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Straight Remy Human Hair Extensions 24 Colors for Your Choose in 15inch ,18inch ,20inch ,22inch ,Beauty Salon Women’s Accessories

The most popular hair extension product all over the world! Whether you want long hair or are looking to add volume to your hair; our full head set is the answer. Clips are already attached and the set is ready for instant use in just 5 minutes. Complete with 16 metal clips already attached to the wefts; complete with silicone tubing for a secure grip. Set Contents: 1set-7pcs 2″x2pcs(1clips/pc) 4″x2pcs(2clips/pc) 6″x2pcs(3clips/pc) 8″x1pc(4clips) Specifications: Hair Type: 100% Silky straight Human Hair Hair Style: Straight Hair Length and weight 15inch 70g with clips 18inch 70g with clips 20inch 70g with clips 22inch 80g with clips Number of Wefts: 7 Number of Clips: 16 Set W Application Time: 5 minutes (approx.) Life: 6 to 12 Months (depending on care and use) Usage: Can be curled, straightened, tongued & washed

Key features

  • Kindly Remind ,this is US registered certified Brand, we have not authorized another seller to sell it ,all items Quality Box Packaging as pictures show .solely sold by AMERICA LADDER INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. clip in human hair extensions
  • 100% remy human hair extensions and very competitive price.
  • High quality, tangle free,silky soft Tangle free – follow washing instructions & it will be tangle free
  • Adds instant length and volume
  • Can be curled, straightened, tongued & washed ,pls do not use the high tempreture

Honest reviews



I love extensions! my hair only seems to grow to a certain length and is very thin. I chose a color I thought would match mine… however it did not. This wasnt a huge issue though because I planned to change it anyway. On that note: here is some advice to make this experience perfect.-buy a longer length than you actually want. you’ll most likely have to cut the extensions. the best thing to do is put the extensions in and then have someone cut/style your hair to blend in the extensions with your real hair.-buy a couple boxes of hair dye or bring the extensions into a hairstylist (although the latter will be most costly)what I did was bought a darker shade of brown since the extensions were lighter than my hair, and I had to color the extensions and my hair a few times before the shades matched perfectly.-style the extensions before putting them on and then blend it with brush-tease the roots to give the clips a grip and liftthe best thing I did before these arrived in the mail was watched a ton of youtube videos on how to put in extensions. you can remove the clips and sew them in where you’d like or cut them to custom fit on your hairline.ALSO:I have had to sew the clips myself because they pulled out when brushingI have had several clips break on me so besides the extras that come with the package, you might want to buy a few moreIve noticed fillers. – Fillers just means that I noticed through heat and color that there have been a few synthetic strands mixed in the real hair. by FEW- I mean very FEW. not extactly noticeable or an issue, but it cause a few tangles when heat was applied.All in all, the extension look great, I trimmed of about 3 or 4 inches in blending and still have the length I love. No one even knows!

Arlene Lambert Lake, ME

They are thin, but I love them YOU WILL NEED 2 PACKS

I bought 1 pack of these KNOWING that it was recommended to buy 2 packs.Shipping was FANTASTIC. It was set to get here sometime in April (a month away) and it came a WEEK after ordering!The extensions themselves are beautiful. I got the medium brown and LOVE the color. It has like a slight hint of red that’s only noticeable in the sun, makes me sad that I have to dye over it :(Now, as everyone keeps saying, they are quite thin. BUT if you know some tricks, and you only bought one pack, you can make it work.What my problem was, they didn’t quite fit all the way around my head.So what I did was I pulled the sides of my hair back and voila! Problem solved.I will be buying another pack here very soon though. I don’t want to always have to pull my hair back like that. But for now, it works!(Note: I got the 20″ 70G extensions. The length is amazing! I’m happy I didn’t decide to get the 22″! The 20″ is almost to my waist.)So all in all, I really recommend these extensions. But definitely buy 2.

Tori Summerdale, PA

These are my favorite hair extensions BUT

Buy two sets.They are thin, but other than that — perfection.You can do whatever you want with them — straighten, curl, wash, dye, what-have-you.I have bought 5 different sets.

Lucy Hanston, KS

Very happy with my purchase.

