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Star Nail Pen-Style Polish Corrector

Put on your nail polish worry free with this corrector pen! Saturated with nail polish remover, brush over your mistake, leaving nails neat and beautiful.

Key features

  • Star Nail Pen-Style Polish Corrector

Honest reviews


Good polish corrector

For what it’s worth the polish corrector pen is not so bad. I typically don’t use color on my nails, I just coat them clear. I did however use color on my nails a while ago and used this pen for a few mistakes I made, the pen cleaned the mistakes up with no problem. Note: It is not a pen filled with remover, I fill a tin with some polish remover and dip the pen as I need it.

Charlotte Fresno, TX

Not what I was looking for…

I used to buy correcting pens at the grocery store that included polish remover in the handle. So you just opened the top and started cleaning up the edges of your nails. This product did not have polish remover included. It is simply a pen with a removable tip and can be dipped in polish remover. Still works, just an extra step so less portable since you have to carry along a bottle of remover. They also sell the replaceable tips here so I’ll be able to make use of this for years to come.

Adele Glenview, IL

Cheaper than the name brands but works the same!~

Cheaper than the name brands but works the same!~Star Nail Pen-Style Polish Corrector…arrived super fast and a lot less expensive than the Cutex brand!~ I recommend these!~

Patti Pixley, CA


End all solution to polish correcting. simple, best design. cheap and easy to refill. Much better than buying a pen that has the nail polish remover inside of it and is non refillable. With this, I just pour a little bit of nail polish remover in a dixie cup, and dip this pen in it, and then rub it on the edges of my nails, and the polish comes off. I don’t think I’ll need a replacement tip that quickly either.

Louella Perkins, GA

Does what it says

I just wish the tip was sharper. I can correct bigger areas like the sides of my nails, but when it comes to near cuticle, not so great.

Jillian Mont Clare, PA