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Suave Men 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Classic Clean Anti Dandruff 12.6 oz

Our Suave Professionals Men 2 in 1 Alpine Fresh shampoo and conditioner has an advanced formula enriched with moisturizers that leaves hair looking healthy and refreshed. Designed for the specific needs of men’s hair, it’s salon proven to clean hair as well as American Crew Daily Shampoo. (American Crew is a registered trademark of Beautyge Brands USA, INC.)

Key features

  • Suave Professionals Men Alpine Fresh 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner has an advanced formula enriched with moisturizers
  • Leaves your hair looking healthy and refreshed
  • Designed for the specific needs of men’s hair
  • Salon Proven to clean hair as well as American Crew® Moisturizing Shampoo (American Crew® is a registered trademark of Beautyge Brands USA, INC.)

Honest reviews


There’s conditioner in this? Maybe not for LONG hair…

All family members tried this. Except for my husband, we – male & female, all have long hair. We did not like it for long hair.Pros-Smells fresh – has a nice green/slightly fruity smell. Scent is not overly strong once hair dries.-Effective anti dandruff ingredient that has worked well for us-Relieves itching, lessens flakes-Good price on a generous amount-lathers well IF hair is very wet-cleans effectively-works very well for short hair that is in good condition-does not weigh hair downCons-tangles long hair-leaves dry or long hair feeling like it has not been conditioned when used by itself-does nothing to smooth hair – leaves fly aways and frizzies.There’s better alternatives out there. Clear makes a great anti-dandruff that isn’t so harsh on the hair. It’s a bit more, but I much prefer it.We found that we we definitely had to use conditioner with this product, though it is advertised as a 2 in 1. I also had to use smoothing serum. It seemed to strip my hair. I’d probably still use it now and then because it seemed to act as a clarifier to remove built up hair product. My main criticism is not that it doesn’t get hair clean, it’s just a bit too harsh for our long hair.

Berta Wallula, WA

Just What the Males in My Family Need

The three men in my household are fond of this product. Two of them tend to get dandruff all winter long and so far this has been helpful. The dandruff is on its way out although not completely gone yet. I don’t think there has been enough time that has passed.Suave Professionals Men 2 in 1 has a pleasant fragrance without any sickly medicinal smell as some other dandruff shampoos have.If there are any changes I will update this review.

Sonia Mount Vernon, SD

Good stuff

Lathers up nice with a very small amount.Smells really good, not too girly.Rinses very clean. Perhaps a little too clean. My hair doesn’t feel as soft with this 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner compared to Head & Shoulders 2-in-one. H & S 2-in-one doesn’t make my hair feel as soft as a stand alone conditioner either.I don’t notice my dandruff any more, or less, with the Suave vs Head & Shoulders.Some days there’s no dandruff with either product, some days there is dandruff with either product.Hard to say about the dandruff control, but my hair definitely feels softer when I use H & S, and my hair definitely feels cleaner when I use the Suave.

Lindsay Sherman Oaks, CA

Good dandruff shampoo

I have been using the Suave Professionals shampoo for a few weeks now and I like it overall. it is good for dandruff, cleans nicely, and leaves my hair manageable. Overall, would recommend.

Mellisa Forest, VA

As good or better than the name brand

My husband has used the "name brand" of this product for many years. It was difficult to convince him to even try this one, but once he did, he gave it a two thumbs up.It is as good or better than the name brand. I like the price tag that goes with it.

Cherie Atlanta, TX

Good for his scalp and his beard

Suave is a brand name of the Unilever company. It’s generally a lower cost line of hair and body products. For the most part I have had a lot of luck with the line, and have found them to be quite good products, often as good as products costing a good deal more.This anti-dandruff shampoo is quite good. It leaves his hair soft and manageable, and it does seem to work against his dandruff. Strange as this might seem, his biggest problem is not dandruff from his scalp, but from his beard. Using this shampoo has brought that under control, and keeps his beard obedient and less picky. I am quite pleased with the results.(Review of Suave Professionals Men 2 In 1 Anti Dandruff Classic Clean Shampoo and Conditioner)