I got the blue extensions to use as highlights. For that purpose, these are great. They’re a lot easier and less messy than the temporary alternatives, like hair mascara and chalking.They’re also surprisingly good quality for the price. You can easily spend $200 on human hair extensions, so I was actually expecting plastic–despite what the description said. These really are human hair, they feel exactly like my real hair. When I clip them in and run my hand through, I can’t tell where the extensions begin. And the clips are decent quality too. They hold well and don’t hurt.I haven’t tried curling them and haven’t washed them yet, so I’m not sure how they’ll hold up to styling.One thing to keep in mind is the weight of these is pretty light. They are not thick wefts of hair. If you want to make your hair look longer or much thicker, these aren’t going to do it. I just want streaks and can do that with half the set. When I put in the full set just to see how it looked my hair was only slightly fuller than normal and the extra inches were very thin and wispy.Bottom-line: Excellent as highlights. Not very good for adding volume. Useless for adding length.

Frieda Coventry, RI

not bad but ..

I ordered a 15 inch and that’s not what I received Instead I was sent a 10 inch that was.nowhere near the color I requested , I asked for a 2 I was sent a 4 which is.way off .so I can’t use it it’s way to short and the color is way off it doesn’t.match . …then it took two weeks to come save your money.not worth itIM stuck with something I will never use

Janet Waller, TX

So Thin, It’s a Sin!

I was so excited to have finally received my purchase after weeks of waiting. I opened the package only to find the wefts were very thin. I was very disappointed. Not only were they thin, but to add to the lack luster experience when I lightly and gently passed my fingers through the pieces, they started to shed. I have yet to wear them because I need another pack for it to look natural. The only positive thing out of the entire experience was that I finally found a great color match. If you are thinking of buying, don’t just buy one pack….buy a few!

Susanna Petty, TX

Not Pleased

These were super thin and broke off so easily. I’ve received other.colors I liked that were not like this. I’m not too pleased.

Lana Pickett, WI

not at all what i expected

Ordered dark brown 22 inch hair… got red hair with string mixed in to the hair. The clips are not neatly sewn in and the extra yellow string used to attach them is left to hang with the length of the hair. When I buy a product i expect it to be a finished product that meets the description. Not happy at all with my purchase.

Jasmine Mc Arthur, OH


The hair is soft, and the colour was spot on and so was the length. But beware, the hair is pretty thin, so if you have thick hair, I recommend getting 2 or 3 sets. The hair did tangle a little bit but nothing bad at all! (: Very good price!

Ina Bessie, OK

i love this product

i give this rating because the item is exactly what I wanted. I would recommend to all my friends and family.

Shana Frost, MN

No directions

I’ve never used hair extensions, and these did not come with any directions so I was unsure how to use them

Terra Tickfaw, LA

Straight remy human hair extensions!

Well the product it was for my daughter and she said that was short and not enoff hair in the piece !

Brandi Fairfield, NC

Love them!

I was not expecting much based on price, but they are awesome. Color matched perfectly. Only down size is they are very thin for the back of your hair. I am going to order another set for more volume. Shipping was fast. They came sooner than expected.

Janet Hazel Park, MI

Hesitant at first…

But I LOVE them!!! I was hesitant because the price was so low, I mean $34 for 22inch real human hair??? No way. But i finally just decided to buy them, and I have no regrets! Yes people, it is real human hair! I am actually so much happier with them than I thought I would be. In fact, I just ordered another shipment of 22 inch since I have very thick hair naturally! The color matched my hair perfectly, with a great shine. And for those complaining that the hair is thin towards the ends: do you know how hard it is to grow 22 inches of hair? I think it looks very natural. Great customer service and an amazing product! Shipping was very fast as well.

Enid Holt, MO

Not Human Hair.

I bought this product for my sister, it said 100% human hair but it was not true it is like plastic or something similar very dissapointed.

Deirdre Drumore, PA

Fell apart fast

I was desperate. I needed hair extensions asap. I bought 3 packs of this..and just no. You’re getting what you pay for. I took the risk because I’ve gotten lucky with hair extensions before on amazon but this was not one of those occasions.

Sofia Cherryville, NC


The most thinnest extensions I’ve ever bought on amazon. I dyed them to black after and they lost length really bad . Also get tangled really easily and feel all dry after u wash them

Michael Freedom, WI

Look and feel real

When I wear these, nobody can tell my hair is not my own. I also bought the black extensions since my hair is black on the bottom. They go great together and look awesome! I highly recommend using a dry shampoo to keep them clean and only washing them with water every so often to keep them maintained. They will last a lot longer if you do. I highly recommend this seller for the price.

Lucinda New Franklin, MO

Looks good!

I love these. I checked other places and they were charging double the price. The hair is high quality and shiny. Really healthy so it will style better if it’s a bit dirtier. Tease the your roots a little ,clip these suckers ,and they won’t go anywhere.

Julie Durham, CA