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Stiefel PanOxyl 10 Percent Foaming Wash

Stiefel PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash Now you can hit the beach or show off that strapless gown with the help of Maximum Strength PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash for your face, chest, and back. Made with the highest strength of Benzoyl Peroxide available without a prescription, the rich, elegant lather of PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash gently removes dirt and excess oil to cleanse and unclog pores. Benefits: Uses a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. Treats and prevents acne blemishes.

Key features

  • Now you can take control of your acne with Maximum Strength PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash, the highest strength of Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) available without a prescription
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Honest reviews


I wish this had worked.

I read a lot of good reviews on Panoxyl products so when I saw it at my local drugstore, I thought I’d try it. (10% Maximum strength benzoyl peroxide foaming face wash) The only good thing about it is that it made my whiteheads and blackheads (VERY) easy to extract. (For some, that alone would be a good reason to buy this product).BUT: If you have sensitive, anything-near-dry, or broken skin, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! I got some severe rashes on my face and extreme drying! I even diluted the product with some water a couple times. I really wanted this to work so I’ve waited about two weeks for this to work, but I’m done waiting!

Joanne Mountain, WV

so-so for my 17 year old son

My son is 17 and has some acne issues on his shoulders and back. He has been using this every day, and so far, not too much change. Kind of disappointed especially since the reviews said otherwise.So, I am at the hairdresser today, and over heard a very odd ointment for this very problem….desitin. Yup….Not so thrilled with this product and am not purchasing it again.

Esperanza Maple Valley, WA

Thr best product for adult acne for me.

This product is very smooth, lathers really easily, a tiny pea size would work well for your whole face, and another pea size would go for arms and chest/shoulder areas. I have tried using it with fingers alone or you could put it on a scrunchie in the shower and it will allow you to use it on your whole body (but you will run out a little quicker). It doesnt smell like anything and the bottle lasts me about 2-3 months with daily use.Let’s just say I’ve been through the ringer with acne. Since I was a teenager (now 30), I have had acne on my arms, back, shoulders and some on chest. My face was not a huge issue. I have been to the dermatologist a ton: tried antibiotics, topical antibiotics, tretinoins and of course Accutane. Without going into too much detail, those treatments worked ok but once discontinued, the flareups come back. This one was recommended to me after I had seen my fourth derm who said that all of thr above wasnt necessary and PanOxyl would be a great product to keep flareups under control. And it is!This thing is very drying, my skin is super oily and I literally can feel it taught after I use this. When i first started using this, i used it twice a day and despite my moisturizer, my skin was still pealing. Everywhere. So your goal should be to figure out how much your skin can handle (once/twice per day) and what none-pore-clogging moisturizer to use for body/face right after.What I do (and everyone is different) is only use this as once per day, in the shower before I go to bed, after my normal Bath n Body shower gel. I only use this on problem areas. I use clarins face lotion on my face at night and Cedaphil cream that’s in a big tub (not lotion) on my body. I found this combination worked best for me to control flareups and not be pealing and not feel like my skin is dry and itchy. I sometimes additionally apply a spot treatment gel either with salicylic acid or also benzyl peroxide and that speeds things up too.

Carolina Hereford, OR

So glad I discovered this

I picked this up at the drugstore and thought I’d write the review here. I can never use any harsh products, OTC or prescription. My skin is really sensitive and even a tiny amount of 5% Benzol Peroxide topical will make my face burn and turn red for a week. I don’t have bad breakouts, only small ones or clogged pores. But I also had a problem with oilyness and LOTS of dry peeling I could never get rid of. This totally eliminated the dead skin without scrubbing or exfoliation since I notice it has glycolic acid. I had great results during the first week using it once a day. It feels somewhat cooling to me when I put it on and it doesn’t burn or make my face red and irritated at all. You might need a little moisturizer though since your skin feels tight (in a good way!) as if you visited the spa and had a chem peel. I don’t think it would clear things up on its own for those with more serious acne, you probably need to take some oral prescription also. But this wash is better to me than any topical my doctors ever prescribed.

Teri Margarettsville, NC

Great Results

I am almost 30 and have suffered from adult acne for years. I’ve tried everything over and under the counter including minocyline and Retin-A. I’ve had a few decent results that lasted for a month or so but then my acne always comes back with a vengeance. I’ve always noticed that my skin seems to react better to Benzoyl peroxide than Salicylic acid, so I saw this with the 10% Benzoyl and looked up the reviews on here and figured it was well worth a shot. I am very, very impressed with the results so far. Literally within 8 hours of washing my face with this for the first time my acne (which was numerous and very painful and deep pimples) was less painful and red. Literally overnight! Within a few days of using morning and night I still had a few of the deeper, bigger ones but they aren’t sore, aren’t red, and shrinking. I don’t have to use a cover up at all now, even on the pimples that are still there! All of my smaller pimples are gone, even the red spots that stay for weeks sometimes are gone! I use this every morning and evening and after using it I rub a apple cider vinegar astringent on and my face looks bright and lovely! I hope it keeps up the good work because so far it seems like a little miracle. I recommend anyone with adult acne to give this a go.