Maricela Mc Guffey, OH

from a guy with dandruff…

So I have horrible winter dandruff, every year since I was a kid. Full on flake fest. Hate it but its true.Needless to say I have tried many many products over the years and am always willing to try something new.Truth is most products are a trade off, usually the tea-tree shampoos work by simply making my flakes smaller so they are still there but not as noticeable. The Head and shoulders type products all use the same Pyrithione zinc (1%) as an active ingredient, and you will find it here to. And the Nuke-em product of the dandruff world TAR. (yep I said it tar.) which works in extreme cases but smells like …well tar..and leaves you with no flakes but hair that hates you.The regular everyday products seem to help but do note eliminate my dandruff, and worst off they seem to leave my hair scorched and dried out over time (anything more than a week.) I find myself alternating between a dandruff shampoo and a regular shampoo in an effort to have normal looking hair without the dandruff. It works maybe 6 months out of the year…then the cold season sets in and forget it…flake city.I tried 2 products thru a vine trial..and had 2 in my bath already..Head and Shoulders 2 in 1, Selsun Blue, CLEAR Men Scalp, and this product Suave Pro 2 in 1unfortunately this product fell into the regular Head and Shoulders and Selson camp….poor overall performance over time and it leaft me with dried out hair…ugh…but then I tried the CLEAR. WOW.It was different. The CLEAR works on all fronts. I found my hair was great even after 2 weeks of daily use…no need to switch back and forth to avoid dried out look, and the flakes were gone….like totally gone. Ok so I am surprised an perplexed but happy. It has the same active ingredient to start with but whatever comes next seems to work…SO in the 4 way test….this Shampoo -Suave Pro was tied with the other standards in the category. Try the CLEAR Mens scalp for a better result long term…

Hattie Big Sandy, MT

Good value in shampoo, my guys like it.

Nice to keep in a gym bag, since it’s a combination product and then they don’t have to carry a separate conditioner. Does seem to help with dandruff, though if you have a serious dandruff problem, this isn’t likely to be the solution. If you just have a little, it will probably do the trick.

Blanche Thousand Palms, CA

great, trustworthy brand

My hubby has a dry winter scalp that nothing else will help…suave is affordable and it truly works! It has a nice, clean scent as well and is gentle enough for my sons to use.

Jodie Rosie, AR

Nice 2 in 1 with ingredients for anti-dandruff

Both my 13 year old son and my husband like this Suave 2 in 1 shampoo. My husband is pretty picky about his shampoos and only likes a few kinds, and this is one of them. They both prefer these kinds with conditioner in them since they feel it makes their hair softer, and my son likes the anti-dandruff since when he doesn’t use a shampoo with dandruff control, he ends up having issues with it. It smells nice but isn’t overpowering like some men’s shampoos. It washes hair clean and leaves their hair feeling soft. So this Suave 2 in 1 Classic Clean Anti-Dandruff shampoo gets a thumbs up from both my son and my husband.

Patsy Rocky Face, GA

Great Product

My husband served as my human guinea pig in testing this shampoo. He said it controlled his dandruff. and he likes that it also has a conditioner so you dont have to use two products.

Maggie East Fairfield, VT

Very good men’s hair stuff

As a man, I don’t like to smell all froofy. I’m a big fan of trying new hair products, so I gave this 2-in-1 a go. It’s definitely good. Many 2-in-1’s lack the power on the conditioner side, leaving hair feeling stiff and gross. However, this one worked well on both sides!

Deann Mission Hill, SD

My husband loves it!

Decided to try this shampoo. First off, the smell wasn’t overpoweringly "manly" like Axe and some of the other anti-dandruff shampoos out there. The smell is subtle, which I love (I hate cloying men’s cologne, perfume, deodorant, or shampoo). He says the consistency isn’t as thick as his everyday anti-dandruff shampoo, so it was easier to rinse out. Results were comparable to what he normally used before trying this: no flaking at all, no scalp over dryness, no greasy residue. As with other anti-dandruff shampoos it works best if used everyday instead of every other day, but I guess this depends on how bad your dandruff is. My husband has chronic seborrhea on the scalp and he needs daily maintenance shampoo like this one. He still uses Nizoral once a week as part of his anti-dandruff regimen, and we keep his hair short because we noticed that the longer it is, the more the flakes seem to appear and are harder to shampoo off. Overall, he was very satisfied with this and says this will be his daily shampoo from now on.

Pansy Riga, MI


My son has dandruff, but doesn’t like to use dandruff shampoo. He has used dandruff shampoos that smell more medicinal and left his hair dry. I had to convince him to give the SUAVE brand a try. He liked the scent, the great lather and the fact that the shampoo/conditioner made his hair look good. Highly recommended.

