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Suave Naturals Shampoo, Rainforest Fresh, 22.5 oz

Suave naturals rainforest fresh shampoo. Enjoy the refreshing scent of the rainforest as gentle cleansers bring out the natural beauty of your hair.

Key features

  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Infused with aloe and bamboo extract
  • Hypoallergenic

Honest reviews


another win

having been a suave fan for some time now, I was glad to try this shampoo. great scent and no residue made this a winner! would recommend and will buy again.

Goldie Mc Neil, TX

Wonderful shampoo and did you see the price?

My husband had to be the guinea pig for the test, currently I have to use a prescription zinc shampoo. I noticed after he washed his hair that it had “spirit” again. It was fuller and shinier and silkier at the same time! His hair smells great to me, so refreshing.Also I appreciate the “hypoallergenic part”. I once bought a shampoo that had egg in it and I had not read the small print. After using it my face turned red, burned and was swollen because it had some egg in it. After that I always watch out for egg!The price is great. I don’t think anyone could ask for anything more in a shampoo!

Meghan Iron Station, NC

SUAVE NATURALS RAINFOREST FRESH SHAMPOO, 22.5 Ounces – Cleans with mild pine fragrance

Just a little bit of this Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh shampoo gets my hair squeaky clean. It lathers up nicely and leaves a modest pine-like fragrance that vanishes fairly quickly. I generally do not like a fragranced shampoo, but being a lap swimmer, this mild scent is a nice alternative to the smell of chlorine which tends to linger all day. This is a very good every day shampoo that gets the job done at a value price. And at 22.5 ounces, it lasts a long time.

Gloria Laguna Park, TX


My daughter and I both tried this product and used several times to put to the ultimate test. We both have dry scalp and dry hair, not to mention sensitive skin. Results are Great! Suave is gentle, can be used frequently without any problems, and the fragrance is refreshing. We would indeed purchase this product in the future. very satisfied, and well-worth the purchase. Highly recommended!

Roslyn Wallace, MI

a really great shampoo — ALL RIGHT BY ME !!!

Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh Shampoo is excellent! It lathers up very quickly in the shower and leaves my hair looking and feeling much cleaner–and shiny, too! It also helps my scalp to be less dry and that’s important because I have very dry skin in wintertime here in New York. The scent is nice but not overpowering; this is definitely a shampoo for both men and women. I like that this shampoo is hypoallergenic, too.This shampoo is even better when I use Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh Conditioner after it. The only potential downside I can think of is that people who are very sensitive or allergic to scents might want to keep looking for other shampoos that are unscented. True, the scent is not overpowering and they say it’s hypoallergenic; but the scent does linger a while after I finish washing my hair.Overall, an excellent shampoo! Highly recommended.

Carmella White Hall, AR

Great shampoo except for the scent

I have long, thick hair. I like a shampoo that gets my hair clean in one or two rinses, works well with my conditioner (Lush Veganese) and smells great. This shampoo works great but the smell is off-putting. It does not smell refreshing at all. It’s a little fruity, which is not what I think of when I think Rainforest. Fortunately the scent does not last long.Otherwise, I would have to call it a darned good shampoo. It lathers just the right amount (I don’t like too much lather that is hard to rinse out). My hair is soft and silky.My husband also tried it and felt it was just average. I have to say, though, that his hair looked really fluffy after shampooing – it did have more body.Personally, I won’t be buying more because the scent is a deal breaker, If you are less particular and just want a good shampoo, it could be a 5-star product for you.

Debbie Haugen, WI

very scented, a bit drying on my hair.

The size is generous, but so is the scent. It is a pleasant, fresh scent, but very strong- I would be reluctant to use it if I worked with people with allergies or perfume sensitivities.The shampoo lathers up a lot, and quickly, but took so much rinsing to reduce the scent that my hair felt quite dry afterwards.I think it might be quite good for a fraternity or something, but not to pamper your hair.

Edwina Minnie, KY

Great Scent – super price …

I often pick up Suave Products because of the price in the supermarket. But there is more, they are simply basic, good quality products. This particular shampoo is no exception. I particularly love the Rainforest Fresh Scent and am enjoying using it on my hair for a “pick me up” in the morning.Two thumbs up!

Kristie Hopedale, OH

hmm…a suave I don’t like? what froze over?

