicely and smells good. If you are looking for a “cheaper” alternative for colored hair, this might do the trick.

Elba Elizabeth, WV

Love The Scent & The Lather

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo has a beautiful, exotic scent making it a pleasure to use. It lathers and rinses well, even in our apartment’s ultra soft water.I use Suave’s Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner right after the shampoo. Right away I noticed a lot more shine in my hair and it feels softer. I haven’t noticed any difference after styling, frizz factor is the same, but it may take using the product a little longer to see more results.Overall, I really like it.

Stacie Lodi, NY

Love the scent

I have been reviewing a few of Suave products for Amazon who offered them for free for my opinion. Some of my reviews my sound alike since they are all the same high quality items.I love this scent of the new line of Professional hair care products. Some I like better than others and this is one of the ones I like the best.It cleaned my hair so squeaky clean I felt clean for two days, if fact I missed some shampooing because my hair stayed so clean.The next day after the shampoo my hair was very manageableand smelling pretty. This particular product is for colored hair and I do a little dying from time to time and this product did not strip my hair of any of its color.I really like this one, I will be buying this again…

Reyna Tunnel, NY

Leaves fine hair flat…..

My wife has highlights in her hair and normally uses Aveda “Pure Abundance” shampoo and conditioner.They are “Volumizing” since she has fine hair. After a month she decided that this She found that this shampoo and conditioner leaves her hair flat.

Cecile Wendell Depot, MA

Great Shampoo! Shiny Hair and Soft!

This shampoo made my hair soft and shiny. The price is good and it worked well for me. Will buy again.

Elinor Sardis, TN

The benefits of argan oil but….

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo has the benefits of argan oil but it has sulfate! I have been using products with argan oil for years now. Argan oil comes from the nut that is taken out of the fruit from the argan tree that are found mostly in southern Morocco. I am Latina and have thick dry hair. Argan oil hair products helps to naturally restore the moisture to the hair cuticle, helps tame frizz and reduce the appearance of split ends, and adds shine that last all day long. Besides taming your locks, it will also help counter the damaging effects of heat from flat irons and blow dryers.When I saw the the commercials for Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion products on television I was eager to try them out! I color my hair every 4 to 6 weeks, so I always get shampoos specifically designed for color treated hair. I was really disappointed that there is Sodium Laureth Sulfate listed as the second ingredient. Sodium Laureth Sulfate or SLS is the acting agent that causes foaming bubbles. Besides being harsh and drying to the scalp, it will strip your hair of essential oils making your hair color dull and less vibrant. I always use Sulfate-free shampoos because they protect hair for longer lasting color and healthier results. Conditioners do not contain sulfates.I want ahead and tried the shampoo anyways and it did lather up nicely and I could definitely smell the argan aroma since it has it’s own unique smell. After I rinsed it out my hair felt “squeaky” clean. I followed up with Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner and Moroccan Infusion Argan Styling Oil. After styling my hair was soft and shiny.This shampoo is not a product I will use on a regular basis, but I will use it once in a while because I like to change shampoos when I notice that my hair’s natural chemical balance is altered by my regular shampoo and becomes less effective.

Liz Westfir, OR

Leaves hair soft, smells wonderful, but must use conditioner of same name to reap all benefits