Marva West Chazy, NY

Works for teenage son

My youngest (17yo) son wears lacrosse helmets most days of the year. Boy are they sweaty. His hair gets really sweaty and greasy, every day, but also in the winter it gets dry and flaky at the same time. I picked this up for him because of the winter dandruff, and he really likes it.THE GOOD:+ Gets sweaty gross hair clean in one wash+ Helps alleviate flaking+ Doesn’t smell like dandruff shampooTHE GOOD AND BAD:- It’s a little drying. This is good for teenagers and/or athletes… but may not be good for people with already dry hair.BOTTOM LINE: Gets hair clean and helps with mild dandruff. If your hair is dry this may be too drying for you — but if you have oily hair or a lifestyle that keeps your hair sweaty or greasy, this should do the trick.

Ursula Evanston, IL

Easy Clean

Suave is making some really nice products lately. This does a good job of getting my hair clean and leaving it reasonably soft. Like most 2-in-1 products, it’s not quite up to the same level as using a separate conditioner. When I really just want to get cleaned up quickly because I’ve had an exhausting day or something, I’m more than happy to trade off a little effectiveness for the sake of efficiency.The scent is nice too. It has a hint of a meditated tang as these shampoos tend to, but nothing overwhelming and overall it has a nice cleanness to it.

Anastasia San Quentin, CA

Good enough

This works just fine, as far I can tell. I don’t have dandruff issues, so it’s hard for me to gauge that. But as a 2-in-1 shampoo it works really well. I like most Suave products, and this works like the rest. No complaints.

Karina Norene, TN

This will be Replacing Head and Shoulders in my Shower

I have received a lot of reviewer shampoos, and this one stands out of the crowd. Like no other Shampoo I’ve used, this shampoo has a rich, luxurious thickness when washing my hair. It has a pleasant and understated aroma and leaves my hair clean and very workable with gel or other hair products.There will always be a long term question as to how well it controls dandruff, but it seems to be effective so far and at a better price than Head and Shoulders which has been effective, but not my favorite shampoo. I’m officially making the switch.Pros+ Reasonably priced+ Thick Suds+ Subtle AromaCons(can’t find any yet)SummaryMove over Head and Shoulders, this is a richer experience for a lower price. Will update if it proves ineffective against dandruff in the long term.

Corine Kidron, OH

Works well; great scent

I’m very pleased with this shampoo. Unlike other dandruff shampoos it does not have a medicinal or chemical scent – just a nice shampoo scent that’s rather refreshing. It lathers very well, rinses clean and seems to be just as effective as other brands in controlling dandruff.Zero complaints about this. Suave is my preferred brand of shampoo since, regardless of the version or formulation, it provides good performance at a good price. This is no exception, and I would certainly recommend it.

Sherrie Buckhorn, KY

Moisture rich shampoo

My husband used this product and described it as refreshing and moisture rich. His hair feels silky smooth. His scalp is clearly better off with the additional moisture. He loves that it is a two in one product so it is easier to use and convenient. An effective product that is also convenient is a great find. Recommended.

Margret Driftwood, PA

It Works

The shampoo works. It doesn’t have a strong chemical smell like a lot of dandruff shampoos. It does not dry out my hair like a lot of other dandruff shampoos. It produces a decent thick lather. This is a good solid shampoo that controls dandruff.

Shelia Alexandria, PA

Like the Added Conditioner

We’re really a big fan of the Suave Men’s Professional line of products. They have the same quality as much higher priced products. The Suave Professionals Men Shampoo + Conditioner, 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Classic Clean is a nice anti-dandruff product. It doesn’t have an unpleasant or strong odor like some anti-dandruff products can. The addition of the conditioner is nice as well. It leaves hair feeling soft and not sticky or dried out like similar products can.

Monique Wapakoneta, OH

Surprisingly good

I’ve never been a fan of Suave products, but I have to say "Suave Professionals Men 2 In 1 Anti Dandruff Classic Clean Shampoo and Conditioner" really surprised me. For a low cost Suave product, it’s actually quite good. I have minor dandruff which is mostly caused by dry scalp, this Suave shampoo works as well for me as the most well known dandruff shampoo that costs twice as much. It smells nice, and unlike other Suave shampoos, it doesn’t dry my hair out. I haven’t noticed any flakes either. For the price, it can’t be beat, and I highly recommend it.

