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Suave Kids Hairspray, Swingin Coconut 7 oz

Hypoallergenic, Residue-Free, and Alcohol-Free for Taming Flyaways Taming unruly flyaways is a breeze with the lightweight, coconut-scented Suave For Kids Swingin’ Coconut Hairspray that rinses-off clean so you won’t see any residue. The weightless formula has the perfect amount of hold to keep tresses styled all day. View larger Application: Hold spray bottle 8-10 inches from hair. Spray on dry hair to tame flyaways and add control. Suave Kids Makes Bath Time Fun Suave Kids offers safe and gentle formulas with fun, fruity fragrances to ensure bath time is fun for everyone. Join Suave in Our Commitment to Water Conservation Did you know that your family could save money and conserve water by turning off the water when you shampoo and condition?*Average family size of 3 What’s in the Box Suave For Kids Swingin’ Coconut Hairspray, 7 Ounces. Suave For Kids Swingin’ Coconut Hairspray is: Hypoallergenic Dermatologist Tested

Key features

  • Alcohol free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Residue free

Honest reviews


Suave Kids Swinging Coconut Hairspray, 7 Ounce

Suave Kids Swinging Coconut Hairspray, 7 Ounce.I love this shampoo. It is weightless (unlike a lot of hairsprays), but yet it holds my hair perfectly.And the smell. I LOVE the smell.I know, I am not a kid. But I am using this product anyway. It’s not like I’ve never used anything before that was intended for a kid’s use. But, to be honest, I think I like it better than adult hairspray, as it is so light and weightless. I’ve used kid soap, kid shampoo, kid toothpaste, read kid books, and used other kid products.I go through hairspray like crazy. And other hair products as well. I had never used this particular hairspray before. I’ve used Suave products (many, many times), but never this particular product. In fact, this is my first time ever using kid shampoo of any type.Highly recommended. I think most people would like it.

Elizabeth Kingmont, WV


I had high hopes. I had hopes of children with tidy hair in a family picture. If that is your dream, I suggest you find another way to achieve it.The spray dispensed easily. It smelled good at first. But it doesn’t dissipate. If anything it gets stronger. I was glad that I had only sprayed two kids. It was really strong. The spray didn’t seem to make their hair sticky. So I was impressed by that. But it also didn’t make their hair stay in place. In addition to not keeping the hair in place, Suave Kid’s hairspray actually made the hair look worse after it got ruffled. It looked dirty.Altogether this was a terrible idea. However if you would like dirty, messed up hair, that smells like it was made by The Professor from Gilligan’s Island then this is the hairspray for you.

Lolita Hettinger, ND

Good smell, decent hold, pretty crunchy

My 2 year old son likes his hair spiky, and this stuff does the trick. It smells good, and will hold his hair in place for at least a whole morning 4-8 hours. My son hates the smell of many hairsprays and actually likes this one, making putting it on much easier. My only complaint is that as it holds it makes the hair pretty crunchy and then as the "crunch" breaks down from him playing with his hair, the hold breaks down a lot. I wish there was a little less crunch. Nevertheless, it works well and we use it without much complaint almost daily

Janell Toluca, IL

Great Smell

My daughter was thrilled to have her own hairspray and she loves the smell of this. Works good without causing too many tangles. Happy! Thanks!

Felecia Lewiston, ME

Good hold, pleasant scent

I’ve been using this on my daughter’s hair to hold buns, ponytails and braids in place. She has long loose curls and sometimes the curls need a little taming. This spray has a good hold and is great at keeping a hairstyle in place and taming frizzies. The coconut scent is pleasant and this spray is alcohol free, but most importantly, my daughter feels very fancy because she has a hairspray that is her very own. I highly recommend this.

Adela Browerville, MN

Works great, Smells good

This hairspray is made for kids, and it works great for kids! This hairspray has done everything that it claims to–It’s light hold, great for my kids when I don’t want a stiff look. It washes out without residue. My husband hates the smell of hairspray, but this doesn’t smell too bad–it’s a coconut fragrance that I don’t mind. In fact, I’ve even used it on my own hair. Good product.

