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Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 15 1.7 fl oz

A lightweight, tinted moisturizer infused with a hint of shimmer and a protective SPF 15.This multipurpose beautifier does triple duty: It acts as your moisturizer, sunscreen, and luminizer to provide sheer coverage that makes skin appear flawless, and its super hydrating ingredients and protective SPF 15 will keep your skin protected.Perfect for everyday use, the silky formula blends beautifully for a pretty, luminous look.

Key features

  • A lightweight, tinted moisturizer infused with a hint of shimmer and a protective SPF 15
  • It delivers a hint of sheer coverage, subtle shimmer, SPF 15 and added moisture in one effortless application
  • The silky formula blends beautifully for a pretty, luminous look
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Makes skin appear flawless

Honest reviews


its a little thicker than i would like

i bought this because of the great reviews and it turns out that it is more like a foundation than a moisturizer or a lotion. it’s a little thicker than i wanted and it feels heavy on my face. i dont wear foundation, but i just wanted something with a little color that would be lightweight and not too hard on my pores. it does have a nice shimmer to it but it’s just not what i thought it would be.

Carol Raiford, FL

Very nice at discount price

Very nice product, does what it says. It’s very nice on my skin and adds just a little tint of color, not too much like regular foundation. Gives more of a nice clean natural look. Love the fragrance too. Only thing I did not see as other reviews stated that it has some shimmer to it. I didn’t really notice this. The container has a shimmer meshed into the plastic, but it’s not how the actual product looks like when it comes out of the bottle. But still very nice and does make my skin look nice. I wouldn’t pay full price at $32 for it, but totally worth the $7 or so I paid for it. It’s similar to other products around $5-$8 that I’ve tried from drug stores, but smells way nicer.

Michael Hillsdale, KS

Smells Funny

I first bought Stilla’s illuminating tinted moisturizer from Sephora, and I’ve been using it for about 8 months and LOVE it. This smells totally different and feels different too from my first bottle. It’s provides the kind of coverage I like though. I think maybe it’s just an old batch or something, the packaging is a little different than the bottle I bought in store. It was less expensive here, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again online.

Cheryl Bluewater, NM

Sparkle Face!

ILLUMINATING”?? If by illuminating they mean you look like you have random bits of sparkle on your face, then sure! I think that it would be better if you mixed it in a little bit with your liquid foundation, otherwise it’s way more than illuminating, it’s spotlighting.I used this straight and it had just about zero cover power. It DID leave my skin feeling supple though, not tight or greasy. (Greasy came later!) But in daylight it looked like I had sparse glitter fallout from eyeshadow all over my face. This isn’t any kind of ‘pearly’ luminescent glow; it’s a straight up superfine mica.This might be nice on neck/chest but not on a face. Once I saw what my skin looked like in my rearview mirror…in broad, bright daylight, I didn’t want to go anywhere but home and wash this stuff OFF!

Kelley Lakehead, CA

Can’t leave the house without it on!

This stuff is great, I rarely leave the house without it on. It gives just a hint of coverage, it’s not greasy or oily, and it really brightens my skin nicely. I often brush a little powder over it if I’m going to the office or anytime when I want a more finished look. I’ve also got oily acne prone skin and haven’t had any issues with breakouts. And…if you think it might be a bit pricey I’ve been using the same tube, generously applied since mid-January and there’s still quite a bit left. It goes a long way and looks great the whole time!

Shanna Paicines, CA

Really nice tint

And it has a bit of shimmer in it.I am a bit of a makeup junkie and can’t resist trying out different brands. I like the fact I can wear it and it not be so obvious that I’m wearing it and the light shimmer is a nice touch.Also protects you from the sun–preserving your skin for the future.Nice deal

Vivian Votaw, TX