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Studio Eyebrow Kit- Light

Create brows that are fuller, thicker, and more defined. The pigmented wax defines and shapes brows and the color complementing setting powder keeps them looking arched and perfected. The doubled sided taklon brush has one side to help arch your brows while the other side aids in filling them in. This duo provides lasting color definition for a naturally beautiful look.

Key features

  • Defines and shapes brows
  • The color complementing setting powder keeps them looking arched and perfected
  • Doubled sided taklon brush

Honest reviews


Beats my usual high-end favorite! (UPDATE)

I have been a user of Smashbox’s eyebrow wax/powder product for well over a year now. This is after trying what seems like every brand of eyebrow pencil/powder/gel on the market, and they all sucked. I was happy with Smashbox and vowed never to stray.Then someone gave me an ELF Eyebrow kit they did not want. I was VERY skeptical because let’s face it, E.L.F. is pretty inexpensive and that means lesser quality, right? NO. NO way. Not in the case of this eyebrow product! I have tried brands from Cover Girl to Anastasia and E.L.F. is my holy grail eyebrow product right now!One side is a colored gel, and the other is a colored setting powder. The included tools will get you a barely passable job, so you might want to use it with better brushes. ( I found an angled brush at Ulta that works great) Unlike Smashbox I cannot feel the ELF product on my brows, and that occasional itchiness I got on my brows is gone. (Ooops, Smashbox!) It also stays put all day!LOVE this product! I won’t go back to Smashbox for eyebrow color unless ELF stops making this!UPDATE: I’m in the process of going blonde, and it’s hard to find anything for my brows that is a good tone. I’ve found the Laura Gellar brow pens to be great, but pricey. I’m currently using the LG pens, and a NYX automatic eyebrow pencil in charcoal gray. ELF’s brunette eyebrow powder was not the right tone for me any more, with the lighter hair it enhanced redness in my skin.

Stacie Pleasant Hill, OR

A bit underwhelmed…

I’ve read a lot of rave reviews, and shannxo, one of my favorite youtubers, always uses this eyebrow kit, and her brows look amazing! Brows are pretty much my favorite part of my routine, because I really think they totally change the way your face looks! I’m always tweaking them slightly trying to find the perfect method, hence why I tried this.This product isn’t awful by any means, but it’s not as amazing as I hoped. The blonde color itself is great; I usually have a problem with blonde shades being too yellow or ruddy, but this is a great taupey/ash blonde.I really like the gel, and will probably use it; however, I have a NYX wax pencil I like just is much. What really broke this product for me is the powder; its SO chalky and flaky, and I really have to dig with the brush to get out enough for the color to show up. It seems silly to buy this product just for the gel side, so I will probably use this up, then go back to my Anastasia powder duo + NYX wax pencil.

Sonja New Buffalo, PA

works great

At least on me, I like the color (I am somewhat blond girl), and like the fact that I need to use powdery stuff to make it look natural overall.

Sallie Logandale, NV

This Product is My New Fav!

I have seen this product used in many YouTube videos so I thought I would give it a try. Before trying this product I was using a brow pencil by Mary Kay in Classic Blonde. I am very happy I switched because this product lasts all day and the color is perfect for me. I am fair skinned and have dirty blonde hair with very light eyebrows, so finding a shade that matched my color was not easy. However, the color Ash works perfectly for me. I love that it has gel and the powder sets the gel. The only thing I don’t absolutely love is the brush that it comes with. For on-the-go it’s ok but at home I use my own angle brush from the Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set I purchased recently (Coastal Scents Piece Brush Set

Linda Medora, IN

Ash = RED??

This says ash, but goes on the brow totally red! Had to throw this away. Also, throw away the brush that comes with it, or you will end up with tons of hairs in the product, which are impossible to get out. Just use any angled liner brush instead (that doesn’t shed!)If you can get a color match, great. But I was super disappointed.

Jacklyn Truckee, CA

Its alright

I ordered the light but the color makes my eyebrows look dark dark brown even with the lightening gel, which doesn’t look right with my blond hair. Its not so bad if I try and smudge it out or wipe some off. Its just a lot more work than i was hoping for especially since it was supposed to be simple and easy to use. Which it is easy to use. The angled brush is for the dark color and the regular brush is for the highlighter.

Natasha Derby, IN

Awesome Duo

I recently dyed my hair from light brown to black. I started using this product not only to darken the color of my eyebrows but to fill in missing hair from over plucking. I am amazed at how well this product works and how cheap it was! I would recommend this to anyone with medium brown to black hair because the color is so dark. I use this product everyday and i’m never disappointed.