Tracey Perryville, MD

Awesome Acne Wash!

This stuff works, but it is very potent.I have very oily skin, and yet this manages to heavily dry it out if I don’t moisturize. I can’t imagine using this on dry skin, yikes. I wash twice per day (otherwise the results aren’t as great for me) and so if you have very dry skin, I would probably limit it to once per day and try to focus mainly on the T zone.This wash works wonders and it clears out any acne I have, gets rid of any clogged pores or basically any problem areas.Surprisingly enough, I have sensitive skin but it manages to not irritate it.I have been fighting the long winded acne battle since the dawn of time and this is one of the few products that actually DOES something. If this is a little too strong for you I suggest the Clean and Clear 10% formula, it works almost as well and I find it is much more forgiving to skin. But I’m shooting for the stars man, so I’ll stick with this!

Ada Beetown, WI

Great Stuff!

I got them especially for the acne on my back. I use it with a back scrubber and its been everything I hoped for. The first week I ended up with more acne than usual but thats the cleanser working, getting everything out. I used it every day for the first 2 weeks and now I use it every other day since it dried my skin out some.

Loretta Sandston, VA


this product is just ok, i will stick to the bar soaps like black soap instead since they work much better

Lolita Letcher, KY

Must Have

If you’ve ever had any type of skin problems try this product. Skin clears in a weeks time. Best over the counter acne medicine.

Maritza Norwood, NJ

Great product

I couldn’t find this product anymore in my local pharmacy so I decided to check it out here. Glad I did. This product works well to prevent acne. The price is good. Highly recommend.

Heather Sebree, KY

Very Good + “Recipe”

As is with most of the BP-medicated products I’ve come across, while it’s very good, it’s also pretty drying. It’s thick, a little goes a long way, has foaming agents in it for a nice lather if you prefer that and it lasts a while so that this price is about right for this size of tube.I’ve gone to some lengths to make it a little less drying as we head into Winter weather: take an empty 2oz or 3oz bottle, pour it about 1/4 full of a gentle/non-moisturizing toner, then start adding the cleanser from the tube into the bottle, shaking every so often. You can add more toner and/or more cleanser as you need or prefer. It does make it more liquid-y, much like other BP cleansers are and you do sacrifice some of the lather, but it makes the cleanser far less drying. If you do have dry skin but would still like to try this, use a moisturizing toner, or mix a little bit of a light moisturizing cleanser in with the toner and cleanser.UPDATE 03/19/2014: I have used this recipe VERY successfully throughout this winter, roughly every other day or so with very good results. My standard moisturizer was more than enough to offset any dryness caused by my “recipe.” I can recommend this year-round for all but the most sensitive, driest skin.

Katie Red Lake Falls, MN


I have used so many products and they either don’t work or they stop working. This so far has worked very well. I would recommend you use allot of moisturizer after you wash. You can never have enough moisturizer so when you do use it there is no need to be use sparingly. I have adult acne and Benzoyl Peroxide is the only thing that works for me. I am allergic to anything else. You will be happy with this product.

Marianne South Glastonbury, CT

This stuff is nO JOKE

I hate benzoyl peroxide but i have to give it up for this face wash. It’s the real deal. No delicate salicylic acid foaming wash here, just industrial acne destroyer 10% benzoyl peroxide here to decimate your sebum.I accidentally got this on my nostril and it made my skin all cracky and peely. The skin that actually has all the excess oils, however, is in the best shape it’s been in years. It’s amazing. My facial acne is very mild now, largely thanks to this face wash. Ten thumbs up.

Dee Kingston, PA

Better than Proactiv

This is stronger than Proactiv, so it can be more drying – that’s a good or bad thing depending on your needs. You can use it on your face or body. Good price, good product.

Judith Cumberland Furnace, TN

Finally…something that works!!!!

My 15 year old daughter has back-acne…and has suffered with it since she was 14. Went to a dermatologist and they prescribed medicated acne wash (didn’t work), we tried Glytone (didn’t work), we even tried Proactive (that too didn’t work…she kept having breakouts). One night I just happened to be perusing Instagram and one of the ladies I followed posted a pic of PanOxyl…and initially I didn’t pay it any mind until several of her followers chimed in on how good this stuff is for acne. One person swore that it finally helped clear up his back-acne. I figured why not…I purchased it in Wal-Mart for about $8 or $9 and had my daughter use it immediatly. She says it tingles when you apply it to your back and face and that it foams up (unlike other products she’s used). She uses it everytime she takes a shower and within a 1.5 weeks…the breakouts stopped. Yesssss…FINALLY!!! She’s been also using it on her face and the dark spots on her forehead have just about disappeared. Let me add that she uses the PanOxyl in conjunction with the Noxema cleansing pads.This stuff really truly works and me and my daughter could not be happier!!!

Beth Congerville, IL