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Suave Naturals Conditioner, Tropical Coconut – 22.5oz.

Key Ingredients Lush coconut scented formulas feature Vitamin E. Infused with coconut extract and silk amino acids. Conditions dry and damaged hair by restoring moisture. View larger View larger The Suave Naturals Experience Suave Naturals shampoos and conditioners deliver long-lasting, nature-inspired fragrances. All Suave Naturals shampoos and conditioners are gentle enough to care for the whole family. Join Suave in Our Commitment to Water Conservation Did you know your family could save up to 3,200 gallons of water per year by turning off the water when you shampoo and condition?* What’s in the Box Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner, 22.5 Ounces. *Average family size of 3. Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner: Infused with naturals extracts Hypoallergenic formulas

Key features

  • Economy Size
  • Bottle coded for recycling. Check if facilities exist.
  • Naturally moisturizes and replenishes dry or damaged hair

Honest reviews


Nice, NOT Natural

If you read other reviewer’s comments you’ll find the actual ingredients are chocked full of chemicals; “Naturals” seems to be a misnomer. I must admit I like this product anyway. It is an economical multi-purpose item. It smells great and is:+ an excellent shaving lotion, cheaper than most shaving gels.+ a good light conditioner+ a curl reviving mist when mixed with water in a spritzer: 1 part conditioner to 2 parts water and scrunching works for me+ a deep conditioner when mixed with your preferred oil (jojoba, almond, olive, coconut…), apply and wrap hair in warm towel TWICE or about 15 minutes+ a leave-in conditioner for ends only!+ a decent valueDownside of the product:- it’s prone to build up and requires periodic use of clarifying shampoo.- needs to be alternated with another conditioner, I use Mane & Tail as well as Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.It’s only 4 STARS because it’s slight residue doesn’t do well for me on hot humid Texas days; mixed with my scalp perspiration it gives me the “cooties”. Does better for me in the cooler weather.FYI: When co-washing a la the Wen System way make sure you wet your hair and scalp for about TWO minutes BEFORE you apply the conditioner. The water dissolves/removes other products and allows this to both work and rinse better.

Jean Williamsburg, IN

Great for co-washes and other hair needs

I use Lorraine Massey’s “Curly Girl” method to take care of my kinky-curly 4a hair and adapted her conditioner washes (or washing with conditioner in place of shampoo). The theory is that shampoo has too many drying surfactants. Conditioner, on the other hand is not so drying, and still has the ability to cleanse.)Suave’s Tropical Coconut conditioner is wonderful for many purposes. Add amla, maka, kalpi tone or other ayurvedic powders to Suave Tropical Moisture, and leave it on overnight for a really good deep conditioning.This conditioner also helps to detangle my hair when I comb it under a stream of water during my showers. It smells sweet, like coconuts (which probably comes from the fragrance and coconut extract). The consistency of this conditioner is a medium-thick consistency. It leaves my hair soft, moisturized and with a slight sheen after use.This conditioner is not “natural” but it has humectants like cetyl alcohol, glycerin and honey. It also contains silk proteins (to strengthen hair). Rosemary and nettle are included to promote scalp health and hair growth. Good conditioner for a low price.Note, just because it works for my hair, it may not work for you. Please do a test to see if this one works for you.Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Cetyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Fragrance (Parfum), Distearyldimonium Chloride, Disodium EDTA, Glycerin, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Propylene Glycol,Trocopheryl Acetate [Vitamin E Acetate], Silk Amino Acids, Honey, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Extract

Alexandra Roberta, GA

Great stuff!

Love this conditioner! It’s thick and creamy consistency. It made my hair very soft and easy for detangling. The smell is blissful.Not only is it good for co-washes for also as a leave-in.

Hannah Portland, PA


Just like the shampoo, I bought this quickly for travel. I wish it had more fragrance and was a bit more conditioning but other than that, I would buy these again.

Jennifer Wild Rose, WI

By far worth more than the price tag implies.

