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Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper 1/4 Jaw by ToiletTree Products. Lifetime Replacement

ToiletTree Products 1/4 Jaw Cuticle Nipper is designed with strength in mind. This stainless steel cuticle nipper is ideal for trimming cuticles, hangnails, and doing manicures. This stainless steel cuticle nipper comes in a matte finish which cannot be overstated. Comfortable designed handle making it easy to use. Care and Cleaning: This tool is 100% stainless steel and is designed to last a lifetime. After each use, the product should be cleaned to extend the use and also to avoid germs. Place some rubbing alcohol onto a tissue or use an alcohol based disinfectant wipe. Wipe the tissue or wipe along the cutting edges of the cuticle nipper. After cleaning, ensure that this tool is thoroughly dried and not stored while damp or in a damp location. Lifetime Replacement Warranty: We take great pride in our products and their workmanship. For that reason, this ToiletTree product is backed with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Your satisfaction is our main concern and our objective is to be certain that the product you purchase provides you with both quality and value. Because this product is crafted using the finest materials available, we expect it to last you a lifetime, and we make sure this happens by free replacement if this product wears down during its intended use. However, our warranty is not unconditional: please note that our warranty does not cover product damage that may result from abuse of the product. We respectfully reserve the right, at our own option, to replace the merchandise. For warranty service, simply send the product to us at: ToiletTree Products Replacement Dept. 517 North Highland Ave. Upper Nyack, NY 10960 We’ll take care of the rest. Please include your name and your return address information, phone number and email address, along with a $3.00 check for handling/processing. Replacements will be processed within 2 weeks of receiving. ToiletTreeClippersTTP845

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  • Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper 1/4 Jaw by ToiletTree Products. Lifetime Replacement

Honest reviews



I have so much trouble with cuticles and have a number of nippers at home. They all lose their sharpness, but one. This one is fantastic. My cuticles get dry and icky and drive me crazy. I don’t want to gnaw at them, so need a good, sharp cuticle nipper. The best thing about this brand is that it has a lifetime guarantee for sharpness. That really appealed to me and made the expensive price well worth it. Definitely fantastic product.

Janis Gardner, LA


I bought these because the description and a review mentioned hang nails. They work extremely well. I am able to cut the hang nails without any problems. They are easy to use.

Octavia Potecasi, NC

nice fit

All too often I’ve gotten nippers or tweezers and they didn’t close right and in the case of nippers, not being sharp enough. These are good. I will be purchasing another pair as a gift.

Ernestine Bryant, SD

best cuticle trimmers

These are the sharpest cuticle nippers I’ve ever owned. I was worried they were a little pricey but after using them I can see why. They are totally worth the money. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist about manicures like I am, then you will love these.

Dollie Somersworth, NH

not comparable to old German-made ones

It looks well made at first but the cutting edges do not meet flush nor do the tips. This means it works but requires a lot more pressure to cut and isn’t as precise as it should be. I was hoping to replace an old German-made pair but this one disappoints.

Lynn Greenleaf, KS

good product

These are just like the ones they use at the nail salon. It gets down in the cuticle or hang nail and gets it out with ease–careful they are sharp!

Melva Sand Springs, OK

Work great

These work just great for what I needed. I do not use them professionally or anything, but I’m always looking for a good pair of nippers that I know will last!

Suzette Riley, IN

I returned these – they looked used and weren’t sharp at all

I opened the package to find the chrome coating on these chipped, some sort of debris in nooks and crannies. They looked used and were returned. I’ll never order from this manufacturer again.

Erma Stonewall, LA

EXCELLENT quality!

These clippers replaced some that I’d had for many years that finally gave up the ghost :). They are excellent in quality, and actually cut better than my favorites ever did. They fit well in the hand, perfectly weighted, and are exceptionally precise in what they cut. They also don’t tear the cuticle at all. The lifetime guarantee is a bonus as well!

Lindsey Wilmer, TX

good tool

Nippers good, comfortable, soft and gently cut unnecessary.Do not hurt.I would like a longer cutting portion. I hope that they will stay sharp for a long time.

Jean Henryville, PA

Not sharp!

I’ve had many cuticle nippers but this has to be the worse. It doesn’t cut, it tears. The angle of the jaws is such that it doesn’t get close enough to the cuticle and you then have to use the very tips to try and cut but it’s too dull. I thought that the reviews would help me pick out a good reliable nippers but they didn’t.

Louella Trimont, MN