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Steam Activated Cleanser by Biore, 5 Ounce

With SteamActiv beads uses the pore-opening power of steam, right in your shower, to penetrate deeply into pores, locking on to dirt, oil and makeup and then washing it away. Leaves skin clean and deeply refreshed all day.

Key features

  • Sulfate-free
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Non-comedogenic

Honest reviews


Steam Fresh

When it has came down to many cleansers, they don’t always do what they say they are going to do. It does take a lot out of you to find the best in your skin. For Biore’, they have amde some very strong products that’ve worked pretty well on the face, like their classic pore strips. But, they have a few new tricks up their sleve with the new steam activated cleanser. It actually has a nice tingle on the skin, but I honestly was hoping that I could’ve felt a bit more warmth from the cleanser on my first use. Overall, it does still work nicely on the skin. I was expecting a bit better from the Biore’ steam cleanser, but it still isn’t a bad way to wash your worries away.Price: B-Care: B-Overall: B-

Margret Elk Grove, CA

an okay cleanser

I love many of Biore’s products and my daily face wash is from their line. I enjoy trying their different products and was excited to try the Steam Activated Cleanser. It lather ups really nice and it did leave a clean feeling on my face. The little beads in it dissolve as soon as you lather it up in the shower. The scent used in this facial cleanser smells good too. It had a minty fresh clean scent to it. Once I placed it on my face, my face had a tingly sensation as well. Sadly, after using it for a few consecutive days, it dried my skin out really bad, even when using moisturizer. My skin is more dry in the colder months so I’ll probably limit my use of it until the weather gets warmer.Overall, not a bad cleanser. My face felt refreshed and clean after using it. I just wish it wasn’t so drying to my skin.

Alejandra Mount Solon, VA

Okay stuff.

Update, March 31, 2013: I’ve had to downgrade my review due to a couple of issues that have popped up since I started using this cleanser. First, even after using the cleanser on a daily basis, I’ve had a couple of breakouts. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I expected to never have another pimple or two while using the cleanser, but that’s exactly it: I expected a pimple or two, not a full breakout. Second, even though the pores on my nose are still clean, which is great, the skin there has taken on a strange texture. It’s hard to explain…. You know how pores are slightly indented, or “innies”? Well, now they’re slightly “outies” which, frankly, doesn’t look right. Third, after using the cleanser on a regular basis, I noticed it began drying out my skin a bit more than it initially did. It still never gets to the point where it wants to crawl off my face, but if I don’t immediately apply moisturizer, my skin will feel very taut. Also, I wouldn’t recommend using this cleanser anywhere but your face. Let me explain, because that sentence sounds rather weird: I have occasional breakouts on my chest and so I thought I’d try washing the skin there with a little bit of the Biore cleanser while I was washing my face–two birds with one stone and all that. Well, what was one bump turned into a whole cluster. Yup, the Biore actually made the skin on my chest worse. So, as you might guess, that didn’t make me very happy. Taking all this together, I think, in the end, I’ll probably end up going back to the Garnier brand cleanser I use.*Original Review (slightly modified)*It took a few days for me to start seeing results with this cleanser, but when I did, I was initially impressed. I don’t have a great deal of acne, usually just a few spots that show up in certain areas–forehead, chin–at a certain time of the month or when I’m unusually stressed. However, what I do have to contend with on a regular basis is large pores, most especially on my nose. No matter how much I clean or scrub, they never seem to shrink or, better yet, disappear. This Biore Steam Activated Cleanser managed to pull off some fantastic pore warfare and for the first time I can say that the pores on my nose are less noticeable.First thing I noticed about this cleanser is that you really don’t need a lot to get the job done. I know that’s said quite often about a lot of products, but in this case it’s true. It takes an amount the size of a pea- no, not even a pea. What’s smaller than that? Oh, I know, a lentil. It takes an amount the size of a lentil to cleanse the face and down the jawline. A nice amount of lather is produced and as you work it into your skin, you’ll immediately feel a tingling as the lightly peppermint-scented cleanser goes to work. However, don’t worry, neither the tingling sensation nor the peppermint scent is overwhelming. The cleanser rinses off nice and clean, but the best thing is that once you dry your skin, you don’t get that tight feeling that sometimes comes with facial cleansers, especially those marketed as acne-fighting. You know the feeling, like your skin is trying to crawl off your face. You’ll still need to moisturize, but I’d recommend keeping it light, as that’s all you’ll really need. (Personally I likeGarnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream, Grape Water Extract, Vitamin E, 1.70-Fluid Ounce.)Now, I’ve always used this while showering, to take advantage of the steam both to activate the cleanser as is recommended (and which is also probably just a marketing ploy, but it’s easy to go along with) and to open my pores. It might work just as well without the “steam activation”; you’d probably just get less of a tingle from the menthol in the cleanser.

