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Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal Spray by Sexy Hair for Unisex – 8.1 Ounce Hairspray

Possesses a blend of Fun Fashion Oriented Professional Hair Care Products, Hair Care Products For Every Hair Type.

Key features

  • Possesses a blend of fun fashion oriented professional hair care products, hair care products for every hair type
  • Possesses a blend of fun fashion oriented professional hair care products, hair care products for every hair type
  • It is recommended for daytime wear

Honest reviews


The Best Flat Iron Spray Ever

I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying products to tame by granddaughter’s wild, bushy hair. I took her to a salon last week, and the stylist used this. Her hair became flat as a board and very, very shiny. Where has this been all of my life?

Rebecca Green Lake, WI

Product was OK

I have very frizzy hair. My hair is naturally straight (very slight wave) & oily. I live in a sub-tropical humid climate that contributes to the frizz. (FYI-I have long length blonde hair) I am always looking to improve my hair’s unruly behavior without having to constantly use hairspray,gel, or other hair styling products. If I could find one great product to control a lot of the frizz without weighing it down or making it look like an oil slick then I would be a happy camper. This spray smells awesome but just seems to do an OK job. From my own experience, the price I paid for the results was not worth it. However, I like the Sexy Hair brand; I guess that’s why I was hoping this product would deliver. If at all possible to try the product out before purchasing, I would suggest to do so.

Darlene Derma, MS

Used this for years

I have used this for years. First found it at a local salon who straightened my hair. I was amazed how shiny and straight my hair looked. So of course I started buying the product. I usually get it a local store who was out of stock for the past few weeks.. Was fed up so went onto my amazon and found it for 4 dollars cheaper and free shipping. Can’t beat that.

Staci Vining, MN

Love this stuff!

I love this stuff! So nice I’ll say it twice! :-)First–I have fairly straight hair, but if I don’t dry it, it has a lot of wave and some curl. Second–I don’t use this product according to the directions though–I blow dry my hair and when it is completely dry, I spray this in my hair and then straighten it with a paddle brush and the hair dryer for a few seconds. Works like a dream come true.

Matilda Mission, TX

Silk for your hair

I use this product as a detangler and to smooth out my hair. It works wonders and smells great. If you’re still browsing. Stop. Try it out. You won’t regret it.

Jimmie Silver Lake, NH

Keeps your hair from burning when using a flat iron!

I have extreme curly hair and use a flat iron every week to straighten my hair. My stylist uses this product to keep your hair from burning and I wouldn’t want to use any other product. It also gives a shine to my hair!

Louella Stirling, NJ

Great product

I love this stuff. Smooths your hair right down and can be used every day. My sister in law fell in love with it when we were in Europe and her flat iron broke.

Cindy Wynnewood, PA

Love It

Purchased as a gift for my niece at Christmas to use with the PYT flat iron – she is happy and says it works very well.

Janice Neptune, NJ

Eh not for curly hair

I got this stuff because of all of the rave reviews. I certainly won’t buy it again once this can is gone. It’s not worth the price, I’ve gotten the same result from regular/cheaper hair spray (at a much cheaper price). It doesn’t have the best smell for one.It didn’t get keep my style in hold better than any other hair care products I’ve had before, and in fact I’d say it does a worse job. And it didn’t last long. After about 4-5hours my straight hair was curling (i had been using the kertain 7 day smooth and that was keeping my hair straight for 3-4days). So, honestly wouldn’t suggest buying this product. Maybe it’s the simple fact that my hair is fairly curly. But I certainly DO NOT think this is an awesome product, sorry sexy straight, but my hair was anything but…

Adriana Huntertown, IN

Love it

I have been using this product for years. I love the way it smells and it just gives my hair that extra touch. Smooth, shiny, silky…… It’s not heavy, but it is effective, so you don’t need to use much. This size canister lasts me a couple of months and my hair is long. Works great for flat ironing, but you can use it with any style.

Daphne Pullman, WV

Great Stuff! Swear by It!

Have been buying this stuff in small travel size bottles at my local drugstore because that’s the one size they carry it in, and I am hooked! It was about $4.50 for a small travel size, and I was never able to find it in a full size container until Amazon. THANK YOU! Bought it for about $10 shipped; received it fast, and love that I found a source for a full-size version of this product. If your ends get frizzy from over processing, blow drying, or just from skipping a day of shampoo’ing & you need a little taming to freshen up, this is the stuff! I have other hair de-frizz products that are liquid serums or lotion/cremes, and those are great for some days when you need a bit more heavy duty de-frizzing. But this is one of the few in a spray version, so you get a fantastic light, airy spritz that covers just where you need, never too heavy.

Juliana Coleman, OK

Great product!

I have hair that is neither straight nor curly, just wavy and fuzzy. This product really helps my hair look both straight and shiny.

Hattie Otis, CO