Elma Palmer, PR

Great product for me.

I have mild dandruff and have been using this Suave 2 in 1 product for over 2 weeks now. I like it. Has a light smell to it and I like that. Also lathers very well. You do not have to use very much of this product. Cleans well and leaves my hair feeling great. I will likely be buying this on a regular basis as I like it better than Head and Shoulders. I do recommend it. Some say this is an "old school" basic product. I agree, but find nothing wrong with that. I am too old to be needing to impress young girls. I am happy with it and that is all that matters to me.

Goldie De Kalb Junction, NY

Basic Stuff.

This is your basic, old-school, men’s shampoo. It looks like and smells like Head and Shoulders’ original formula. However, it does have a nice lather and rinses with ease. While it does fulfill its promise to clean and condition hair, it is probably intended for a much older crowd. I would say that the simplicity of the product and packaging is directed toward seniors. It is super grandfatherly in look and smell. However, to many, this nostalgia might be nice?Bottomline: old-fashioned but “does the job.”

Angela Maysville, OK

Inexpensive yet works better than some more expensive products

This shampoo/conditioner is a pleasant smelling white lotion-like product which does well at creating suds and leaving your scalp without irritation or dandruff. It is significantly less expensive than some alternate anti-dandruff combo products, but doesn’t seem to be any less useful. Overall, a perfectly nice product that gets the job done.

Harriet Walland, TN

Now I look much neater!

I favor black clothing, so any dandruff is obvious on my shoulders and tops. I have a buzz cut now after years of longer hair, and it seems to have increased the flaking problem. Or, maybe it is just that some of the dandruff stayed on my head longer with the hair hiding it. I don’t know. But, my wife is constantly brushing off my shoulders when we are out, and I have gotten so I carry a clothes brush and lint roller in my car.We have a nice day spa close by and I go once a week to get my hair cut and shampooed. Silly when my hair is so short, but the feeling is so relaxing to have someone else shampoo my head. It’s inexpensive and a treat I enjoy. In the meantime, I wash my hair one additional time during the week. Even after the professional hair care, my dandruff shows up by the 2nd day, and it is sort of frustrating. They have prevented the occurrence of dandruff with a special shampoo at the salon, but the scent is overwhelming to me.Using the Suave 2 in 1 Anti Drandruff product has been terrific. I still get tiny bits of flakes, but my dandruff problem is almost completely gone. It is far superior to Head & Shoulders for me, and the only other product I have used that worked this well is a Pine Tar shampoo. Yuk!Very mild scent, pleasant feeling on scalp and hands, and rinses out cleanly. It is a wonderful product to find.

Mandy Redkey, IN

Works Well

I had been using a similar product, Clear, that is labeled 2 in 1 just as this Suave is labeled. The Clear container has about 1/3 of an ounce more shampoo but costs almost twice as much as does the Suave. Nothing wrong with the Clear except for the cost. It does an excellent job.The Suave is a very light green color. It has a barely detectable scent which is perfect for my use. A small amount in the palm of my hand was enough to lather up all my head hair. It felt smooth and did a nice job on my hair by leaving it with a feeling of cleanliness. I decided to try some Suave on a patch of hair located on the lower part of my body. There was no dandruff there but there was a pesky sort of an itch. .The Suave attacked and eliminated the itch in a brief time and cleaned the entire area with ease.This is an excellent product at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommended.

Abigail Willow Lake, SD

Suave For Men A Great Product to Switch

When I use the same shampoo or facial cream continuously it seems to lose some of its effectiveness so I switch to another brand for a while to improve the results.That’s what I turned to Suave Professionals Men 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Classic Clean Shampoo and Conditioner. For the shampoo and conditioner it doesn’t matter that much but the change should help for flaking on my dried out scalp.For best results, lather, rinse and lather again. It has a nice, clean, fresh smell – not scented, and no medicine, chemical-type smell as with some anti-dandruff products. I am very pleased with the results and will continue using it, until it’s time to switch to my other favorite brand

Eve Vail, CO

Works Great

The scent for this shampoo is light and manly while it lathers up well. It was perfect for short hair as a conditioning agent, and controlled dandruff well.

Laura Winigan, MO