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Suave Essentials Body Wash, Ocean Breeze 12 oz

Ocean breeze refreshing body wash infused with mineral rich sea algae extract and skin conditioning vitamin e, suave naturals ocean breeze invigorates the senses leaving behind a subtle breezy scent.

Key features

  • Infused with mineral rich sea algae extract and skin conditioning vitamin e
  • Invigorates the senses leaving behind a subtle breezy scent
  • Also try the nourishing and delightfully fragrant suave naturals body moisturizers

Honest reviews


It’s Okay

I agree with the critical reviewer that this soap leaves your skin dry and itchy. Certain parts of my skin became that way, but then again there are a lot of chemicals in this product. Algae extract is the only natural thing in it. The “ocean breeze” scent is mild and not obnoxious. It works rather decently even as a shampoo. But I wasn’t wowed by this product largely because my skin was dry and itchy here and there because of its use. I did discover that adding baking soda to the body wash erased the dryness and the itchiness, so I enjoyed the remainder of the bottle but only while using baking soda with it.

Alyson Sweeden, KY

The anti-AXE: a less-expensive, more-pleasant body wash solution

We have two boys (ages 11 and 10) who come home from swim practice at the YMCA, smelling like pool water. We experimented with the ever-expanding product line of cleansers, everything from the Axe line of exhilarating (read: cloying) body gels toSuave Naturals Ocean Breeze body wash.Suave’s “mineral rich sea algae extract and skin conditioning vitamin e” wasn’t the strongest selling point. My wife noted the “subtle breezy scent.” Axe body wash appeals to young boys and men but the blast/buzz/temptation marketing and the bowl-you-over power of their body wash scents are best in moderation.The need for subtly brings us to a less-expensive, more-pleasant body wash solution with Suave, which is currently on sale at Amazon for $2 or less per bottle. That is less than half the price of a comparably-sized bottle of Axe body wash.Will our sons forego Axe forever? Not likely. But we can temper the freight train of fragrance so long as they live under our roof. I recommend Suave for value and for its “subtle breezy scent.”Rating: Five stars

Shari Fairfield, PA

Inexpensive quality product

The 6-ounce pack couldn’t be more convenient. To my relief, the bottles arrived without leaking. The scents are nice. The consistency is nice and thick and easy to hold in your hand. And you can’t beat Subscribe and Save for the convenience.

Tonya Pledger, TX

Smells great.

Great smell, a little beach and a little cologne of a scent. Gender neutral, so it’s great for girls or guys. It’s not moisturizing, but lathers decently and cleans well. I buy this stuff all the time.

Cindy Colwell, IA

love it

we’ve always used Suave Body Wash- it does the job, smells good & it is a good value price for body wash

Adela Marenisco, MI

Surprisingly THE BEST!!

For some reason I’ve never tried this brand of body wash & just so happen to be a bit broke at the moment, so I got a few bottles at freddys for under $2 each.First off, this Ocean Breeze smells really nice & clean. This body wash doesn’t have a lot of oils like some of the others & that makes a BIG difference. Very nice lather,rinses well,left my skin feeling & smelling GOOD.

Kathryn Westminster, SC


Smells …like the Beach and feels nice and smooth and bubbly. Works good in my wall mounted soap holder in the shower.

Angelica Big Stone City, SD