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Suave Essentials Body Wash, Ocean Breeze 12 oz

view larger Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze Body Wash is infused with mineral-rich sea algae extracts and skin-conditioning Vitamin E, showering you with an invigorating scent, leaving skin feeling fresh, hydrated and delightfully fragrant. Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze Body Wash Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze Body Wash showers you with the clean, fresh scent of mineral-rich sea algae extracts, along with skin-conditioning Vitamin E, leaving your skin feeling fresh and delightfully fragrant. Key Features: Infused with mineral-rich sea algae extract Showers you with an invigorating scent, leaving skin feeling fresh, hydrated and delightfully fragrant Suave Naturals Body Washes Suave Naturals body washes come in a variety of fun, fresh scents and are infused with ingredients that leave skin feeling fresh, hydrated and delightfully fragrant. Suave products offer great quality beauty solutions for the entire family to help you look good, smell good and feel good every day. What’s in the Box Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze Body Wash, 12 Ounces. At a Glance Invigorating scent of mineral-rich sea algae extracts Skin-conditioning Vitamin E Leaves skin feeling fresh, hydrated and delightfully fragrant More from Suave Naturals

Key features

  • Suave body wash offers the quality you deserve, the fragrance you crave
  • Fresh scent of sandalwood with a splash of freesia that burst in the shower
  • A bath and body wash that leaves your skin soft, smooth, and delightfully fragrant
  • Rich, creamy lather that rinses off easily leaving skin feeling fresh and clean
  • We promise you’ll love it, or we’ll replace or refund your purchase
  • Leaves your body clean and refreshed
  • Enriched Formula
  • Infused with mineral rich sea algae extract

Honest reviews


Will not buy again

I bought this because it was reduced. It was an even lower price in the grocery store. My son questioned the smell. This is like no ocean smell I ever smelled. Now I am stuck with 4 of them.

Justine Maddock, ND

Highly recommended

Gels are great when used with sponges and washcloths. You can easily get the gel into all the nooks and crannies of your scrubbie or sponge and then ensure it lathers well so you get both the cleaning power and the gentle exfoliation. In general this is much easier to do with a gel than with a hard soap.I’m very pleased with the Suave Naturals gel. It is almost like a jello-consistency which means when you turn the container upside down it ALL comes out! One of my key gripes with many soaps and gels that come in containers is you always waste the remnants of it. There is always residue inside which you can’t get out and have to throw away (or try to get water into the container to rinse it out that way). With the Suave, there’s no issue at all. Turn the container upside down, it all comes out VERY easily and you use every little last drop of it. Brilliant.I really enjoy the aroma of this as well. It is fragrant but not overpowering or sickly. I enjoy the blend of the sweet pea plus the hint of violet. I’m sure there are different people who would like more of X or more of Y, but that always comes down to personal preferences. For me the balance is just right.Highly recommended!

Florence Portage, ME

A Pleasant Surprise

I’ve used many Suave products and I always tend to think of them as generic. Almost every product I’ve used has surprised me and has left my wallet in a healthy state.The Sweet Pea and violet body wash is affordable, definitely. It also has a wonderful but not overpowering Sweet Pea scent apparently borrowed from Bath and Body Works. While I’ve always like BBWs Sweet Pea scent, all their products have been far too overpowering, which this body wash isn’t luckily. However, if you want to smell more Violet, this product probably isn’t for you as I can’t even smell it at all.This pretty pink body wash foams easily to wash your skin. I’ve found it feels nice and definitely leaves my skin soft and moisturized. My skin’s softer than it has been with some pricier products; even my husband has taken notice.I also have some troubles with body acne which seem to not be an issue with this product, which is a definite plus.I’m not sure why I forget that Suave makes wonderful products for a great price, but it’s always a pleasant surprise to be reminded of that fact as I was with this product that I highly recommend.

Leola Wadena, IA

Slip slidin’ away

Suave is value for the money. It’s not watered down like some other inexpensive brands. Thick and rich, smooth and silky. I just love how my hand just glides over my skin in the shower, like I had just buttered myself all up! It’s the same sensation as showering in very soft water — only I live in an area with nothing but hard water. I feel clean and moisturized when I’m done. I’ve always been a fan of Suave products and this one just reaffirms my loyalty.

Daphne Wolverton, MN

Would buy this again

This body wash has a nice scent and you don’t need very much for a good lather. A good value and lasts a long time.

Araceli Wiley, CO