Sara Paso Robles, CA

Too harsh for my sensitive skin

I’m 38 and I have very fair, sensitive skin. I’ve used this cleanser a few times and unfortunately each time I experienced dry, itchy, red irritated skin a few hours after I used it. I’m disappointed because I really like the minty, invigorating feeling when I washed my face with this cleanser. It does feel like my skin is getting a deep cleansing, it was just too harsh for my skin. I don’t recommend this for people with sensitive skin, but for people with normal skin, I think they may really like the minty tingle of this cleanser.

Nell Juncos, PR

Invigorates Your Skin!

Steam Activated Cleanser by Biore is a good cleaner that works with the steam from your shower. I put the Biore cleanser on my face and washed it off right before the end of my shower and my skin felt so invigorated after I using the cleanser. The only issue that I had with this cleanser was that if you used too much of this cleanser it can cause your face to have a minty like feeling all day. I made the mistake of using too much and when I used my skin toner my face started feeling hot almost to the point that it stung a little, so after that I only use a small amount and haven’t had any problems since that time.I love that my skin looks and feels great after I use it and I can tell the difference in the texture of my skin. My pores look better and the Steam Activated Cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin. I like that this cleanser cleans my face without drying it out and making my face look much more vibrant a plus for me.

Elda Rushville, MO

Fantastic in the shower

I take a daily brief hot shower. I keep this cleanser in the shower and wash my face with it every morning. My pores have never looked to tight and clean. I have liked everything Biore has ever made and this is no exception. I have rosacea and this doesn’t irritate my skin. I also am prone to little blackheads on my nose and an oily T-zone, and this keeps my pores looking flawless. I rub it in with my fingers and it foams gently and rinses off cleanly, without leaving a film. I will repurchase this. It’s like a mini facial every morning.

Paula South Berwick, ME

An Average Cleanser

Steam automatically opens yours pores, Biore Activated Cleanser uses tiny beads to exfoliate your skin removing oil, dirt and makeup. The steam’s heat triggers the tingly minty effect. A little bit does go a long ways, so 5 ounces can last you a long time. I have combination skin, and my skin felt very tight and overly dry after using this cleanser. If you have sensitive like me, I definitely recommend using a good moisturizer afterwards or you may be left with dry itchy skin.Did I see incredible results and fewer blemishes…not really. Did my pores seem cleaner…I guess so but I still see blackheads and dirt in many of my pores. It performs just like another other exfoliating facial cleanser I have tried. Hot shower opens your pores, cleanser cleans your face, step out of shower and pores close back up – your face is clean. The only difference is that Biore is more affordable than most other brands.Overall, it is an okay facial cleanser that is cheap and removes oils, dirt and makeup from your face easily with minimal results for blackhead removal.

Edna Allenhurst, NJ

It Works As Advertised!

