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Suave Kids 3 In 1 Shampoo Conditioner and Body Wash, Pineapple, 22.5 Ounce

Suave Kids 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash, Pineapple For head-to-toe fun, try Suave Kids 3 in 1 Shampoo-Conditioner-Body Wash. The formula cleans and detangles hair and leaves skin soft and smooth. View larger Hypoallergenic, Tear-Free, Gently Cleans & Conditions Hair & Skin Suave Kids 3 in 1 gently combines shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It cleans and detangles hair, leaves skin soft and smooth, and is clean rinsing. Suave Kids Makes Bath Time Fun It’s fun to use: For head, apply a gumball-sized amount to wet hair and lather into a wig of bubbles. To toe, squeeze another gumball-sized amount onto a bath pouf or washcloth. Work into a creamy lather. Rinse from head to toe. For tough knots, follow with Suave Kids Detangling Spray. Join Suave in Our Commitment to Water Conservation Did you know that your family can help conserve water by turning off the water when you shampoo and condition? What’s in the Box Suave Kids Pineapple 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash, 22.5 Ounces. Suave Kids 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash is available in the following scents: Apple Raspberry Watermelon Pineapple Lavender

Key features

  • Tear free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested

Honest reviews


Shampoo Okay, Conditioner and Body Wash Not

This "3 in 1" shampoo, conditioner and body wash has the consistency, feel and look of regular shampoo. The scent is labeled as "pineapple"; it is a fruity scent, citrusy and sweet, and somewhat like pineapple.For use as shampoo, it worked well leaving squeaky clean hair. It did not appear to condition, however, and left hair with tangles and not soft like most conditioner.For use as a body wash, it was most disappointing. It did not make a thick lather like soap, but instead just a few suds in the hands. When washed away, it left a a sticky residue that actually required soap and water to remove.For use only as shampoo, to be followed by conditioner, this product works fine. However, it does not work as advertised. I would advise to spend the extra money on three separate products instead of using this one.

Rochelle West Greenwich, RI

Smells great & suds away….

Really this is a great kids shampoo and I liked it too. Smelled great, lathered nicely and didn’t make the hair feel stripped or dry. I like the concept of a multi purpose product like this with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all-in-one. My niece happened to use it while she was visiting and loved how her hair smelled and "lots of bubbles" as she put it (she’s 10 yr. old). Suave makes a good shampoo that’s easy on the pocket money wise. 5 stars.

John Cerro Gordo, NC

Not quite conditioning enough

This is a great product, but with thick hair that needs quite a bit of conditioner, this isn’t a product I could use on my own. Flashback to my child self, and it would’ve been the same as well. Maybe worse, since my hair seemed to tangle even worse then than it does now (probably related to only brushing it once a day as a kiddo, ha). But that aside, I love the smell of this product, and especially for younger ones, it’s a quick to do it all thing to help speed up bath time.I’m also going to admit part of why I tried this product was because I’ve read that baby shampoo is good to get the red tear stuff off the white fur around a dog’s eyes. Since this is tearless as well, I figured I’d give it a shot for that. It didn’t really work for that purpose, though it did make his head smell nice, and will be something I use for spot cleaning whenever he gets stuff on his face (downside of long, floppy ears – when they drag in stuff, then flop on his face.) So for those of you looking for an extra use of this, there you go.

Myrna Loretto, PA

Works great

My daughter has really long hair and combing out can become a tearful event. But, this shampoo/conditioner slicked things up enough that it isn’t a chore to comb through those long locks. I have to admit that I have grown to like it personally, too. I have used it just as much as her. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because it has sodium laurel sulfate, which is controversial in it’s use and I do not typically use products with this ingredient on my children.

