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Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, 0.50 Ounces

Discover the secret to perfect skin texture. Introducing studio secrets professional magic perfecting base for instant smoothing results get the perfect skin texture, instantly and all day. The silky, lightweight formula glides onto skin and minimizes wrinkles.

Key features

  • Instant smoothing results that perfect skin texture, instantly and all day with a unified matte finish that’s flawless
  • The silky, lightweight formula glides onto skin and minimizes the look of pores and fine lines
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Dermatologist tested; non-comedogenic

Honest reviews


Works great & readily available at drugstores & cosmetic discounters

I bought two today on a bogo 1/2 price sale at Ulta. I’ve also seen it for sale at Rite Aid & CVS.

Amanda Belknap, IL

Odd consistency, balls up

I’ve been searching for a good primer for years as I don’t want concealer to get into my fine lines and I also want it to stay put for the day. I bought this and find the pot annoying (I don’t want to dip my fingers in it, I also don’t want to buy a brush just for primer). Second, it is so slippery that I couldn’t get the makeup to stick to it very well. I think if you’ve never used a primer, you’ll think this is great. If you’re used to primers, this isn’t very good. It balls up as well. If you’re looking for a very good, cheap primer I suggest Rimmel’s for about 6 bucks. For the higher end, try Scindinavia.

Lindsay Manitou Beach, MI

Great for around the eyes if used with a light touch

I was surprised that a drug store brand worked this well. I use it just under the eye area and it’s like ‘spackle’ it just smooths over any fine lines and they are almost invisible after application. There are light reflectors in it and it’s well done for a budget item.I would use a light touch because it is thick, but for mature skin it is the next best thing to botox.Thanks for reading and let me know if this information was helpful by checking that box here.

Michael Bolivar, NY

It’s Okay

I don’t know why L’Oreal likes to give their products such long names but Studio Secrets Magical blah blah blah is a mouthful. So I’m just gonna say primer, because that’s what it is. As far as good primers go, this one is on the low end of the price spectrum. I got mine with a coupon at Target, I think I paid like $13 and some change for it, compared to the $20 and $30 something I could spend on other primers from higher end cosmetic lines. It comes in a pot, as opposed to a tube or squirt bottle, which I’m not the biggest fan of. It gets under my nail when I dip my finger in. It has the same kind of texture as the other primers tho. Its powdery and velvety once its on the skin. It feels luxurious and soft. It did mattify my complexion, and it did seem to fill in lines. I decided to use L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle on top for my first run with it. This foundation is a lot like Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, but thicker. Also DMM is better IMHO. But anyway, it seemed to thin out the formula, allowing it to go on much lighter. I appreciated that later on I wouldn’t have a clown face, which was nice. It seemed to help the makeup go on evenly.I’ve used this with other foundations and this is okay when used with cream foundation, but does not seem to work well with a mineral powder foundation. It’s yucky and splotchy, and sloughs off in patches. Nasty.Overall I liked the primer, but there are better ones out there. I wish that it came in a tube instead of a pot, but that’s not a big deal. You get an incredibly small amount, the jar is big so you think you’re getting a good bit but the size of the reservoir where the primer lives is tiny. Marketing… sheesh… Unlike other primers where ‘just a dab’ll do ya’ you do have to use a lot to get it to cover your face and neck. Personally, I would rather splurge on a high end primer and get something I love than save money and get something I think is just okay.

Luella Waverly, PA

If I were a millionaire, I would put this on my whole body

I ordered this after watching a recommendation from AllThatGlitters21 on YouTube, and she is so right, this stuff is wonderful! I recently developed rosacea, and my formerly fair skin has changed so much I barely recognize myself in the mirror anymore. Then a recent high def photo, taken by a dentist, and shown to me on a plasma TV had me running for the hills. When did I get old?I used this in conjunction with the Loreal’ anti-redness primer. I used the anti-redness primer over my chin, cheeks and chin which are now very ruddy, and then came in with this product under my eyes, and around my crowsfeet, and along the top of the cheekbone.I love the way it feels, and then my foundation just went on flawlessly. I looked in the mirror all day to keep checking on it (something I do not normally do) and it wore so well, at the end of the day I still looked like my old self!I would put it everywhere if I could…getting old is not for sissies!