I tried this, this morning and can say without hesitation that it really does work.***I was in the shower for a couple of minutes as the water was getting hot and grabbed this bottled. One of the toughest areas to really get clean is my back and face and neck areas.As you rub it in, it gives off a nice fragrance. Within a minute or so, you start to feel that heat/ tingling sensation– sort of like Vicks’ Vapo-rub but without that harsh hospital-y smell.It washed off quick and skin is very clean. A bit on the dry side, but very clean.Great product.

Liza Star, TX

Minty scent, clear pores

I have rather noticeable pores on my nose, and the Biore pore strips clean them out, but tend to remove skin also. So I decided to try the Steam Activated Cleanser by Biore, 5 Ounce, since I don’t care for flaky skin on my nose.The gel like cleanser has little blue beads in it, and a light minty scent. It goes on easily, and a little goes a LONG way, so a pea sized amount is more than adequate. Once on, the cleanser feels soft and rinses easily. It remove the gunk from pores without removing skin, and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh.I have used it in the shower, as well as just at the sink, and have not really noticed a difference in how the cleanser works. Maybe my shower isn’t hot enough, but I don’t like rinsing my face with hot water, nor do I like fussing with the temperature once I am under the spray.Would I purchase this product if given the option? Probably, as it really does work to clear the pores.

Ilene Goessel, KS

nice gentle cleanser

Since this is supposed to be steam activated, I have been using this in the morning when I take a shower. It feels nice, gets sudsy but I have not noticed that it prevents breakouts better that other basic gentle cleansers that I use. It feels refreshing which is nice but that is do to one of the ingredients, it doesn’t mean that it has cleaned your skin any better. Washing your face with hotter water actually can strip natural oils which causes breakouts. Steam doesn’t open pores for a better cleaning, it just feels that way. There is nothing wrong with this cleanser but I would use with lukewarm water and not have expectations that this works differently than other cleansers other than it is more on the gentle spectrum which is good.

Pauline Rossville, IN

Works well, but leaves skin dry

I really like the idea of something designed for use in the shower. This works really well. However, repeated use leaves my skin dry, which means lotion, which I don’t really like. So it’s not something I’ll use every day, but just occasionally. Unfortunately, I think that kind of defeats the purpose of it. So, if you’re okay with rubbing lotion on your face every day, this will probably work well for you.

Tania Saint Stephens, AL

Let’s get Steamy

Sometimes an idea seems so obvious that you wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before. That’s how I felt about the Steam Activated Biore Cleanser. A bathtub cleanser is brilliant. I love a really hot bath, so my skin is softer and my pores are open. You always wash your face in the bathtub anyway, so why not use Biore cleanser? It works great and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean with no oily or greasy residue.

Kenya Cary, IL

good cleanser

Overall, this cleanser has a nice, fragrant scent, but it does have just a hint of a chemical scent. Just a hint. In any case, this cleanser lathers up well and cleanses well. It rinses off quickly and cleanly, leaving my skin nice and soft.

Laura Glenbeulah, WI

Smells Nice & Great Results

This is a nice thick cleanser that lathers up well and leaves skin feeling a bit tingly and very clean feeling. A little bit of this cleanser goes a long way and helps to remove dirt build up in pores with help from a nice, hot steamy shower. I have been very pleased with the results and I like the smell of this product. My skin hasn’t been too dry after using it but my pores have improved with use. This is a nice, lightly medicated daily cleanser that isn’t too harsh to use everyday. It has a nice feeling to it when you wash with it and a scent to wake you up but isn’t too strong. This cleanser teamed up with a nice, light moisturizer will get you going in the right direction in the morning. I recommend this for oily and acne prone skin and for people who need a product that works to clean and reduce pores.

Annette Yazoo City, MS

Feels great

Shower steam was fine for this cleanser to be used. A little went a long way. It lathers and feels as if it does get deeply into the pores. Afterward, my facial skin feels great, maybe a little tight and not at all burning – nice.