Michaela Garland, UT

Very nice!

I am satisfied with the natural shape of my eyebrows, but they seem to be getting a bit lighter in color. The Studio Eyebrow Kit by e.l.f. gives my brows good definition and color. The brush is perfect for the job, and gives a good control as you work, so you don’t come out looking like Grouco Marx!I am so glad that I purchased this, and recommend it to anyone to give your brows a little something extra!

James Lott, TX


This product gives you the most natural, yet defined eyebrows, which seems like a contradiction in terms, but really isn’t with this product. It makes your eyebrows look refined, but not clownish, basically making it look like you were born with perfect eyebrows. The wax helps to keep the eyebrows in place and gives them a color base. Topping the wax with the much lighter powder I was skeptical at first, but it actually makes everything look much softer and natural. I would repurchase this over and over, but there’s so much product, I am still working on my first pan. Btw, the product is cheaper on the elf website.

Margarita Matfield Green, KS

doesn’t show up on my skin at all

This product has very low pigmentation. I wouldn’t recommend it. The wet n wild brow kit is a lot more pigmented than this.

Traci Loring, MT


I don’t know what it takes to find a good eyebrow shadow, but I’ve never found one that’s a good match for me. It’s better to go without and go natural, then have the wrong colour on. I had high hopes on this one because of some of the stellar reviews, but this was a waste of money for me. The colours, for some reason, did not match my blonde fair-skinned complexion. The cream side is the more useful of the two, but it looks odd. I think the hue should be more cool, and less warm. The powder side does absolutely nothing. It doesn’t add colour, but is supposed to set the cream, but for me there’s no point setting something that is wrong to begin with. Plus, the brush provided is terrible. Use your own. I only paid a few dollars, but it was more wasted money on something I’ll never use.

Alta Garryowen, MT


I’m more of a pencil kinda girl, but this does help fill in anything that the pencil for some reason can’t. or even going over the pencil when its not the right color. nothing matches my eyebrows so I kinda gotta mix colors. this does a good job.

Frankie Stratford, WI

Elf Eyebrow Kit

I was extremely impressed with this kit when it arrived. I ordered the kit in Light, and I have naturally dirty blonde hair. This kit for me is just as good as the more expensive brands and pencils you may purchase at Sephora, at least in my opinion. I will say my eyebrows are not sparse, I let them grow out quite a bit before using this and it works great for outlining your eyebrows and filling them in to look fuller. From what I’ve noticed, it doesn’t seem to fade unless you’re in the pool where of course it will start to rub off.If you have sparse eyebrows and are trying to draw a good amount to make them fuller, I would not recommend. When I last tried this I noticed it won’t stay as well where there is no eyebrow and it ends up just not looking natural.

Denise Gardendale, AL

Good quality

I have purchased a few of these so far and every time I receive a good quality product. The dark brown filler goes quicker then the powder, but together each side makes a great team and leaves me with amazing looking brows!

Liza Hotchkiss, CO


I have light / medium brown hair and this is the only product that isn’t too red for me. LOVVVVE IT!

Freda Belden, NE

Love it

Naturally, my eyebrows aren’t really that bad. They’re not thin and they’re not too thick. However, I know that filled in eyebrows can really make a difference on the face so for years I have been trying to find the right product and color. Pencils just looked weird and unnatural on me so I decided to try this eyebrow kit/powder.At first, I used the gel. I HATED it because it was just way too dark and looked super unnatural. Before completely giving up I decided I would try ONLY the powder the next day. I used my elf angled brush (not the one in the kit, but the separate $3 one because it’s longer and makes it easier to apply imo) and just lightly dabbed it once in the powder and began to apply to my eyebrows. It made a huge difference and it made my face and eyebrows look amazing. Literally just one dab for each eyebrow was all I needed to completely fill in my brows.I don’t even bother using the gel. To make my brows stay in place I use a clear mascara by CoverGirl and it works perfectly!I’m very pleased with this product (and even more pleased with the price tag) and will definitely keep using it to complete my makeup look.For reference, I have very pale skin and light brown hair.

Rachelle Anamosa, IA

e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit, Dark, 0.07 Ounce

I will never use another eyebrow kit AGAIN. Besides the remarkably low price this kit is..its AMAZING!! The gel fills in brows to perfection and the powder tones down the shiny waxy look and make them look so natural which I LOVE. If you use a pencil or any other brow kit please give this a try, you won’t be disappointed.Thanks E.L.F. another product I can add to my favs from you all.

Pamala Williamsburg, KY

Didn’t go on well

While I do like Elf products, this is one I sure didn’t care for. The darker color didn’t apply very well and seemed to have a waxy texture to it. I am gonna try ti again to see if it was maybe just me, but right now I know I would never buy this again.

