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Stay on Satin anti-breakage tie up wrap style #7774

Our luxurious satin fabric is impregnated with an anti-breakage treatment using a special pressure and vapor process. The result is dry and non greasy. Special active ingredients are released by natural body heat and gentle action of your hair against the smooth satin material. This revolutionary new product will actually condition and moisturize your hair with a built in anti-breakage treatment while you sleep.

Key features

  • Stay on Satin anti-breakage tie up wrap style #7774

Honest reviews


Stays on as promised, but…

The wrap is on the small size. People with a lot of hair will have a hard time getting complete coverage. If you have shorter hair or a smaller head, it is a good buy, so based on that, I will cautiously recommend the product.

Ila Forest City, NC

Love them

The product arrived on time and as described. Very happy with the service; I would recommend it over and over. It is a must if you are planning to take care of your hair breakage; and besides; they do have pretty nice colors; although i wouldnt mind not having the black on the list.

Mamie Peru, NE

Love it!

I bought this product all the time in VA but since I have moved to California it has been difficult to find so I was thrilled when I found it online. Using this hair wrap in combination with Wen hair cleansing conditioner has changed the texture of my hair and completed ended my breakage issues. Just like the picture, my hair has grown from above my shoulders to past my shoulder blades. If you want to grow your hair out or just keep it healthy, this is a great buy, just remember to keep your wrap in a plastic bag when you aren’t using it and replace every six weeks.

Veronica Gays Mills, WI


Actually at this moment I am not sure about the growth qualities of the product, however would like to comment that it is very uncomfortable to use it. It always gets off the hair at night and never stays on your head!

Ma Jenkins, MN

love it

i wear this wrap at night after i wrap my hair its wonderful it help make my hair grow by itself just make sure u put it in the bag right after the keep the product “fresh”

Amber Southmayd, TX