I have been a natural 4c kinky chic for over 10 years. But, only recently (the past 3 months or so) have I done research to get a real regimen in place to keep my hair healthy. My hair is almost APL or armpit length. And, I am over 6 feet tall so my hair is almost 12 inches in the back. When I heard about the CG method or Curly Girl method, I thought it would be a great match for me since I was having serious breakage and dryness issues. This basiscally consists of a hair care regimen that removes sulfates (found in most shampoos) and other harsh cleansers from the hair cleaning routine. Also, this method includes regular co-washes or conditioner washes in place of traditional shampoo cleansing.I chose this conditioner because although it is not 100% natural, it is very very mild. It has a great smell and feel. It has coconut, nettle, honey, and other humectants that have really improved the texture and shine of my hair. Since using this product (even when I use shampoo) I find that my hair is less tangled, I have fewer fly-aways, and the frizz is diminished. Also, I can mix this conditioner with my deep conditioners or detanglers to add slip.What really sold me on the conditioner was the results on my 12 month old daughters finer but coarse 4b hair. I was having a hard time keeping it moisturized. But, I found that this conditioner is even gentler on her hair than her all-natural, sulfate and paraben free baby shampoo. I have been co-washing her hair with a small amount of this conditioner and I have immediately seen the results (after only one week).I am sold. I prefer this flavor because of the ingredients. But, I am going to try some of the others soon. I really like all of the natural ingredients in this coconut version. Coconut is probably on of the best oils/products for hair and I swear by it in my regimen so that is part of the reason why this conditioner is so great. It is good as a co-wash, you can add to it and use it as a base for a deep conditioner, you can use it in a pre-poo for detangling or you can use it as a leave-in for a wash-n-go. I have started using the Everlasting Sunshine flavor for my detangler. It smells wonderful and gives great slip.I get it for $1.50 or less at Walmart, Target, or CVS. It goes on sale regularly. I won’t replace it anytime soon. Buy it in bulk because it is just that good.

Cherry Sydney, FL

You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for – an excellent conditioner at an excellent price. I used to spend a gazillion dollars (Well, maybe not exactly a gazillion, but close to twenty bucks) on conditioners for my shoulder length, fine but thick hair that likes nothing better than to tangle beyond recognition after washing it in the shower. Suave makes the tangles comb out easily.I used to think the expensive ones were much better for my hair than the “grocery store” brands. Then when traveling and not being able to find my shampoo in an “under 4 oz.” size that I could carry on the plane I decided to wait until I reached my destination to buy some shampoo. I bought this one because I like the name brand that it is comparable to, but also because it was cheap and I wouldn’t feel bad about leaving a good portion of it behind at the end of the trip. (I gave the remaining shampoo to the person at the hotel front desk).I was so surprised to find that this shampoo left my hair just as soft and manageable as the more expensive brand. I couldn’t tell the difference! Still, I thought maybe it was just the difference in water or the weather at the place I was staying on the trip. I bought the shampoo again at home when I ran out of my salon brand and found that it performed just as well with the local water, weather, etc. That was 6 years ago and I have been using Suave shampoos and conditioners ever since. I haven’t found a single one that I don’t like and I’ve saved a bundle on shampoos and conditioners.

Bobby Onset, MA

Gunky and builds up

It made my hair feel built up after first shower. Plus, this is super watery and not conditioning at all. Never again. I handed the stuff over to a guy friend. :s

Lynette Black Hawk, CO

Detangler Must !! Better than name brands!!!

I love this stuff so far, i am an African American woman who has been growing her hair out for years using weaves. And for the past 4, 5 years i have been successful in achieving length far about 16, 17 inches worth. Anyhow this is the first year i decided to wear human hair instead of the cheap synthetic ones. Since April this year the hair was doing fine than!! it started getting so tangled and dried out.. i had no clue had to manage it; than i used QP Elasta from sally’s ..good but is expensive this stuff i found at the dollar store, yes the dollar store!! did way better of a job at detangling. I got out the shower ran my fingers through the hair i was sure was still tangled.. but no.. like butter it had so much slip!!! I wish i would had used this stuff in the beginning. the reason i gave 4 instead of 5 stars was it didnt leave a shine like my v05 but my v05 doesn’t detangle like suave either.

Ronda Donnelly, ID

Inexpensive alternative with a long-lasting, light scent

I am usually very picky about my shampoos and conditioners. I use Herbal Essence as my shampoo of choice, but I didn’t really like their conditioners. I have tried many others, but I keep coming back to the Suave Coconut. I’m very sensitive to strong scents, but this coconut scent is light enough that it doesn’t bother me, but heavy enough to remind me of the beach. I can’t find this in the store very often anymore, so I’m glad i was able to find it on Amazon!

Winnie Tillery, NC

Works great as a shaving cream – but not as a hair conditioner

I use this as a shaving cream, not as a hair conditioner. I’ve tried it on my hair and it left it sticky waxy rough and dry all at the same time. On my skin, however, for shaving, its divine. Smells SO good and I never nick myself when I use it. Doesn’t clog up my razor either. Its much cheaper than the fancy shaving "cremes" out there and I think it works even better. Afterwards my legs feel super smooth and smell great.