Jimmie Fagus, MO


I have tried numerous brow kits, mostly containing pencils and they were SO harsh for my fair skin. I may have fair skin, but I have dark, dark brows. It’s tough to find a product that pops my brows without draining out my face. This kit is perfect. The colors are great, no smell from the wax, powder isn’t too loose, darkens the brow NOT the skin around it. The tool isn’t the absolute /greatest/ but it’s totally usable. If I am home, I use my own brushes, if not, no biggie to me. It’s my go-to now. I never leave the house without it on my face or in my purse. I would recommend to anyone!BRAVO E.L.F! Cheap and great.

Louise Moultonborough, NH

best brow kit for non-pros

I’m not a make-up person. But as an aesthetician, I’m asked about make-up and brows (shaping, correcting, etc). So I researched a few products and found this to be, not only the easiest but most effective product in my search.The darker shade to fill in areas that are missing; lighter shade to even out. Couldn’t be simpler!

Lashonda Peosta, IA

Good eyebrow kit

Love this item. Quality is pretty good for the cost. I have fair skin, light brown hair and medium/dark brown brows and this kit is just slightly too dark if applied too heavily although it can be sheered down to match better (which is how i use it) Color payoff is excellent and I use it in conjunction with a brow pencil to get a more exact line! I would recommend this product.

Leanne Bailey, CO

great eyebrow kit. love the wax and powder, stays on and goes on good

I love eyebrow powder and wax, it helps it go on well, plus elf brand has nice packaging, great prices, didn’t take long to receive. Will order more of the products.

Margaret Jonesboro, IL

I heard so many good reviews about E.L.F.

Well, these colors are just like using crayons (IMHO). Doesn’t last, doesn’t stick, does nothing for me whatsoever. Too bad…

Ashlee Shawano, WI

Great match for me

This is a great match for me.I am happy with this purchase and i would recommend to anyone who is looking a for a natural and fuller looking eye brows.

Paula Woodstock, VA

Wow, oh wow, oh wow!!

This is the greatest stuff ever! It works as well, if not better than a S–box product that sells for 10x the price. The pigmented gel that you use first looks too light, but the setting powder brings out the color perfectly. SO impressed!My only complaint–and at $3, who cares–is that the provided brushes are wimpy. Not a problem, there are plenty of inexpensive angled brushes on the market; use one of those.LOVE this product!

Christina Whitewater, KS

Maybe I got the wrong color, but….

I use a good mix of expensive and cheaper makeup products, and ELF is my go-to for affordable products. I find that their stuff is usually of great quality. I ordered this in the light color (I’m a blonde with mousy brown brows) and it doesn’t look great on. It applies nicely but it just doesn’t translate well onto my face. I’ve only used it once and don’t really see myself using it again. Not my favorite ELF product, but overall not a bad one.

Selma Sandusky, MI

Great 2 in 1

You have the gel to smooth and shape those unruly hairs and a setting powder to lock in the sultry look you’ve just created. It lasts all day and looks very natural. I’ve tried some other brands and I felt like when you looked at my face all you could see was BROWS! And no one wants that. This is a great product to fill in the gaps and create a shape. Sometimes I skip the powder because it makes them darker and more dramatic. I am a light almost platinum blonde and this color worked for me. Good luck! Remember eyebrows are sisters not twins!

Allison Warrenton, OR

Perfect for thinning eyebrows!

I don’t use a lot of make up, but my eyebrows are getting thinner and showing touches of gray so I needed something.Powder eyebrow make up looked fake, and I could not make it conform to the shape of my brow. This kit solved all that! It is so easy to use, my eyebrows look natural, the color is perfect. I can easily correct any wayward smudges with a q-tip, and the waxy half really shapes the brow and keeps it in place.

Tammi Poynette, WI

Not a good buy

I read this on one of the reviews before I purchased it but since not too many people said the same thing i got it anyways. Wrong decision. The gel is really hard to work with and the brush sucks. Since i don’t have great brushes I really couldn’t apply it well and it looked really bad. The powder did help a bit but again, the brush isn’t great. Unless I can find a better way to apply this, I won’t be using it.

Annie Sunderland, MD

Pretty good

Iv’e had this kit forever it lasts for months. I like the light brown it is darker then I’m looking for but has no red tones in it which I love. The dark brown wax I never use it made my brows look weird and I use an old mascara wand to apply instead of the little brush which I now use to apply my liquid liner. Good purchase Fantastic price I love Elf

Henrietta Potter, WI