Doretha Talmage, CA

May not be tear-free

I have 7 grandchildren. Some come to visit from out of town and some take a bath here before heading back home to bed. I like to have bath products here, so their parents don’t have to remember everything. When I saw this 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, I thought it would cut down on the number of containers to keep up with. The main thing I looked for when it arrived was whether it would irritate eyes. There were the words I was looking for: CAUTION: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES. IF PRODUCT GETS INTO EYES, RINSE THOROUGHLY WITH WATER. (I am not shouting. I used all caps because they did on the label) The one thing I do not understand is that, in addition to this warning on the back of the bottle, on the front it says, HYPOALLERGENIC and has a drop next to it that says Tear Free. I’m not going to try to deliberately see if this irritates eyes, but I will update my review if I get evidence one way or the other.One thing I do know is that the fragrance is really nice. It says it is pineapple, and it is. It is not an overwhelmingly strong fragrance, but more subtle and very clean smelling. Wasn’t sure how pineapple would be as a fragrance, but I do like it.

Lily Wauneta, NE

Suave kids 3 in 1

Very light scent, which I love. Nice big plastic bottle easy to squeeze. Lathers just enough, not overly soapy. We use it in the tub so didn’t notice any problem using as body wash as well as shampoo. Love the no tears formula even for my 7 yr old. We will continue to use this, can’t go wrong, especially for the price.

Tonia Hartland, MN

Smells nice. My 6-year old son likes it.

If you are looking for an "organic" or "natural" wash for your child, this is not it. The ingredients are what you’d normally see in the body washes/shampoos, and they are listed in the Important Information section on the product page.The gel lathers like most gels (not too much suds) and smells ‘fruity". The design of the bottle makes it comfortable to hold the bottle and to dispense the product. My son wanted to try this after seeing the bottle, and he liked the smell.

Mai Lower Waterford, VT

Great for straight hair, not always curly

I have used Suave kids hair products for several years with my three kids. For my son, with short and very straight hair, they work great. The smell is wonderful and there is no feeling of build up that often comes with a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 products. He also loves that one bottle works for his entire shower. For my girls, who have very curly hair, this product isn’t always sufficient alone. It cleans their hair very well. However, with such thick and curly hair, the conditioner isn’t always enough. I usually have to use a dedicated conditioner or extra de-tangler, especially if they have been swimming. The product works well as a body wash, too. But overall, I still really like the product and the tear free formula that really works.

Edith Bellamy, VA

Suave Kids 3 in 1

I like Suave products. They are consistently good quality and fair priced. The pineapple shampoo conditioner and body wash is another great product. It smells nice and it gets the kid clean. What more do you need?

Johnnie Hampton, VA

Smells Wonderful!

We’ve been using the Suave 3-n-1 for awhile now on all 3 of my boys(5,2,1). This was a new scent we hadn’t tried yet, though.Pros–Smells wonderful!-Inexpensive-Tear free-My boys love the bright colors/pictures on the bottle.Cons-None for us!I’ve been well pleased with the Suave kid’s products, and that’s all we buy for ours now.

Joan Spencer, IA

Convenience to the max

This makes baths so much easier, and is also easier for kids to not have to worry about two different bottles, often with different scents and different amounts remaining. It saves space in the shower, and this size lasts a long time. We’ve used Suave for all our kids for years, so we’ve been through about every scent, color, etc. It’s basically a clear gel and the scent is lighter than most of the other Suave shampoos and bodywashes.

Cassie Williamsburg, KS

Just “OK”

This 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash makes a mediocre shampoo, a mediocre body wash and a "barely there" conditioner. The smell was not nearly as fruity as I had expected reading some of the other reviews. I did not think it smelled sweet at all. It reminded me more of a cheap hotel room all in one liquid soap. It kind of worked like that too. My body felt clean after using it for being such a gentle children’s wash, but my hair was left feeling a bit scuzy and unclean. Also, it was extremely tangled after showering and I had to use extra hair product to tame it while blow drying. I have thicker curly hair so maybe for the ultra fine hair this product would work better. Overall, it is an ok product, but for the price I don’t think it is entirely worth it.

