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Suave Kids Detangling Spray, Twirlin Swirlberry 8.5 oz

Suave Kids Swirlberry Detangler Spray helps tackle the toughest knots while taming flyaways and frizz. Suave Swirlberry Detangler Spray for Kids has a hypoallergenic, tear-free and alchohol-free formula that makes your child’s hair more manageable, leaving it extra soft, smooth and shiny.

Key features

  • Suave Kids Swirlberry Detangler Spary has a super-duper formula that makes hair more managable to eliminate knots and tangles
  • Suave Kids Swirlberry Hair Detangler Spray tackles the toughest knots while taming flyaways and frizz
  • Leave hair feeling extra soft, smooth and shiny with Suave Swirlberry Detangler Spray for Kids
  • Suave Kids Swirlberry Hair Detangler is hypoallergenic and has been opthlamologist and dermatologist tested
  • Other products include Suave Kids Apple Detangler Spray and Strawberry Conditioner

Honest reviews


Good Scent, Good Product for Kids and Adults

I love this detangler spray for both my daughter and myself. It has a light fruity scent that you smell when you spray on but doesn’t leave you in a cloud. I use it on my daughter who has very long (past her bottom), very curly hair. Her hair is soft, but thick, and gets tangles particularly at the end. We use the detangler spray after we wash her hair to keep some moisture in it. We also use it on her dry hair because otherwise, there’d be no way to get a comb through it without breaking it off. We’ve used both this swirlberry scent and the apple scent. Both are nice, but this is the one both she and I prefer.I use this on my own hair, as well. My hair is thick and very curly and generally a huge mess in the mornings. This detangler makes it a lot easier to get a comb through it. It’s way cheaper than the adult products that are out there, and I prefer the scent. I like to use it when I wear my hair down–it gives my hair some control without any heaviness.

Wendi Garfield, NJ

Great Detangler, and great price!

My daughter loves it, and so do I. It helps to detangle her hair and makes her life easier, which in turn makes mine easier!

Michele Lakewood, PA

Something that works!

I love this stuff. My hair has not been this soft and manageable in a long time. I also like how it makes my hair smell nice and not dry. Thumbs up from my family.

Ellen Saybrook, IL

but I love the smell and it does in fact detangle

Just ok…but I love the smell and it does in fact detangle. I prefer Pantene’s detangler but for the value this is OK>

Tracie Heppner, OR

Doesn’t Leave Behind a Residue

I hesitate to try new detanglers because some of them leave residue behind, gumming up the hair. We’ve had success withSuave For Kids Awesome Apple Detangler Spray Conditioner 10.5Ounces., so I decided to try Soft and Smooth Detangler. It has a strong strawberry scent, which my daughter likes better than apple. It does help get some of the tangles out. I also use it on my son to tame his hair when he wakes up in the morning. He doesn’t mind the scent. The best thing is this doesn’t leave behind residue. I can spray it every day and not have to wash her hair but once a week. It’s great!

Coleen Lane, OK

Not As Good as the Stuff in the Green Bottle

I can’t believe it but this Swirlberry (purple bottle) detangler doesn’t seem to work as well as the stuff in the green bottle (apple scented).I always assumed the two products were identical, except for the scent and the bottle. But they aren’t. I’ve used both on my children’s hair, and my own hair, and the purple is a lot less successful in taming snarls.On the plus side, it smells nice and it doesn’t weigh down fine hair. But I can’t justify giving it more than 3-Stars because, at best, it’s barely gets the job done.Won’t buy it again. Instead it’s back to either Magic 10 and/or Suave’s apple scented detangler.Pam T~mom/official family hair washer

Dixie Appleton, NY

Good 2nd Day Hair Refresher

I have curly/wavy hair with a mind of it’s own. I swear I can never make my hair do anything, I’ve learned to just go with the flow. My main problem was skipping washes because my hair looks kinda crazy when I wake up. But because my hair can get dry, I like letting my hair go 2-4 days without washing so the natural oils can do their job. Before I purchased this I was using a spray bottle with water and a bit of leave in conditioner or regular conditioner to refresh my hair. Problem with that is you get residue left over and it weighs down your hair, especially if it’s fine. With this I noticed no residue and it smells pretty nice. One thing I noticed was my hair had a strange texture/feel untill it dried then it was extremely soft. It didnt smooth my frizzies, but I use a coconut oil balm to set my hair which does the trick(the strawberry and coconut smelled suprisingly wonderful together). I tried using this to detangle and comb through my curls but I wont be doing that again,at least not with this spray, so if your looking for a detangler spray this is not for you. But, if you need a sweet smelling refresher that leaves your hair soft this is a great choice and a better buy at about $2 at Target.

Darlene Wellsburg, IA