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Starry Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Gel with Brush Midnight Sky Dark Navy Blue

This innovative eyeliner offers the precision of liquid eyeliner and the ease of a gel based formula. The color is long-wearing and water resistant. Can be used to create subtle to dramatic looks. Every package comes with an brush. It is available in 12 pretty colors.

Key features

  • Starry Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Gel

Honest reviews


Not very waterproof at all

I love the color of this eye liner. It is very difficult to find a brush thin enough for the line I want.I do not know why it is called waterproof. It smudges on a humid day never mind wearing it on the beach.I will not purchase this again. I bought it in (2) colors. I am glad it was cheap, which proves, you get what you pay for.I would rather spend $20.00 on liner that actually stays on for an entire day, even on very humid days, swimming or traveling.Who wants to arrive on their vacation with raccoon eyes? I fell asleep on the plane and woke up looking like Tammy Faye!

Jennie Tovey, IL

Color is so pretty

Love the color, just enough shimmer to make the eyes pop….go’s on smooth. You do need to let it set up about 30 to 40 seconds……

Marlene Oldsmar, FL

These are my favorites

The Starry Eyeliner gels are excellent; I have four colors now. The midnight sky is beautiful.I have hazel eyes and it is very complementary.The gel liner glides on easily and is easy to work with.

Penny Irwin, OH

Really great.

I absolutely love this. I had been told to try eyeliner gel instead of liquid or pencil, because I had been told you have much more control over gel. Now that I’ve tried it, I feel like my pencils can’t compare! This is a great brand, too. Easy to work with and not cakey at all. I wish all of my liners were gel.

Patrice Crane, MT

pretty color

This was not as intense a color as I wanted but it is pretty.It is not, however, indelible or waterproof and on a warm day I can certainly see how it may pose a problem.

Clare O Kean, AR

Okay for a gel

This is a good product for a very fair price and will last a long time. I’m not a big gel fan but this is better than others I have tried. Quick shipping.

Charity Oconee, IL