Kathleen Hillsboro, AL

Good value

I like that this bottle contains 22.5 ounces and the pineapple scent is nice. The instructions say to first use a gumball-sized dollop on the child’s head and then another one to the toe. One has to lather at the head and then work down since it’s a body wash too. It doesn’t lather up as well as straight shampoos.

Shana Lake View, SC

Lather-challenged on the shampoo side; works well as a body wash; odd scent

As a body wash this worked pretty well. It has decent cleaning ability, didn’t irritate anyone’s skin and did not dry out skin (especially important this time of year). The main complaint I have with regard to using this as a body wash is the scent. Personally I found it rather odd but not unpleasant. I could not detect any appreciable pineapple scent, but didn’t think it smelled bad. Everyone else, however, didn’t care for it at all. The consensus was that it “smelled weird.”The shampoo did not perform well. It was hard to lather, hard to rinse cleanly out, and didn’t seem to be very effective as a cleaner. Given the shampoo’s lack of performance, 3 stars seems to be the best rating since it does work fine (albeit smell odd) as a body wash.

Kathrine Scott, AR

No Complaints Other Than the Price

I have three little ones to bathe so ease of use is extremely important. I line them up, start at the top of their head, work down, and dunk. While I can do that with any shampoo, this one works better because:1. it’s hypoallergenic for the the blond one with sensitive skin2. it’s tear-free so they fuss less3. it has a bit of conditioner in it so one of the three doesn’t require additional conditioning.The smell is fine but not my favorite. Some experts would argue that scent-free would be safer but where’s the fun in that?I think it’s seriously overpriced at the current $13.99, given that adult versions of the same size sell for $2.29 at

Chrystal O Brien, OR

Not as good as expected. The scent is too light and I can’t feel any conditioner in it.

This 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash comes in a large 22.5 ounce flip top bottle. It’s a somewhat thin formula that is as clear as water. It has a Pineapple scent that is very light in my opinion. I love Pineapple and I like this scent but I wish it was much stronger. Usually kid’s shampoo and body wash has a stronger scent than this one does. I was super excited to try this out since I like Pineapple so much and the light scent was just a little disappointing.As a shampoo it cleans my hair but as a conditioner it seems to fail. I usually prefer 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner because it’s quick and easy and works just about as well as separate shampoo and conditioner. This one is the exception to me because I don’t feel any conditioning benefits at all. It feels like plain shampoo to me. I think it works good as a body wash though. It’s nice for kids to be able to use one product for shampoo, conditioner and body wash but they need to improve the conditioning aspects of it before I would get it again.

Gay Van, TX

Smells Like Summer

I love the scent of the Suave Kids pineapple, it smells like a fruity, summer drink. The kids smell so good after using it.The Suave Kids 3in1 products are good to keep in the shower because it’s everything they need in one bottle. One product cuts down on the amount of things that I have to keep in the shower and is less hassle for the kids.This comes in a big 22.5-oz bottle and I think that’s a better deal than the smaller bottles. You’re getting twice as much product for about the same price.

Kelsey Wheeling, WV

Saves Time and Space

I originally got this for bathing our dog, but decided to try it out myself.It smells great and does a decent job as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash.Instead of 3 bottles on the shower shelf, I’m able to reduce the clutter.Easy to transfer to small containers for travel too.I liked it so much that I picked up a bottle in raspberry too.

Robin Marty, SD

Tear Free after 60 uses; a shampoo and a body wash – no brainer

Rinses clean and fairly easy to comb. For my 2 with long hair I follow with Suave Kids Detangling Spray. Because the kids get baths/showers every day they don’t need to shampoo and condition seperately, a 3 in 1 works fine for them. The little ones (ages 3, 4, 6, 9) like all the different scents Wacky Melon, Raspberry, Lavender, Apple.