Polly Ben Lomond, CA

Nice And Its Minty, Too

Just had to try this cleanser after I read the description. Before I got a real life and was a carefree type freeloading off my folks i used to hang my head over a pot of steaming water infused with fresh mint. I’d do this faithfully every other day to keep blackheads and zits at bay. Those were the days.The good news is that this is way less labor intensive, doesn’t leave you feeling like a wilted flower, but has the same fresh cleansing scent of mint all while showering.All you need is hot steamy water and this cleanser. The end result is soft smooth skin that feels ultra clean and your senses are awake. If you want squeaky clean skin that feels great, try this.

Meagan Winfield, TN

Decent facial cleanser for the price but the steam activation seems to be bogus

This may be a decent facial cleanser if you don’t need much of a scrub but it doesn’t do enough for me. It has some micro beads but you don’t really feel them at all. I think the steam activated claims that it will reach deep into your pores and extract more dirt is a bit of an exaggeration. The idea sounds good but I take a very hot shower while using it and haven’t noticed it cleaning any better than washing your face at your sink. Personally I just think it’s a gimmick to market the product or the benefit is so small that you don’t notice. I think the light mint smell is nice and it cleans average but nothing that impressed me. The tube is 5 oz. which is similar size to other facial cleansers that I have purchased. The price is about average as well. Overall I think it’s a decent face wash for the price but it was a bit of a letdown after all the hype about steam activation.

Barbra Hales Corners, WI

Deep Cleaning

Biore’s Steam activated cleanser is designed to be activated by steam so it’s best used in the shower. That’s usually where I wash my face anyway so that works well for me.I liked the feel of the cleanser on my face; it had a cooling sensation to me. There are several ingredients that may give that sensation including peppermint leaf extract. It cleaned well and removed all traces of makeup which is the test for me in whether a cleanser is doing a good job or not. My face felt a little dry afterwards when I got out of the shower which for me is quite typical, my skin tends to be on the drier side anyway.I really like most Biore products and I liked this one too.

Joan Tilden, TX

Good Cleaner, No Steam Benefit

This is a nice and refreshing cleanser made by Biore. To get a good lather, I would squeeze the cleanser onto the palm of your hands and then rub your hands together to create a lather, and then apply to face. You don’t need a lot to create a nice lather. It gets my face feeling nice and smooth, but takes a bit of water to get the lather off. I would definely apply lotion after using it. I have sensitive skin, and I have had no break outs while using this.Now as for the steam activation, I am not sure if that is a marketing ploy, or something that actually works. I didn’t notice any difference in my pores and I didn’t feel like there was enough steam in the shower to even help it. I am not sure how much steam people build up in a normal daily shower, so I don’t think being steam activated is anything special. If it was advertised as a normal cleanser, I would give it higher marks as it is nice and refreshing.All in all, this is a nice cleaner. It doesn’t perform any steam tricks as advertised, but it does get your face nice and clean. Would I buy this in the future? Probably not.

Faye Thompson, ND

Break Outs!

The first few times I used this cleanser, I thought it was nice. It lathers nicely, smells good, and rinses away cleanly. It leaves behind a cool, menthol feeling. However, after a few days, it gave me huge, painful breakouts. I haven’t broken out like that since I was a teen, MANY moons ago. Yikes! I know it says non-comedogenic, but for me it was NOT.Not recommended at all unless you never ever get a pimple.

Nikki Gulliver, MI

Works well, smells great!

I have been using a similar product quite happily from another company for a long time, so I wasn’t really looking to replace it, just try something else. The Biore Steam cleanser works just as well as the other stuff, but I will say this…it smells great! And after a week of daily use, I think my skin is a little softer than it was a week ago. I also like the bottle – it’s wide on the bottom and stands up easily in the shower and the cap clicks fully so there is no leakage when you first open it.

Diane Woodridge, IL

Nothing special

Very Chemical smell. You can feel it getting cold, which is nice, but I don’t feel like it cleans my skin better than other products. Plus, all of the chemical ingredients are kind of a put off for me. There’s nothing seriously wrong with it, but Ifelt like it was better for my skin to use something more natural.