I’m a huge proponent of the Naturals. This is the one exception. It doesn’t seem to clean as well. For that reason, this might be a nice, soft body wash but it won’t get all the goop out like the clarifying or strawberry. Other than that, the fragrance is pretty and it can be a hand soap, face wash, or even shaver, based on the mildness. I also don’t love the conditioner. It feels waxy, unlike the fruity ones like apple and strawberry.

Melinda Grasonville, MD

Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh Shampoo

Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh Shampoo. I am shampoo person. Although I’m not as bad about it as I used to be, but I love washing my hair. Now that I’ve gotten older, I usually use those shampoos that are especially for color-treated hair. This particular shampoo is not for that — however, it is really good. Oh, I don’t always use shampoo that is for color-treated hair. I still use shampoo for regular hair sometimes, too. I am currently using this particular shampoo and I love it. I have always been a big Suave shampoo user, so I know it is a well-trusted company with quality products.I already knew this shampoo was going to be good, as I love Suave shampoo. But when I saw “rainforest” on it, that is what made me really want it. I love scents, and “rainforest” is something that just sounds so wonderful and awesome. I love exotic things, and I love the idea of rainforests!Highly recommended.

Alisa Chrisney, IN

Consistently simple, yet effective.

There’s nothing special about Suave.It’s a simple shampoo that get’s the job done. I don’t think there’s anything with this free “Rainforest” scent that wouldn’t make its home on your bathroom shelf.Consistently simple, yet effective. The Rainforest fragrance is a nice scent, btw.

Betsy Leander, TX

Affordable shampoo for my pre-teen daughter

My pre-teen daughter has very oily hair at this age (12). She has to wash her hair every day, since after just a day at school, she comes home with very greasy hair. She can leave for school at 7:30am with her hair soft and fluffy, and by the time she gets home her hair looks like she ran a marathon. So she washes it every morning before school. Also in the summertime when she’s swims at the pool most days, she also gets an additional shower to wash the chlorine off. She doesn’t color her hair, it’s not permed, she doesn’t style it and it doesn’t have any special needs. So she doesn’t need anything that helps retain color, thickening, adds body, adds shine, helps curls or anything else. Just plane shampoo and conditioner to wash out sweat, oils or chlorine from the pool.I love the Suave line of hair care products for her since they are so affordable. They clean and condition kids hair well, have good fragrances kids tend to like and are some of the least expensive hair products on the market. When your kids graduate from the tears-free versions of shampoo, but you’re not looking to buy them hair products at $8/bottle, Suave is the way to go.

Samantha Norwich, ND

Suave Shampoo

When it comes to Suave’s regular products(non-specialty), they are just “okay” for me. That’s the case with this shampoo. It’s a perfectly fine shampoo, but it’s not one I would use all the time. I’m a coupon girl, so I would by no means pass up a great deal on this product, but it would be the shampoo that I would use a really great shampoo after I used it up. (Am I the only one that alternates “meh” shampoos with great ones?) :)It smells great, though! It just doesn’t do great things for my hair. My momma has used the regular Suave shampoos in the past, and thinks they make her hair fall out more than with some other name brands.Overall, it’s a fine shampoo, but not awesome.

Glenna Fort Bragg, CA

Decent Shampoo at a Dirt Cheap Price.

I’ve been very happy with this shampoo although it’s a little different. It comes out of the bottle like a gel. It seems more like and aloe gel than a shampoo. It has a nice clean smell – I’m not sure what a rain forest smells like but this has a crisp floral/aloe smell that is pleasant and subtle.But the proof is in the washing. I started using this in between days of a pyrithione zinc to control flaking (usually Head and Shoulders.) I truly feel that my hair has started feeling cleaner since I started alternating days with this shampoo. At this price, I don’t think you can beat it. My hair definitely feels lighter and softer.Perhaps the best thing about this shampoo is that I now know exactly what to get to get my order to $25 for free shipping. This is a tremendous bargain at a dollar.

Doreen Fayette, OH

Excellent Shampoo For the Price. Light Fragrance.

Years ago, Suave advertised that its line-up of shampoo/conditioners were “salon quality” at a budget price. They were right on. With the exception of their clarifying line, the regular Suave shampoos/conditioners have been my choice for years – and I regularly received compliments on my soft & shiny hair. The Rainforest Fresh combo is no different – it leaves my hair soft & shiny.The shampoo lathers well & easily rinses out. The conditioner is thick & is easy to massage into your scalp. It also rinses out easily.The rainforest shampoo (& conditioner) fragrance is a light fragrance & doesn’t stick with you throughout the day. It is a pleasant, forgettable (in a good way) fragrance.Overall, the Rainforest Fresh scent is a nice addition to the regular Suave line-up. Kudos to Suave for the light fragrance.