Alisa Shiocton, WI

That’s right. It’s magic

This wonderful product permits those of us with a…less than perfect complexion look a lot better. When you find a beauty product that consistently delivers on its promises, you come back to it. The convenience of being able to get it on Amazon makes it a win-win!!! Thank you!

Gay Ophir, CO

Good Stuff

L’Oreal Studio Secrets is the first makeup primer I’ve tried. It doesn’t hide all of my flaws (sigh, I have a LOT) but it enhances the appearance of my skin.I was pleasantly surprised with how it camouflages pore size.My skin is much softer and makeup goes on smoother.I use a “self adjusting” foundation. One that goes on white and adjusts to my skin tone. I didn’t know if the L’Oreal Base would interfere with that. It DOESN’T. My foundation still adjust perfectly.A little goes a long way. It’s very creamy and easy to spread.I even used it without foundation one day. Moisturizer and then L’Oreal Perfecting Base – very nice.I’d recommend it to anyone.

Beryl Pitsburg, OH

Worst primer!

This primer is probably the worst I’ve ever used and now understand why it’s a drugstore primer. It’s definitely not high end or even mediocre. The primer is cakey and a sticky mess. Does not apply evenly or smoothly. It does matte your skin in preparation for foundation but is not an overall good product. Would not recommend and will not purchase again. In fact, I threw it away after about 5 uses.

Cheryl Weed, NM

Does the job.

I bought this at Walmart when I was too lazy to drive to Ulta or Sephora for Prime Time. It’s about the same price per ounce, but it feels thicker and heavier and doesn’t make my makeup (bareMinerals) go on quite as smoothly. It did give the same staying power for me. I also didn’t like the awkwardness of the jar — it probably would’ve been better if they put this in a tube. I didn’t like getting it under my nails.I ended up hearing aboutMonistat SootTing Care CTafing Relief Powder-Gel, 1.5-Ounce Tubeas a makeup primer and ended up buying that when I was 3/4 of the way done with this base. It works better for me as a primer, and it’s cheaper per ounce. I ended up using the rest of the L’Oreal as a primer for my eyeshadow instead.

Jerri Midkiff, WV

Used?? Expired?

Okay, i usually dislike when i read negative reviews on here, thinking the people are too picky or obnoxious. BUT, when i received this primer today, it seemed like it was a decade old. The outside packaging was faded and the box seemed it was old. That’s fine, i dont care, as long as the product in question looks okay right? Well even the primer jar seemed like it wasn’t exactly really. As if either someone had replaced the product with something else in the jar. I haven’t tried the product yet, so i dont know what it’s like, but even the letters on the jar seem like they’re falling/rubbing off.I want to return this item, but they will charge me shipping and all that jig. Sigh. Was really looking forward to this thing. Bigger sigh.—-Edit:After actually USING this product, it does appear to be good. It definitely does smooth out skin and gives it a nice surface for makeup to be applied to. I guess the box just must’ve been old or abuse. But the product is okay. (: Yay.

Evelyn Sonora, CA

Do not buy from this seller

I love this cream and I had purchased my first one at Ulta. I just decided to order another one on Amazon when I ran out and the quality was totally different. it was frothy and did not feel the same on my face at all. Highly disappointed with my purchase on Amazon. Do recommend the cream, but not this seller.

Amie Trinway, OH

Very Good

I use this every day it really does the job, my daughter used it and wants some for her self. I will be buying more. Yes, I would recommend.

Ramona Randolph, IA

Did not do it for me

I did not like this product at all…… Too thick, does not apply smoothly and does not prime the skin… Do not recomend ,,,,,,

Isabella New Underwood, SD

Want the biggest zit of your life?

Wow, thick.. dry & crumbly.. has the same texture as wall putty… now I’ve got the biggest underground pimple & a few other breakouts after using this just a couple times… AVOID!

Adelaide Cecil, AL

Love this stuff!

This helps my makeup stay fresher looking longer. I can tell the difference when I ran out, etc. I really like that even by itself (without foundation), my skin looks better if I decide to go all natural.

Rosemary Welda, KS

Fantastic Product

I have oily/combination skin, and it’s taken me awhile to find products that won’t turn my face into an oil slick after an hour. This primer has been one that I come back to time and time again simply because it works. My face stays dewy, not oily, and I don’t need as much foundation with it. I use this daily and it really is top notch.

Francis Blair, WV

Love love love

This is the best base I have come across to date. It closes my pores, gives my skin a smooth matte finish, even hides blackheads! Will keep buying always!