Leanne Camp Pendleton, CA

A truly deep cleansing experience

There’s a reason this product is recommended for use in the shower: one just does not get the same cleansing experience via the sink. But a good warm shower, with all that steam and total moisture, really seems to activate something in this cleanser that otherwise doesn’t happen. The result is an incredible deep clean that I rarely experience with other cleansers, complete with a nice after-tingle on my skin. My skin feels wonderful, and the cleaning effect is noticeable after a week of use–great improvement on skin.

Joni Chino Hills, CA

minty and tingle-y

This is a nice invigorating facial cleanser with a minty smell. It makes your skin tingle. My skin feels pretty dry after using it though. Might be good if you have oily skin or for a teen, but not good for my middle age skin.

Adele North Hero, VT

An excellent everyday facial cleanser

“Steam Activated Cleanser by Biore, 5 Ounce” is an excellent every day facial cleanser that both me and the missus appreciates. It cleans well without being harsh, smells pleasant and leaves my face feeling refreshed after each use.In all, a terrific facial cleanser for those in need.

Rebecca Polson, MT

Steam doesn’t seem to activate it.

I am usually a fan Biore products, but I haven’t been impressed with the Steam Activated Cleanser. It doesn’t lather well. I expected to feel it being “activated” by the steam (maybe some tingling), but I didn’t feel anything. The little beads in it do dissolve as soon as you use it. The sent is pleasant and not offensive. I don’t like the lid on the bottle because it is difficult to close with one hand and it gets full of water in the shower.I haven’t actually seen any improvement/reduction of breakouts. Overall, I am neutral toward this cleanser and would not buy it again.

Justine Canova, SD

A little goes a long way

I am never complacent just having ONE face scrub product to use, and Biore makes several quality products that I have used before so I had high expectations for this. This is a pretty smooth scrub even though it has some beads in it. It definitely isn’t one of those exfoliating scrubs that leaves your face feeling dry and raw. I use about a nickel size amount and its plenty to lather my face and neck. A pleasant scent and non-dry feeling makes this one a winner.

Deana Brumley, MO

3.5 Stars

I’m a bit torn on this one. On the one hand, I like the way if feels in the shower, like it’s really digging deep into my pores, and after three weeks of use it has not made my sensitive skin break out. On the other hand, my skin feels stripped after using it. I always put moisturizer on right after washing my face anyway, but if I didn’t I would have to with this cleanser. And I can’t say that my skin has the healthy glow I’ve gotten after using other cleansers regularly. And this isn’t a deal-breaker, but it tastes terrible. It’s hard to avoid getting facial cleanser on your lips when you’re rinsing off, and this is by far the worst-tasting cleanser I’ve ever used. So I don’t know what that says about what’s in it. Anyhoo, I’ll keep using it until I find another cleanser to try, but it won’t be a keeper.

Patti Annabella, UT

A great way to clean your face

I have used several different facial cleansers (for both women and men) to clean my face while in the shower. From Gillette Fusion to Nivea to Arbonne Exfoliating Wash (which is my absolute favorite but just way too expensive), I’ve tried many of them, and they all do about the same job, varying a bit with respect to personal preference on smell and texture. Overall, this Biore product is as good as similarly priced products, but none are of the same quality as the Arbonne.

Sherri New Church, VA


This is a “steam” activated face wash, to be used in the shower to take advantage of the warm water laden air. This is the first time I’ve ever washed my face in the shower with a facial cleaner and I can say for sure that this is the cleanest my face has ever been. It’s truly squeaky clean when I came out of the shower. The scent is also very, very nice. I usually don’t like the artificial scents that much but this has a fruity scent. And you don’t need to use lot, just a small pea sized amount. Overall, I’m very pleased with it and I like this face washing in the shower thing. Just excellent!

Jasmine Las Vegas, NM