Monique Natural Dam, AR

Smells great

This is a pump spray bottle of good smelling moist hairspray for kids. It is extremely light. I tried in on my shoulder length fine hair and to get anything I could notice in the way of hold I had to pump it several times until my hair felt wet where the spray was. The scent is very light and vaguely smells of coconuts.When I pumped enough to notice a difference in my hair, my hair stayed damp for five minutes, and dried to a smooth controlled texture that was a bit difficult to get a brush through. It flattened my hair and took the volume out of it but at the same time made it look smooth, piecey and weighted down which for my fly away frizzy dry hair is actually a good thing, to have some weight, although the way it flattened it down to my head was something I’ve not yet seen a product do.I think for kids with unmanageable mains and unruly fly-away hair that needs a little something to hold it down and make it look finished this would be perfect, although you do have to use about 5 or 6 pumps to see any type of difference. The scent fades away in about one minute so they won’t be walking around smelling of perfume.This actually texturizes a bit, giving that piecey look so that you can see the place where a comb was run through the hair, which is a nice and sought after effect. It doesn’t add any grease at all but you can feel it in the hair and should make a daily hair washing necessary. I liked this product quite a bit and can see that for a child’s hair it will be an excellent product. Kids will like the light natural scent too.edit 3/2/2104I noticed the next day after using this liberally that my hair was in place and smooth and doing what I wanted it to do, and the only thing I had used on it was this the previous day. I put a little more on today, putting the spray nozzle up against my hair to give it little shots of hold just where I need it in front around my face, and it works so beautifully, I am upping this to five stars and giving it my rare ten star rating as a product of excellence.This light spray is serious business but doesn’t look like heavy spray and can be aimed exactly where you need it. It’s perfect and I would buy it for myself.

Ginger Troy Grove, IL

I’m an adult, and I use this….what does that mean?

I’ve tried this and commandeered it for myself: the scent is lovely, and reminds me of Pacifica’s coconut scent in their body washes and lotion.Alcohol free and a lighter hold than many adult sprays, and it still held my style.

Jamie Manhasset, NY

Short Lasting

The best thing about this hairspray is that it leaves virtually no icky, sticky residue. Designed for kids, it provides a light hold that temporarily tames fly always. The scent is definitely tropical with some discernible coconut. I can’t say I am crazy about it but it is an improvement from the harsh smelling adult sprays. The tapered bottle is comfortable to hold and the spray has not clogged. The cheery yellow and cartoon characters on the front will appeal to children. My biggest gripe though is that the hold really does not last. An active kid will need it reapplied at least a couple of times a day. Hence, I have been using it on my wheel chair bound elderly mother. She has fine hair and appreciates this sprays smoothing effect. Since shampooing is an ordeal, the lack of residue is appreciated. This is not a bad product but be prepared to reapply. 3.3 stars

Wilma Poughkeepsie, AR

Coconut Hairspray

This hairspray has a nice light coconut scent that is pleasing to me and my children. Just a small amount keeps hair in place. I actually prefer using this for myself–the old fashioned hairsprays aren’t for me. This has a light hold, nice scent and it’s affordable. Recommended.

Harriett Lore City, OH

Light and Fresh

I love this product. I have little fly aways that like to stick straight up on my parted hair. Most hairsprays are too heavy to tame these little pieces, leaving my hair looking darker (I have light blonde hair), unclean, greasy and crunchy. This hairspray is light enough that I can still run my fingers through it after application, but still helps the unruly pieces lay flat and look tame. It smells fresh with a light scent of coconut. Definitely a good buy.

Desiree Mazama, WA

Smells good, good hold

This is a pleasant spray for young children and teens with light hair. The strong aroma diminishes once the spray dries, so it’s not like people are walking around smelling like sweet coconuts. It keeps its hold all day.The bottle provides for a nice hold for small hands. The price is a bit steep for the amount you get, but the stuff does work and holds even in humid conditions. This nice thing about this product is that it doesn’t sting as much should any of it get in the eyes.

Twila Denville, NJ

Great coconut scent, must use plenty of it

My girls love this hairspray. It’s alcohol and residue free, and the opposite of plasticizing. We all love the scent.I found that we use more spray shots and more in terms of liquid than other hairspray products. I anticipate it will be used up quickly.