Therese Chester, MA

Suave Naturals Conditioner, Tropical Coconut – 22.5oz

Suave Naturals Conditioner, Tropical Coconut – 22.5oz. I have used this product many times and I love it. It cleans well and smells so good. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Delia Wilson, OK

it works!

I bought this conditioner based on the reviews on this site and loved it. I’ve had a problem with cheap conditioners weighing my hair down but this rinsed off clean and left my hair shiny and manageable. I will never spend money on a high-end conditioner again when I can get something like Suave Naturals-Coconut at such a low price! My hair is not very curly, it doesn’t get too tangled but I have a lot of very long hair. I used to buy “natural” conditioners sold at natural foods market but those never worked! They either left residue or just didn’t condition enough. I would’ve never thought that the solution could be as simple as picking something up at Walmart! I’m currently using the shampoo Argan Magic in combination with this conditioner and I’ve noticed my hair is shinier. I would attribute most of the shine to the shampoo, which I found at Marshall’s at a discount, since I started using both products around the same time but I let my my mom use the Suave conditioner and she loved it too! I might have to try some other Suave products now. Their Humectant Moisture conditioner from their ‘Professionals’ line is supposed to be really good too.

Shanna Parrott, GA

Cheap but worth it conditoner

You can’t go bad for the price. This conditioner is the one that I am on to right now. I really like this conditioner.. It’s not my favorite but it gets the job done.

Luisa Bonnieville, KY

No conditioner can be compared with this one.

I want to start my comment this way: there’s many people who believe there is another people exaggerating on their comments, just because there is a product good for me or others that doesn’t mean is good for everybody, no everybody is the same, my hair for example is a very good hair, thick, abundant, curly, but it is coarse and dry, it cannot tolerate protein on any form…that’s why I want to make a comment about this conditioner. I could not believe a product without a big name, professional brand or expensive price could be so GOOD, I mean if someone goes to my shower and see all the different brands of hair products that I have been using would understand of what I am talking about, some with good results, some others are a complete waste of money from expensive brands to a ok brand and price. This is one of the best conditioner I’ve used, it is not a joke!!! the price is not even right because the results I obtained using this conditioner exceeds it’s value. My boyfriend thought I was joking when I bought this conditioner for himself, after he used it then he realized why I bought this brand and this kind instead something else. I didn’t buy this product from amazon because I can find it any where, from supermarkets to any pharmacy near by paying even lower price. I do recommend this conditioner Suave Natural Conditioner Tropical Coconut, I love it…hopefully Suave never ever will change the formula in this wonderful product.

Christian Alfred, NY

Suave Naturals Conditioner, Tropical Coconut – 22.5oz. Suave got it right!

Suave Naturals Conditioner, Tropical Coconut – 22.5oz.Suave got it right! Its refreshing & simple and cleans my hair really good!

Pat Hudgins, VA

Good value for the money

I purchased the Suave Naturals Coconut hair conditioner at our local low-cost department store as we are trimming expenses. I thought I’d give the Suave conditioner a try and I was pleasantly surprised at how the conditioner worked. The conditioner left my hair easy to comb out and smelling faintly of coconut.Recommend.

Stephanie Monterey, MA

I love this conditioner

I use this conditioner solely for co washing purposes and it works fabulously on my hair!! And the smell is wonderful!!!

Sophia Frederick, MD


I have thick curly coily AA hair and after almost 4 years spent and $$$ wasted of searching for the holy grail of conditioners, I gave up. I have a strict budget now and cam across Suave.This is hands down my partner in hair crime! Mostly because I leave it in daily and it has SAVED my hair. In conjunction I use Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine as my main rinse out and DC conditioner, and use Coconut for an occasional rinse out and DC. I’m working towards using Coconut as my one and only, though, since EV is harder to find in person and thus unreliable for me.I have absolutely no issues with this product and I will continue to buy it until it is no longer manufactured (which I hope NEVER happens)!I have used this stuff every day for the past month since Dec 2013 and I never intend to stop using it. It is a must buy necessary product for me.$1.50 – $1.99 in most brick and mortar storesPleasant, light true coconut scent. Thick in consistencyPerfect coils and curls after using this as a rinse out or leave inIt” slips ” hair best when rinsing out under waterSUPERIOR as a leave in, great as rinse out conditionerComes in 22.5 & 33 ounce sizing!

Tabitha Frazeysburg, OH

Great price Nice product

You really can’t beat the price of this product. I use this for "pre-pooing" my hair. I mix it with coconut oil and it gives the mixture a nice consistency. I wouldn’t use it as a deep conditioner or a leave in conditioner but it would make a nice cowashing conditioner.

Betty Rainbow Lake, NY