Daisy Brockton, MA

So great

I love the three in ones for my nine year old daughter. She is able to wash her body and her self without having to change products. I like how it smells and it is perfect for kids.

Heather East Amherst, NY

Great product

I have used this product on both my son and daughter. I like the fact that it does hair and body as trying to remind my son which bottle to use for were is a battle I don’t want to both with. It is also great when I am dealing with kids splashing and playing to just reach out and grab the bottle without worry about where it is for. Being a no tear product is great as then it can be splashed in water and as the water gets in the eyes it doesn’t matter. Overall this is a great product and I would get it again. I also like the sent it is a nice tangy scent and is neither girly or boy scent. Far to often I am tired of having my son bathed in berry fusion or something.

Inez North Smithfield, RI

We Love!

Suave Kids 3 in 1 is our absolute favorite shampoo/conditioner/bodywash. It is tear free, and the texture is silky smooth and thick, but not so heavy that it leaves a film in the kids hair. Personally, my kids hate getting their hair washed, so I really appreciate the fact that the shampoo and conditioner is combined. I also love the fact that it allows my six-year-old to simply use the same item she uses in her hair on her body. This particular scent is sweet but not overbearing.

Beulah Guthrie, KY


My daughter and I both used it, and we like it for a few reasons. The most important reason is that we both have different skin allergies, and this product is gentle. We have had no redness, or irritations noted. The plastic container fits into any small area, and this product is also Tear Free.We used it several times to put it to the test, and have no complaints. The pineapple scent has a pleasant, sweet fragrance, and the more you use it, the more you like it.The 3 in 1 is an added bonus, and it contains 22.5 fluid ounces, which will last quite a while. Due to the fact that my daughter finds it extremely useful, we will be ordering this in the near future. Highly recommended!

Nita Gowrie, IA

it was important not to have three different bottles to store and keep track of.

Suave Kids 3 In 1 Shampoo Conditioner and Body Wash, Pineapple, 22.5 OunceI got this to keep for when my grandchildren visit me.It seems to work just fine. I suppose if you wanted to buy each type of product individually you might do better.To me, it was important not to have three different bottles to store and keep track of.I like the product.Gunner February, 2014

Petra Nahant, MA

Love it

I cannot believe I am giving a Suave product five stars but here it is. This stuff is awesome.This smells great. It lathers up nicely. It cleaned my grubby kid really well. But the shock was that it really conditioned. He has wiry curly hair and this managed it beautifully. The great smell and nice bubbles encouraged him to really soap up (which he is notorious for not doing).His hair stayed nice and was easier to brush than usual. It looked neater too.A neat kid that smells good- it’s a five star miracle.

Sarah Prairie Farm, WI

All in one great – needs stronger scent

If you are sensitive to strong smells this is the kids all in one for you! Lathers well in hair and body, rinses fast and clean. I would have liked the product to have a more intense pineapple scent since its for kids as it is barely there.

Louella Eola, IL

Love the smell

This stuff smells so good. My kids love it. They also love that it is all three in one. Makes shower time super simple for them.

Eileen Alford, FL

Smells great!

I LOVE the smell of this shampoo! I got it to try on my daughters’ hair, but have actually used it on mine a few times. It works very well. Now to find the detangler and we’ll be all set…

Luann Ohio City, OH

Love It

My daughter and I both use this. It smells great! I love that it’s so versatile, although I still wouldn’t use it as my only conditioner– it’s more like a moisture-rich shampoo, and my kiddo and I still both need to use a separate conditioner on the length of our hair. (It would probably be fine for shorter hair, or hair not prone to tangles and frizziness.)Great value, nice size, and a product we both love.

Clarissa Braddyville, IA

love it

This is a great 3 in 1 product. I am so happy they have made a 3 in 1 product, so easy to use, one thing for everything. If you have a child with long hair that snarly, I would recommend still using conditioner. This product works great for my son, one step and done. makes for quick baths. the smell is nice as well.

Autumn Ogdensburg, NJ