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Stay On Satin Large Scarf – Style 779-B – Black

stay on satin 779-B

Key features

  • stay on satin 779-B

Honest reviews



This works just fine. Does the job. Washed in the washing machine a few times & is holding up nicely.

Georgina Erlanger, KY


As a natural I am big on protecting my hair when I sleep at night since I have thick curly hair. This is the best satin scarf on the market thus far. I have been buying this brand for 2 years at my local Walmart where I live along with the satin cap just for extra coverage since I move a lot in my sleep. I prefer the black one which is why I ordered this off Amazon. Awesome pricing and shipping! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this product!

Dorthy Springport, MI

Slides Off

didn’t work for me… slides off, have tried to wear it on either side and still the same. So this product is not for me, SORRY!

Laura Belding, MI

Four Stars

Excellent product

Tia Enloe, TX

Great large satin scarf!

I like Stay On Satin Large Scarf as a nighttime head covering as well as a styling aid. It protects my hair as I sleep and stays on well due to the design.

Lauren Boncarbo, CO

Works Good

This Satin Scarf does just as it says. It stays on! In the past I have had problems keeping scarves and bonnets on my head, but this stays on and is very smooth and gentle on my hair. I will definitely recommend this product.

Alfreda Marquez, TX