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Stay On Large Satin Edge Bonnet Assorted Colors

The Stay On Satin Extra Large Sleep Bonnet is large enough to keep most styles while you sleep.

Key features

  • 21 inch size covers most hairstyles
  • Strong yet comfortable covered elastic
  • Keep moisture in

Honest reviews


No Frizz! No Snags!

I absolutely love this product. The fabric is soft and the satin is like silk. I’m on my natural hair journey and I do a lot of braid outs. It gave me no frizz, it saves my edges and protects my hair. I highly recommend this to anyone. Mind you the packaging says “large” if your head is bigger get a bigger bonnet. If your hair is longer; you might want to wrap your hair or do some flat twisting or braiding and then put it on. The large bonnet fits me very well and it doesn’t fall off my head because of the elastic satin band. Buy it! It’s worth it.

Dana Broussard, LA


Cap stays on but at this point, I can’t say anything else about it. So, I gave it 3/5 stars.

Denice Woodridge, IL

Great night bonnet!!

Great night bonnet!! Not too big and not too tight. Very comfortable with elastic around my edges. I bought several for my daughters and for my mom who is a big fan of this bonnet.

Taylor War, WV

They do there job

i buy these bonnets alot a walmart but since i was ordering stuff from amazon i just decided too throw one in the cart i like these because they stay on at night the only thing i dislike is i always lose them all around my house and i often have to buy new ones which isnt the companys fault its mine lol

Maura Crayne, KY

Good for rough sleepers

I toss and turn all night, and I never could find a sleep cap that stayed on my hair all night. I used it over my braids and corn rolls and it remained in place all night. However it slipped backward when I wore the cap over flat ironed hair.

Michael Mendon, MA

The good, bad and ugly

One thing I like about this bonnet/cap is that it stays on. If you’re a rough sleeper like me, that’s a really big deal. Also, the outside is indeed satin, which is great for hair. Unfortunately the “soft inside” is not satin. I have fairly short, curly, type 3c and 4a African American hair. On multiple occasions, I noticed that I could feel my hair snagging on the inside of this cap when I took it off in the morning. I’d look inside the cap and see that strands had been ripped out during the night. Quite disheartening! Also, the black dye on the cap left ugly stains on my pillow cases and sheets.One more thing…I decided to turn the cap inside-out & I had much better results. Since the outside of the cap is true satin, it doesn’t snag my hair at all. Also, the elastic doesn’t eat away at my edges when wearing it like this.

Lauri Trevett, ME

It’s not the product

It’s not the product that I am writing about. It’s a great product. It’s the price that I am talking about. I am all about saving if at all possible.For the price that Amazon charges for this item, I could get 2 at Walmart. (Sorry Amazon)Walmart sells them for $1.62 each. Also this way there is no shipping charge. I am startingto do this with other products that Amazon sells. I research the price on Walmart or other storesand if it is cheaper at these other outlets, then I will go with them. Who wouldn’t?

Guadalupe Alexander, IA

Great Bonnet

I love the Bonnet. I’m going to get more colors. I still use my silk scarf once in awhile but the bonnet stays on my head and doesn’t give me a headache.

Jeannie Skillman, NJ