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studio basics Mineral Makeup Brush Set

Studio Basics brushes offer department store quality without the department store price. It is a complete set of makeup brushes that give you professional results. Included in most of our brushes are detailed instructions to help you get the look you desire.

Key features

  • Brushes are hand-cut for expert application
  • White hair makes it easy to see makeup for perfect application
  • Set includes all you need to apply mineral or regular makeup like a professional: Foundation/Powder Brush, Full Coverage Concealer Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Blush and Bronzer Brush

Honest reviews


Great for Travel

Brushes are the perfect size to fit into purse/backpack. Handle is no longer than a mascara wand; so the bristles won’t be damaged if carried in a small makeup bag that zips closed. The angled brush is a lot larger than I expected. If you’re looking to apply a thin line of shadow over eyeliner, try adding another smaller bristle brush to this set. Otherwise, it’s everything needed for flawless application.

Silvia Markham, TX

Very satisfied

These brushes are sturdy and very durable. They fit in my tiny cosmetic bag. The blush brush is too stiff for blush application (the application looks fake to me) but the other ones are still with me and have stood the test of wear and time. About this time, the stippling brush is beginning to shed but it’s giving all it’s got up till this day. It was my very first stippling brush and none other seems to be able to replace it.

Angelique Peck, ID

nice brushes

Got this set for Christmas. It works well with my mineral makeup. I have brushes from other makeup but I wanted smaller brushes that fit the makeup I am currently using. I recommend them to anyone who likes mineral makeup.

Adriana Harrisonville, NJ


So not worth it, invest in something better the hairs fall out of the brushes so its not a good application and the eyeshadow brush is a poor excuse its horrible its best just to pay more for a better set of brushes.

Alicia Morrisville, VT

Small brushes that do it all

I got these for touch-ups hoping they would fit in my go-to bag… they are a perfect fit for the bag, my face and hands too! I was a bit worried by their name that the handles of the brushes would be too short to use with ease, no trouble there. They do shed more than my hundred dollar set of brush and a lot less than other "cheap" sets of brushes. These are amasingly soft brushes (almost as soft as my best set of brushes) and are a huge help when using bronzer. Overall they are a great "little" find 😀

Billie Ridgeway, WI

Perfect for touch ups

I do not like to carry a full sized brush as I have started using a small crossbody purse for everyday use. These brushes fit perfectly in a small makeup bag or a small purse. I washed them when I got them and so far have only used the foundation brush and it does shed a little but this is what I’ve come to be used to with cheaper brushes. I don’t think this takes away from the quality of the brush and it will probably only last for a little while anyway. Overall a a good brush.

Debra Rosser, TX