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Stay On Satin Pocket Bonnet, Assorted Color

Stay On Satin Pocket Bonnet stays on all night and prevents breakage while you sleep.

Key features

  • Better than any ordinary satin cap
  • No elastic, No velcro
  • Saves your style

Honest reviews


Works okay, but wouldn’t say it kept my style in tact

I bought this because for the length of my hair (between mid-shoulder blades) in a bonnet would come out looking all twisted and strange in the morning. So I figured with the pillow design there was enough room for my hair to hang freely enough to keep my ends smooth and eliminate restyling in the morning.So my assessment is that yes, there is enough room for my hair to hang freely and it does stay on through the night fairly well. However, the “magic fabric” they refer to grabs onto my hair preventing it from actually swinging free. As soon as I put it on, my hair gets “stuck” on the fabric. So I turned mine inside out so that the satin side forms the inside of the pocket and that provides a little more movement for my hair.Secondly, it’s a little awkward stuffing your hair into the pocket. It takes a couple tries to get the technique down and even then you have to kind of hold onto the ties while you shake your head to get the hair to fall down into the pocket. This is impossible to do without it being turned inside out, by the way.Since it ties in the back, I didn’t have any issues with the “forehead lines” you usually get with a scarf or bonnet which is a plus.But I definitely would not claim that my hair style stayed in-tact. It’s still a little twisted looking when it comes out and I usually still have to bump my ends again in the morning which is what I was hoping to avoid because I don’t like to put a lot of heat on my hair.So overall, I’m still going to keep it because it does stay on all night and there is room where my hair isn’t completely crumpled or flipped funny in the morning, but it doesn’t do what I was hoping for.

Kelly Harris, MN

Awesome bonnet for longer Afro-textured hair!

This bonnet is perfect for my medium length, Afro-textured hair. As my hair has gotten longer, it no longer fits in a regular-sized satin bonnet. This one fits my hair quite nicely and still has room in the bottom for when my hair gets longer. The bonnet stays on all night and the stretchy, soft material around the rim doesn’t rub on my fragile hairline. When I take off the bonnet my hair looks just as good as it did the night before–whether I braided my hair up or left it loose. It’s a keeper!

Katie East Blue Hill, ME

Not Satin

Isnt satin, is just polyester like material. stays on when tied tight but not what is said it was. Ended up just buying a real satin scarf and use this on top of it to keep it on.

Teri Clinton, MD

it works

I purchased this before (not sure from where) and the tie was longer so I could loop it to the front. These do not have the long ties.

Edith Bannock, OH

Love It! Love It!

I’ve worn braids for 8 years and did not know this was available until last year! I love this sooo much I am going to get another one. It keep my braids looking nice longer and I love that because I braid my own hair so if I can get more wear out of my work with so much in between correcting, the better off my life is!

Jerry Halfway, OR

I love it!

Keeps my hair in place, while I sleep. I have waist length hair and it often tangles if it is not wrapped properly. Also, using a regular scarf dries it out. Not this Bonnet. Fits perfect and even leaves my curls bouncy!

Janette Windber, PA


This product does exactly what it is designed to do : stay on your head. I all over the bed and I must say this bonnet stayed on my head no matter what way I twisted and turned. I have brought a great deal of head scarves and bonnets and this one is a keep. I’m going to order several more for friends and family members as xmas gifts.

Ivy Duxbury, MA

Stays on ALL NIGHT!

This product really does stay on all night. I bought one for me and my girls (the wildest sleepers in the house), and it didn’t come off their heads overnight. Excellent product!

Althea Wheeling, WV

Stays on

Stays on during the night. I was shipped a dooky-brown colored scarp (wish for any other color), but it does what it needs to. I’ve washed in the washer a few times & is holding up.

Leigh Burden, KS


the inside is more rough than the outside so I flipped mine inside out and have been wearing it like this ever since. easy to put on, and great for days I don’t feel like wrapping my hair. I did wash it first though.

Karla Carrollton, MO

White girl review 🙂

I bought this product so I could wear it at night whenever I decided to oil my scalp and hair. The towel I would place on my pillow at night would always shift off, and my pillow case would reek of the oils I placed in my hair. I love using neem oil because it can work wonders for problematic skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, excessive itchiness, and dandruff, although It can smell pretty foul like rancid peanuts, so I normally use jojoba oil with rosemary, peppermint, and lemon essential oils in conjunction with it, and add just a few drops of neem which helps mask the smell. Using this bonnet though, I dont have to worry about these strong smells and oils getting all over my bedding or clothes. It is very light and easy to tie in the back, and effortlessly glides over my pillowcase. I barely feel like I am wearing it, and it doesnt make my head feel warm (great during the summer months). I read some reviews of people saying it would fall off at night, but I never had this issue. My only thought is maybe they didnt tie it tight enough, or are just crazy sleepers who toss-and-turn all night.

Lori Thayer, IL

great for dreads

I purchased this item for my son because he has dreads, he say’s it looks and feels great! Now I want one for my braids:-) . great product, thx a lot!:-)

Lilia Calhan, CO

Nothing Special

The picture for this product and other products by this brand give me the impression that the material would be thick and satiny, but it is actually quite thin and stretchy, like a du-rag. The ends that you use to tie it up aren’t hemmed, mine are ragged w/ some threads and have ripped a little bit more, making me wonder how long this will last.It mostly stays on, I would say about 70% of the time.Also I don’t look nearly as cute as the girl in the picture, I look more like a nun (this isn’t actual criticism lol).

Susanna Rexford, MT

Doesn’t stay on

The concept of these is great and I bought it to help save my long hair and prevent tangling. Only problem is that it always comes off in the middle of the night. I’ve pulled it down over my forehead like the picture and tied it tightly, but it still falls off. I wish it would stay on!! Maybe it’s not meant for long Asian type hair, but I’ve read other reviews and it seems to work for most other people. Not sure why it doesn’t work for me.

Bernice Gracemont, OK

perfect—-all 3 of them together–work well for all of my hair procedures!! will order again!

perfect—-all 3 of them together–work well for all of my hair procedures!! will order again! fast service as well! 😉

Celeste Espanola, NM

Great for my thick, long, african hair

My hair has been getting longer and thicker and it has become really hard to get it all tucked in a regular satin scarf. This scarf is amazing, it keeps all my hair in, it’s not tight around the hairline but it’s tight enough to keep all my hair secured. I like the amount of space provided in the pocket, my thick hair has managed to fit in with some space let. Great scarf.

Lois Forest, MS

Works Great!

I love this bonnet! It works great to protect my twists and braids and keeps the ends from fraying and splitting.

Taylor Ellijay, GA

Soft & Elegant

I found this very useful and soft to the touch on my hair. I actually wear it when I go to bed, it stays on the head, it makes my hair feel and look so soft and shiny after waking up in the morning. Love it

Katie Camden, MO


This is a must have for lady’s,with all the elements you have to deal with when it come to your just not to worry about at night to know not only your is not touching you pillow by taken my hair out.Yes I recommend it

Janine Arimo, ID

I love it!

I love this hair scarf for the simple fact that it has enough room for me to tuck my hair, and especially when i have long braids. The material is soft and the tie makes it easy to keep scarf from moving at night.

Caroline Stump Creek, PA

Great product.

I wanted the hooded band but of course I could not find it b/c it’s only sold online and they are always out of stock. I found this from you tube & saw that it is a great alternative to the hooded band for my curly hair. I wish I could pick my color but I received the tan colored & i do like it. Nice product.

Gloria Linn Creek, MO