Tina Maljamar, NM

Nice Hairspray

I like this hairspray mainly because it’s hypoallergenic (allergies) and I really like that it is so versatile. It can get tacky when overused, but other than that it’s great. I have curly hair and it holds really nicely in a ponytail with this and my Goody brush (see review) as well as in an updo. The best a hairspray can get in my book!

Cara Clifton, SC

Popular with kids and parents

I’ve got two daughters, neither of whom is particularly fond of having their hair styled and sprayed every day. So, when we find a product that they like and that seems to work, then we’re very happy. With this Suave product, we have found a winner.The smell of the hairspray is a pretty strong but still pleasant coconut, which I think smells nice and which the girls prefer over traditional hairspray. To me it’s certainly less sharp, and I’d rather have coconut than that awful chemical smell. I doubt that this spray has the same hold as a high-end salon spray, but I don’t really care about that. I like it, my daughters like it, and it does its job at a good price.Highly recommended, another great Suave product for kids.

Lesa Toston, MT

Nice Coconut scent, light hold but is a bit pricey

This hairspray comes in a 7 ounce bottle. The scent is coconut and it smells nice. It’s hypoallergenic and alcohol free. It only provides a light hold so it may not be for everyone. My Daughter only uses a little hairspray and it works well for her. The cost is on the high side for kid’s hairspray that comes in a small bottle so I would be sure to compare prices before you purchase.

Lindsey Starbuck, WA

Manageable Hold

I got the new Suave Kids light-hold hairspray in swingin’ coconut for my kids. They need something to hold their hair in place while at school all day or it gets really messy by the end of the day. I did get the hairspray for them since it’s a kid’s formula but I used it myself as well.I’m really impressed with it. It has a pleasant coconut scent when spraying. The scent makes the hairspray smell which is still present not seem as bad. I didn’t notice that the scent stayed on my hair throughout the day and didn’t conflict with other products that I was wearing either.The hold is a nice. It held my style and I could tell that I had hairspray in my hair but I still had nice movement and not just plastered down.It worked well for my kids as well.I liked that it was alcohol free and wouldn’t harm or dry out hair.

Mallory Hardin, TX

Good hold without the sticky feel

I got this product for my two grandsons who have fine hair and often have fly-aways and need just a little bit of hold to make their hair stay styled and not turn into a mess throughout the day. This product smells good, it has a nice scent without being over-powering. The hold is enough for what I am looking for. I don’t know how well it would do on a girl’s long hair because as I said I use this product on two little boys. I like that it isn’t sticky and I don’t have to wash their hair every night to get gunky product out.I think this is a great product for kids and I have really been pleased with the whole line of Suave products meant for children.

Mindy Woodville, MA

Works well, and feels…safe…

My one-year-old daughter has the same dark hair that sticks straight out in every direction that I do. My wife was keeping it patted down with adult hairspray, but I was always on her case about it. This Swinging Coconut Hairspray is a nice middle-ground. It smells pleasant, but not overpowering. It keeps the hair down, but isn’t gummy or heavy or sticky like typical hairspray can be. You won’t get a lot of hold or control out of it, necessarily, but for a child it does the trick!

Shelby Radisson, WI

Mostly Good

My wife decided to try out this hairspray and was very satisfied with the results. She has very thin hair and she said that although the effects of the spray do not last for a long time they are perfect for when she needs to go to a DAR meeting or some other event. She loves everything coconut – to eat, like coconut shrimp for example, or anything with the scent of coconut like this hairspray.I am not crazy about coconut but when she returns from her meetings or whatever the coconut scent on her hair is gone or, if not, it has faded out to an acceptable level, in my opinion only. She recommends this hair spray and especially to anyone who does not have an anti coconut scent house member hanging around.

Ada South Rutland, NY

works great

I like the smell and it works great. However it leaks a bit so that is why I did not give it 5 stars.

Heidi Saint James, LA

Not just get the job done but it’s fun to wear too!

Suave Kids Swinging Coconut Hairspray is a big hit with my 5 1/2 year old daughter as well as with my 3 year old son. I typically use this on both of my kids hair. My son has curls so these keep them in check and free from frizz all day long. My daughter has very thin hair and since she’s super active this keeps her hair in place all day with no flyaways! It hasn’t left their hair feeling crunchy either but gives a natural looking hold.I like that the hairspray is alcohol free, hypoallergenic, and that it leaves no residue. My son that typically has sensitivity to certain hair products has had absolutely zero with this product! The coconut smell of this hairspray stays strong all day and my kids really like it. Sometimes they pretend play they are pirates searching for lost treasure just because the smell of their hair mimics the smell of something pirates might i.e coconuts! Most certainly would recommend this product for boys and girls!

