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Stay On Satin Large Scarf

Stay On Satin Large Scarf is a large 30-inch square that fits perfectly over any hairstyle and is multi-use.

Key features

  • Satin protects hair from breakage while sleeping
  • Fits beautifully over any hairstyle in a variety of ways
  • Hundreds of uses
  • Assorted colors

Honest reviews


Fit’s on my head perfectly

I’m glad that I was able to add this to my collection of satin head ties. It doesn’t slip off as long as you tie it securely.

Jean Whitfield, MS


Seems to be good quality and it works really well. It doesn’t slip from my hair during the night, which was what I was afraid it would do. Recommended.

Lesa Blairsville, GA

Too Small!

This scarf is Too small and will never be buying it. it is not going last. looks cheap t y

Sherri Kountze, TX

Happy Camper via You Tube!

I purchased a large scarf for my braids/twists styles from CBS Express. They had the best deal, EXCELLENT service and it arrived in a few days. I’m a happy camper, it stays on all night and I’ve noticed less dryness and breakage. Be sure to use the soft side on your hair and the satiny part on the outside. It’s all good!I do wish there was a color selection OR it was noted color varies. I as expecting dark lavender and received a rosy pink that will do ok.NOTE: Info shared from my wrapping scarf review…”I go back and forth with my hair between flat-ironing, wearing my hair natural, and twists/braids. Yes, I go to You Tube for all kinds of helpful hints. A young lady was demonstrating how she kept her flat-ironed hair straight for a few days without flat-ironing it every day by wrapping her hair with a wrapping scarf. Of course I’ve seen these around but never knew how to use it effectively until that demo!Came to Amazon to find one. CBS Express had the best deal, EXCELLENT service and it got here in a few days. It is everything I hoped for and does well. The wrapping scarf is for my straight styles. I also purchased a large scarf for my braids/twists styles from them too. I’m a happy camper!”

Dana Galliano, LA


Great for tying down hair at night – helps to keep my hair from breaking but it doesn’t make my head too hot.

Millicent Salkum, WA

So weightless, yet so…nice!

I usually wear a silk cap to bed. Since it’s hotter, I decided I needed to find something a bit more light and suitable for the Summer months. This baby here is the answer to my natural hair prayers. I tie it up at night, roll around in bed (I’m what they’d call a “rough” sleeper.) and wake up in the morning only needing to do my usual ritual after a gentle shake of the head. My hairstyle wasn’t compromised at all. A wee bit smushed, but after that initial shake, it was as if nothing had been on my head at all. I am so glad I chose this instead of another super expensive company claiming they were “the best”. This was affordable, it came right on time, and the next time I need another one I’ll be right here on Amazon.

Casandra Schurz, NV