Nanette Shallotte, NC

Best perfecting base

I’ve used expensive base products from department stores, but none for me is as good as L’Oreal. Normally I’d get this at a drugstore, but my local drugstore is notorious for having old, expired products on their shelves. So I ordered from Amazon, and it arrived fresh and I’m very pleased.

Katharine Hopedale, IL

Makes me breakout 🙁

I was using this stuff off & on until I realized that it was breaking me out. I actually do like it but HATE the fact that it breaks me out. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone who has sensitive skin! I gave it two stars because I like it but makes me break out. Grr:(

Martina Bayou Goula, LA

love it

Ive been trying different makeup primers and this is by far my favorite. It beats the expensive name brand hot shots out there. my makeup stays on a lot longer then it use to, it makes my skin feel SO smooth and it spreads easily, a lot goes a long way. this works perfect for the nights out. i will absolutely be buying this again

Delia Verona, KY

It does what it says

I have been using this product since it came out, and I love it. It hides your pours and makes your face look very smooth, it even softens wrinkles.

Susan Glenwood Springs, CO


So I personally love this primer it’s one of my favorites but I’m only giving this two stars because I received mine it was not only open but USED! There were even makeup fingerprints on the container! I obviously returned this item and demanded a refund.

Graciela Panther Burn, MS

Does the job. Great product for the price.

For the price it does its job. The consistency is a bit weird, you have to rub it in good. Very small jar though.

Patrica Pleasant View, TN

OK base

I love how silky and smooth my face feels when I apply this base. I don’t use it daily, prefer to go easy on my skin unless it’s a special occasion. I’ve bought this at the drug store before, Amazon had it at a great price though, would buy here again.

Nicole Rhodes, IA

Feels nice

I really don’t have any complaints. It feels nice going on and appears to immediately "perfect" the skin at least a little bit.

Liza Smithshire, IL

My Favorite Primer

I am 47 with combination skin; I am still prone to acne on my chin and nose. This primer does enough for me that I can use it alone, without foundation, and instantly feel better about my appearance. This is a thick primer with a pink tint. Both of these things are exactly what I need to counteract my lines, dark circles, acne scars, and larger pores. On my best skin days, this makes my skin look luminous and young. On my worst skin days, this still makes my eyes look “awake” right away.That being said, this is not something that has all day staying power. For me, on average, this has a four hour effect when I use it solo. With foundation, I feel like I can get six hours out of it.As far as acne, most new primers will give me a mild breakout–redness and small bumps–for seven to ten days. This product was no exception.In the winter, when the climate is drier, I use a moisturizer first. In the summer, I put it on bare skin. I get the best effect from this product in the spring and fall when my skin isn’t trying to deal with dryness or oiliness. Still, this is my favorite primer. In the past, I’ve tried Smashbox, Sonya Dakar, Oil of Olay, Almay, Aveeno, and Andalou Naturals. Bottom line, my skin ALWAYS looks at least a bit better when I use it.

Valeria Whiting, IN

Didn’t work for me

I ordered this because of the great reviews but I tried it 3 times just to be sure that I see absolutely no difference when using this product.

Autumn Wilson Creek, WA

Its alright……………..

I was really excited to get this primer. I don’t always use one when wearing my make-up, but I find that when I do, my make-up stays on longer, specially if I’ve got it on all day till the night. But for some reason, this primer kinda made it hard to "do my eyebrows" Maybe I used too much, but I doubt it b/c I’m good with doing my make-up. I think I was used to using my old primer that I may have used too much, which is why it made it hard to finish/fill in my brows. Although it does feel very smooth, I just think it’s a lil too heavy. I’ll try it again next time, I’ll use less & see if that helps, but I’m not super excited about this product. I saw this on a video online about make-up tricks & techniques, just wanted to learn a couple new things & it got rave reviews, so I thought I’d try it. But like I said, I’ll try it again, but it’s just not what I was totally looking for.

Sandy Kantner, PA

doesnt work

i regret buying this product it didnt seem to work at all with me i tried it several times but nothing

Mercedes Floyd, VA

Works on my skin

I have very sensitive, oily, african-american skin. I love this product. It allows makeup (liquid, MAC) to go on smoothly. It doesn’t migrate and cause creases. This is only the 2nd base I have ever used but I like the way it works.

Loraine Green Bay, WI