Aileen Salem, IA

Excellent for baby hair

I’m one of those moms who has to do the cute hairstyles with my baby’s hair, and she is entering the stage where she wants something "fun." This is a wonderfully smelling kids’ hairspray that does its job of keeping her curls locked and does that job well. There’s no sticky residue even after a little spray goes a long way, and her hair stays put all day. Light, but strong, and the coconut scent is delightful.

Morgan Ludlow, MS

Awesome Product

Like other Suave products, I really loved this hairspray. My daughter has fine, unruly hair, and this product worked like a dream for keeping her hair contained. I loved that it was not sticky and alcohol free as I don’t want her breathing in the fumes from regular hairspray. It had a nice, light scent to it as well.

Florine Delano, CA

Smelly, but soft

I am currently not trusting suave products on the children. The last bottle of Suave shampoo I had said to keep out of reach of children. I tried this hairspray on my own hair.The only problem that I found was the smell. It was pretty harsh at first, but it dissipated fairly quickly. The smell to this was not like any coconut I have ever tried before. It smelled like hair spray while it was going on.I liked that this product did not have a sticky feeling to it. I rarely leave anything on my hair except leave in conditioner so I was surprised that it didn’t feel funny. My hair was perfectly soft.

Judi Cherryville, NC

Light control, light scent, great for kids (or adults)

Adult hairsprays are like glue on a kid’s head, especially the pre-schooler set. My granddaughter uses hairspray to keep her hair neat for dance class, but washing the crap out is a pain. The adult versions leave her hair feeling gummy, not much different than having food in her hair (she IS a preschooler).This hairspray offers light control, without the overpowering scent or the gummy texture. It’s light enough that it can be used for everyday do’s too, eliminating the flyaway effect ultra-fine kids hair can have. It’s great!

Verna Cason, TX

strong scent, light hold

Yes, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy or stiff, but aside from a couple flyaways, it can’t hold much at all. As ineffective as it is with keeping a hairstyle, especially if you are running around or getting messy, it sure smells… For those who like an artificial coconut smell, this is the product for you. It’s not light or subtle, but that’s a matter of preference. Ok.

Jessica Longview, TX

Holds well, no clog pump, smells light

Although this is marketed as a kids hair spray I use it and I am an adult. It’s named swinging’ coconut, which I thought it would smell like and that is why I wanted to try it. It actually smells more fruity to me. It’s alcohol free and I have no problems with any type of clogging of the pump. It’s a very nice soft hold that lasts for 4-5 hours. I have medium thick natural wavy hair that is currently little over shoulder length, I wash it every two to three days as to not dry it out. I can use this spray and brush it out without flaking or stickiness. If I need all day hold I use bed head brand but that has to be washed out. I really like this suave for easy hair days.

Evelyn Nankin, OH

Wonderful Product

My granddaughters are at the age in which they love experimenting with hairstyles, and once they get their tresses just like they like them, the miniature stylists want their hair to “stay put.” Since the girls are too young for stiffer, stronger adult brands, I selected Suave Kids Coconut Hairspray to see how it would work. They love it! It smells good (in their words, “like candy”), and it’s light, yet effective. Using the spray keeps their finished styles in place without looking fixed and stiff. It also keeps those pesky flyaway strands in place and minimizes electricity. Wonderful product!

Jaime Temperance, MI

Better than expected

Wow! I didn’t think something with "light hold" and no alcohol would do much of anything, but I tested it on my own hair first and it worked great! It gave a little lift to my bangs and kept them lifted for hours.The scent is very light– I barely detected it– but pleasant and not phony-smelling. It doesn’t seem to stick around, unfortunately. I’d love for us to go around smelling vaguely of coconuts all day. ;)I’m prone to fragrance-triggered migraines and this didn’t bother me at all. Love it, and now my daughter and I are both using it.

Lorena Jenera, OH