Maureen Hubbell, MI

Good Shampoo

This shampoo is nice and doesn’t seem to build up (which is good since this comes in a family size container). The only thing I’m not super in love with is the odor. It smells strong and if you don’t like the scent you are with it all day. Sniff it before you buy and decide if you like it or not.

Lora Freeman, MO

Well Worth the Price, Sealed Well for Shipping

I use Suave shampoo most of the time because I find it cleans my hair without leaving the residue that 2-in-1 products tend to. It’s really inexpensive, but worth every nickel. One of these large bottles lasts me the better part of a season, even with daily use.The smell does not really evoke “rainforest” or “fresh” for me. It’s not flowery or particularly fresh smelling, but a pleasant odor nonetheless.

Carmen East Falmouth, MA

Suave Naturals

Suave Shampoos are known are generally considered to be a nice value. The Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh Shampoo has a nice clean scent that is fruity enough for my wife but that is subtle enough for me. In other words – it works for both men and women! It may be too much of a generalization but many of the shampoos that my wife enjoys (like Herbal Essence) have scents that are too overpowering for me.Notes — Nice amount of lather which washed out easily.- The Suave Naturals leaves my hair feeling clean, but slightly stiff…. however, when combined with the Suave Naturals Conditioner my hair is left feeling soft.- Does not seem overly harsh – I don’t have any issues using it for daily use.Final Verdict – While the Suave Naturals are inexpensive they are effective, have a nice scent, and appropriate for daily use.4 Stars

Melanie Belchertown, MA

A nice, no-nonsense shampoo

I’ve been a Suave user for many years since I like their practical approach to shampoo. They make a quality product at a good price, and avoid making the sometimes outlandish claims and promises of higher priced shampoos. They just concentrate on turning dirty hair into clean hair, which is mainly what I’m looking for.This formulation sticks with the Suave approach. Just a plain shampoo that smells nice, lathers well, cleans my hair, and don’t break the bank when it comes to cost. That’s all I need from a shampoo and this satisfies those needs perfectly. Highly recommend.

Josephine North Lawrence, OH

Does A Decent Job

I liked the Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh Shampoo. After using it for several weeks, I’ve found that it does a good job of cleaning my (greasy) hair without any buildup. The “Rainforest Fresh” scent is pleasant without being too perfumy (which I really appreciated).Otherwise, the shampoo was unremakable to a half dozen other Suave products that I’ve used in the past or the three or four other shampoo brands that I and my wife typically rotate through.

Rachelle Effie, MN

Has a strong but refreshing scent, lathers good and doesn’t cause dry or itchy scalp

This shampoo is dark green and has the consistency of a thin gel. It lathers very well and leaves my hair feeling very clean. It doesn’t dry out my scalp or cause my scalp to itch. It comes in large 22.5 oz. bottle that will last me quite a long time. It has a very strong but very refreshing scent. I prefer a strong scent myself but some people might think it’s a little over the top. Rainforest would probably describe it well because it smells like a mix of plants and exotic flowers.I would recommend the matching conditioner as well because they go together very well.

Elva Vader, WA

Average – Inexpensive

Suave Naturals Rainforest shampoo is a price point leader with a strong fragrance. This smells and acts like strong shampoos that crowd the low price shampoo category.If price is the primary driving factor, this is an average shampoo. It cleans my hair, and that’s about it. The added thing, it leaves behind a fragrance. Smell is subjective, to me this is too sweet, floral, and too strong, not my idea of a rainforest (which really smells musty and earthy, but that’s a different story). The green color is pretty and the bottle is very nice.I didn’t much like this shampoo. It is probably perfect for children.

Yolanda Falling Waters, WV

Clean Fresh Scent

The new Rainforest Fresh shampoo and conditioner from Suave Naturals line are just a basic shampoo and conditioner. I’ve used Suave for years and years and have always been pleased with the brand.The stand out quality of this line would be the scent. I don’t know the notes in it but the scent is a very nice fresh, clean scent that lingers on your hair.It’s not the top of the line in hair care products but I don’t have any complaints at all. Good basic shampoo and conditioner with a great scent.The shampoo really lathers well and I felt like it got my hair clean.