I’ve used many Suave products in the past, and always appreciate the quality and value they provide to the consumer. I’ve also usedOne ‘n Only Argan Oil Spray Treatmentin conjunction with other shampoos and conditioners, in an attempt to control the frizz of my curly, thick, gray streaked hair. One thing I’ve found to be true of products conaining Moroccan argan oil is that my hair will only absorb what it needs, and the rest sits on the cuticle of my hair, appearing greasy. That being said, this is my experience with Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo, received as part of the Amazon Vine product review program.My Hair:Thick, curly, layered long cut, with streaks of gray, it’s fuzzy with humidity. I tend to flat iron it, using Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide 5 oz or similar product following shampoo, conditioning and drying with a hair dryer on medium/low heat or letting it air dry.I color my hair usingL’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme, Triple Protection Color Crème , Mocha Ash Brown, Level 3 , 1 Applicationexclusively, and find the color stays shiny using various products.This Shampoo:I ran warm water on my hair for 30 seconds prior to applying this shampoo. Suave Moroccan Infussion Colr Care came out of the bottle slightly thinner than expected, and I used a quarter sized amount for my hair which is mid-back length. That amount could have been cut in half as the latter with this shampoo is abundant and it smells wonderful! If you enjoy the scents of sandlewood and musk, you’ll enjoy it.The shampoo lathers extremely well, and the shampoo did not irritate my scalp. Again, the scent is very, very nice. I actually ended up using it as a bodywash (because I had so mcuh lather). I latered my hair for 30 seconds and rinsed for another 30 seconds. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the way this shampoo rinses, as my hair tended to clump instead of rinsing smoothly, but after a towel dry it was easy to comb through.I’ve noticed this with another shampoo containing argan oil:Delon Shampoo With Argan Oil Hair & Shine Therapy Treatment 12 Fl Ozwhich leave my hair greasy looking if used more than every other day.The bottle states this product is ‘infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil, gently cleanses, keeping color vibrant while enhancing shine’.Gentle cleansing – definitely.Keeps color vibrant – time will tell.Enhances shine – this too may take time, but upon initial use, I notice nothing.Instructions do say, ‘For best results follow with Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion conditioner.’ I will be trying that in a day or two (I also received the conditioner from the Vine program) and will update my review at that time.)My Results:Using just this shampoo, no other hair products and then blowing my hair dry on a low setting, I notice 3 things.First, my hair is noticably softer to the touch.Second, it seems less curly and more wavy. Perhaps some argan oil has been absorbed?Third, I still have fly-aways after straight ironing – partically due to the current cold weather and static electricity in the air.For now, it’s OK.I’ve decided to give it 5 days of consistent use to see if it’s for me. I will be adding the conditioner to the mix half-way through this time, and will update this review to reflect my experience. I will not be using any other products or coloring my hair during this ‘test drive’ in order to truly try to figure out if this product will work for me for an extended period of time.Things to Consider – Argan Oil:After talking with my hair stylist I learned a bit more about argan oil. She said it’s best to apply it (if you’re using just the oil or in a spray) when your hair is towel dried and not retaining much water. If you add it when it’s too wet, it slides off and you lose the benefits. If you apply it when it’s too dry, it sits on top of the hair and gives it a greasy look.If it’s in a shampoo – like with this Suave product – lathering for minimum of 30 seconds gives your hair time to absorb the small amount of argan oil that’s in it is important to reap the benefits of this product.Conclusion:I like this shampoo. It smells great, leaves your hair soft and doesn’t weigh your hair down with excessive amounts of oil. It is a tad expensive for a Suave product, however argan oil is also expensive and when you compare this product to other shampoos containing argan oil, it’s budget priced.Upon first use, it’s good. Time will tell over a 7 day period and with the inclusion of Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Conditioner, if this product will be something to tame my curly, color treated locks for the duration of 2013.I will update this review and increase or reduce the initial 3 out of 5 star rating as my 7-Day test runs its course.Stay tuned…UPDATE – 1/4/13 Day 2: Used shampoo, no conditioner. Let my hair air-dry. Hair is soft, but looks dry and fly-aways all over the place! Some may be due to the cold winter air and increased static electricity, but since I hadn’t noted this much with my regular shampoo… tend to think it’s the Suave.UPDATE – 1/5/13 Day 3: Used shampoo, addedSuave Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner, 28 Ounceto the mix. Partial air-dry (about 50%) and then blow out to 90% dry prior to flat iron. Not impressed. Hair isn’t particuarly smooth, shiny or tamed. Fly-aways continue, which I hoped would be less by using shampoo and conditioner in combination, but it isn’t. Hair is soft to the touch, which is nice, but I was hoping for a sleek, shiny finish that’s yet to come.UPDATE – 1/6/13 Day 3: Pretty much the same drill. Unimpressive. Lots of fly-aways, but soft hair. Maybe too soft?!UPDATE – 1/7/13 Day 4: **Noticable change by adding conditioner for the 3rd day!** Blew out my hair after towel drying; added no other products. Very soft, but far fewer fly aways and actually gave me pause as it seemed to be dare I say… ‘shiny’! Flat iron made it look even better. Nice sheen, softness and virtually no fly aways or fuzziness. My teenage daugther (who notices these things…) said ‘Wow Mom! Your hair looks REALLY good today.’UPDATE – 1/8/13 Day 5: I like it. For me it took 5 days (3 days in a row with shampoo AND conditioner) to be happy with the performance of this product. I won’t give it 5 stars, but may change that in the future if after coloring I note positive changes.I boosted the rating on this one to 4 out of 5 stars with the caveat IF it’s used withSuave Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Conditioner, 28 Ounce.

Courtney Cottageville, WV

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Color Care Shampoo. Leaves hair soft, smooth, clean. Perfect. No complaints.It has such a pleasant scent. I don’t really know how to describe it, other than a soft, powdery scent.Suave is a trust name brand that I’ve used as long as I can remember. Perfect product.Highly recomended.

Monika Goldvein, VA