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Stay On Satin Natural Style Black Wrapping Scarf

The Stay On Satin Natural Style Wrapping Scarf is a large wrapping scarf that prevents breakage and saves your style.

Key features

  • Black color scarf to compliment the consumer’s fashionable style
  • Protects hair from damage and breakage
  • Keeps hair style in place
  • Easy to tie

Honest reviews


Great scarf

A very good satin scarf. I couldnt find one like this is the stores. My hair has gotten bigger and my bonnett seems to have gotten smaller lol. so this is a good alternative. just wrap it up the way you want to. And unless you’re a reaaally wild sleeper or if you didnt wrap it good enough, it will stay on all night.

Lou Mammoth, AZ

Just okay! recently recieved in the mail.

I find that it is okay for my first couple days of wearing it.Yes, it does have a soft and satiny material as described,and i am pleased it does not have that static factor, like what i have experienced with other scarfs i have worn and i am all for less breakage when it comes to my hair.Yet,One thing the reviews are right about is,it sometimes does not stay on through the night which i am not completely happy about.I just may have to sleep in a position where it will likely stay on.

Lucille Longport, NJ

Good for girls too –

I purchased 2 of these one for me and one for my daughter. The size is perfect. My daughter wear’s her hair in twists and this protects the style and keeps our edges smooth. I like that its not hot at night. I noticed there was a little unravelling at the edges but it still works great.

Myra Plainfield, IA

Perfect for maintaining Hairstyles!

These satin caps are perfect for keeping the hair intact overnight or anytime. The smoothness of the satin makes any hairdolook good, even after lying on it. There is plenty of ways to adjust it and it washes very well. I ordered several after my first one, and now my hair stays in place.

Fay Awendaw, SC

itw as balacka nd I was disappointed, I noyice now they have changed the photo …

Originally the picture was pink and I thought i was getting a pink rap. itw as balacka nd I was disappointed, I noyice now they have changed the photo on the package to black, I have read other review where people thought they were getting a pink wrap. this seems like false advertiseing.

Marian Durant, FL


I loved this my daughter borrowed it and it never came back I had to buy another one love love

Consuelo Baird, TX

one of the best head scarves i’ve ever had

i’ve had tons of head scarves before i bought the Stay On satin scarf. although they claimed to be made of satin, but after purchasing this scarf, i see that they were telling a lie. this scarf feels exactly like my satin pillow. it actually stays on my head when i’m asleep, unlike all the other ones. you just have to be careful with wrapping your hair because the edges, which is made of thread, will pull at your hair if you get your hair caught while tying it.

Lilian Douglas, NE

This is great!

One of the reasons I don’t like head wraps is because they never fit well and the slide off during the night. I decided to try this one after reading the product description. This wrap offers the best coverage, is silky smooth yet doesn’t slide off. I will buy several more.

Dale Leisenring, PA


Love this for the shower -so my dreads don’t become all wet, and conditioned-when i don’t want them too..! Fast service!

Heidi Mc Kittrick, CA

You Tube Sent Me Here!

I go back and forth with my hair between flat-ironing, wearing my hair natural, and twists/braids. Yes, I go to you tube for all kinds of helpful hints. A young lady was demonstrating how she kept her flat-ironed hair straight for a few days without flat-ironing it every day by wrapping her hair with a wrapping scarf. Of course I’ve seen these around but never knew how to use it effectively until that demo!Came to Amazon to find one. CBS Express had the best deal, EXCELLENT service and it got here in a few days. It is everything I hoped for and does well. The wrapping scarf is for my straight styles. I also purchased a large scarf for my braids/twists styles from them too. I’m a happy camper!

Camilla Peckville, PA

This is what I need at bed time

Very effective for warp styles and keeping hair in place when doign my housework or when goign to sleep at night. Retains moisture well.

Lori Kildare, TX


This stayes on my wife’s head with no problem night after night. it is the best head wrap she owns and will use this over anyother one.

Sydney Walland, TN