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Strawberry Sponge Hair Curlers

It’s made in cotton, it’s easy to apply on hair, and have good curling result.You can even apply when sleep, as it is soft, and would not damage your hair. Method 1 1. When hair is about 80 to 90% dry after washing 2. Curl with the sponge curlers and go to sleep 3. Wake up with natural looking curls the next day Method 2 1. Spray little water and curl hair with sponge curlers 2. Blow dry with hair dryer on low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes 3. Remove sponge curlers after

Key features

  • Brand New. Ships from NY, USA.

Honest reviews


My Bad

These sponge curlers do not open up enough to get your hair wrapped securely – also, they do not close over the hair to hold them in place, thus they just fall out and are 100% useless. They are kind of cute, but I have no idea what they would actually be good for. If I was a crafter, I could probably think of something. As curlers — well, they aren’t. Also, the delivery took about a month — slow boat from China.

Sophie Romney, WV

I like them but need 3 pks at least

Holds a good curl, I bought to packs. they are adorable but you have to take care of them obviously because they are sponge material. Did I mention they are adorable! I would buy more in the future….I use these if I don’t want to use heat on my hair… I’ll keep a couple in my car in a small bag tucked neatly for those days that my hair is starting to frizz out of my curls…..Done this technique on the way to job interview and I 30 min what was a limp frizzed curl turned into a bouncy cute curl….and I didn’t look crazy with an original roller in my hair while driving….just all around functional and cute…I hair is right between short and medium. I think if you have long hair that it would just curl the ends.

Marguerite Monaca, PA

Can’t wait to use them

I usually make myself forget what I order especially for the products I buy from out of the United States but this is a product I really forgot about ordering but when it came in the mail today it cMe in this medium sized package and they were all so tight together I didn’t think they would go to the shape in the picture . But they did after I gave them some air I would really recommend these to anyone and I can’t wait to use them. Great product

Letitia Ingalls, IN

I had to rip them apart to get my hair out

My hair is thin but long (bra strap length), so I bought 2 sets of these. When they finally arrived, I realized that really I should have gotten 3 sets, but I did okay for the most part rolling my hair up with 12 of them. They are pretty big and I think they would be pretty weird to try and sleep in.Taking them out was a nightmare…several of them got tangled in my hair and I had to rip them in half to get my hair out, and damaged some of my hair in the process. So, after waiting a couple of weeks for 12 of them to arrive I now have 9…not that I would use them again.These may work better for shorter than shoulder-length hair, but I’d recommend that if you really must get them, just go ahead and get three or four sets to make sure you have enough.

Carole Saint Ignace, MI

cute and functional

I got these rollers about three weeks after ordering, not bad. They came in the original plastic bag and a yellow envelope so they were almost completely flat when I opened them, I pulled them out and they immediately recovered their shape, I have shoulder length hair, they rolled all the way up, I put them on right after my shower with wet hair, I needed 2 packs of six to cover my whole head but I have very thin hair so you may need more, I slept comfortably with them on and in the morning had wonderful bouncy curls. I love them, they look adorable and work perfectly.

Amber Great Bend, PA


Different packaging then shown. Just came in an ziplock type bag. Very cute! Work well. The dots are a bit more indistinct than that. Def worth the price, they are super cheap.

Latisha Bartlett, IL

Works Well

I really like these sponge rollers. They got to me before I expected, and they worked really well. These are much more comfortable to sleep on than traditional rollers. My tip for nice, big, soft curls would be to put a lightweight product on your hair before wedging the tip of a strand into the middle of the strawberry, pulling it open a bit at the seam, and wrapping the strand around the middle, then molding the two halves back together. Let sit for however long you like (I did overnight) and gently unroll in the morning.

Lee Norway, IA