Joni Okeene, OK

I like it

This shampoo is just fine with me. I have wash and wear hair and use this with its companion conditioner. The scent is light and there is a good clean feel without being heavy.

Vicki La Joya, TX

Economical hair care

Suave shampoo has always offered a high quality product for a low price and this is no exception. A small amount creates abundant lather that rinses well with no residue. The rainforest scent is refreshing and lingers without being overwhelmingly offensive. The addition of bamboo extract seems to me to be more about marketing than function and thus far I have not been able to discern an appreciable difference in how my hair looks or feels when compared to other Suave options. This may not have the cachet of “salon inspired” hair care products but it works every bit as well.

Harriet Winside, NE

Great, everyday shampoo…

I shampoo my hair everyday even though it tends to be dry because of home coloring and other products I use. This mild shampoo is affordable and works well to just clean and freshen my hair. I love products with fragrance and really like the smell of this with its aloe and bamboo extracts. I pair it with theSuave Suave Naturals Rainforest Fresh Conditioner, 22.5 Ounceand my hair is not frizzy or overly dry.The Suave “Naturals” line is hypoallergenic which is important if you have any sensitivities. Definitely a great, inexpensive choice for daily hair care.

Alexis Wyoming, RI

The Suave Natural Rainforest Fresh Shampoo is very affordable and has a wonderful fragrance …

Off and on we’ve had Suave in the house for the simple fact that it’s one of the less expensive shampoos on the market. If you have children in the house with no “hair issues,” this is a perfect choice. Oftentimes I simply purchased a bottle to have on hand to use as bubble bath. It does create some nice bubbles and some of the fragrances are awesome. Some of them, like Strawberry or Juicy Green Apple, are easy to identify. Rainforest Fresh does smell “fresh” and the name is enticing, even though most of us don’t know how a rainforest smells.Many, but not all of the Suave Naturals, are now offered as Amazon add-ons. I have taken advantage of this fact a few times and have been quite satisfied. Items simply come right along with the rest of my order. One thing that is especially appealing about the Suave Naturals, Rainforest Fresh is that it is infused with aloe and bamboo extract. These extracts are usually “reserved” for more expensive shampoos. If you need an inexpensive shampoo and enjoy fragrances, Suave naturals should probably be on your list.SUAVE NATURALS:Suave Naturals Shampoo, StrawberrySuave Naturals Shampoo, Sweet Pea and VioletSuave Naturals Shampoo, Waterfall MistSuave Naturals Shampoo, Juicy Green AppleSuave Naturals Shampoo, Lavender and LilacSuave Naturals Shampoo, Wild Cherry BlossomSuave Naturals Shampoo, Mango MandarinSuave Naturals Shampoo, Ocean BreezeSuave Naturals Shampoo, Vanilla Floral and Vitamin ESuave Naturals Shampoo, Rainforest Fresh

Lucille North Fork, ID

Nice Shampoo

This is a BIG (family sized) bottle of shampoo. It lathers nicely, rinses cleanly, and has a strong fragrance. I’ve never been to the rainforest, so I can’t tell you if this actually smells like one, but I like it. It’s not too flowery, so would be suitable for either gender. If you’re sensitive to fragrance, you definitely want to avoid this, however.After I dried my hair, it was nice and fluffy and shiny. Definitely a bargain at the current list price of $1.50!

Mattie Springfield, KY

Good Value for the Price

I really liked the light fresh scent of this shampoo. The description claims the shampoo scent is long-lasting, but I didn’t particularly notice that it lasted any longer than any other shampoo. I have color-treated hair with an oily scalp, so I need a daily shampoo that cleanses gently. This shampoo lathered easily with just a small amount, and left my hair/scalp feeling cleansed but not overly dry. I have sensitive skin and a sensitive scalp, and the wrong shampoo can cause both face and scalp to start peeling. This shampoo lived up to its hypoallergenic claim. Good value for price! I was going to buy the conditioner, but found I really don’t need it, because the shampoo alone is enough to keep my very short hair clean and shiny.

Evelyn Maysel, WV

Good Value

I am in and out of salt water all the time…I used it without conditioner and it gave nice luster…the hair is soft and easy to brush…nice clean smell that was not overpowering

Miriam Geneva, NY