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St Moriz Self Tan Tanning Applicator Mitt

If you are looking to achieve a streak free professional finish the St. Moriz Self Tan Mitt is perfect for you! With a specially created lotion proof barrier, the St Moriz Self Tan Mitt helps you put the days of stained hands and streaks behind you, hooray! We use our mitt with St Moriz Self Tan Mist, Mousse, Lotion and even with Shimmer Souffle!

Key features

  • If you are looking to achieve a streak free professional finish, the St Moriz Self Tan Mitt is perfect for you

Honest reviews



This mitt works very great if you’re also using the St. Moriz Mousse self tanner. It really help even it with no streaks, the only downside is that, it’s kind of hard to wash the mitt back to brand new, so you might want to stock on them

Genevieve Cliffside Park, NJ


I’m glad I got this. For some reason my tanning foam kept balling up every time I used a pair of gloves, so I finally bought this mitt. It’s fairly reasonable in price. I just wish I’d purchased it sooner. Works great.

Dorthy Felda, FL


This self tan tanning applicator mitt is awesome. I recently applied a self tanner using this mitt and it went on perfectly, no blotchiness or streaks.

Florine Stet, MO

St. Tropez is better

I ordered this mitt several weeks ago. It finally arrived. The one I got does not look as pictured. It is plain, without any writing on it. I think it is a generic brand that I received. I only used the St. Tropez mitt and had it for the whole summer season. This mitt is super thin and does not apply tanner smoothly. It went in the garbage.

Liliana Mentcle, PA

Must have

These are the best to have to apply the tanning lotion and then you have no streaking and you can guide it more placesI just love these and order them always now when ordering the spray tan which is a must in my book now .

Carol Saint Matthews, SC

Does the job

This product does exactly what I hoped it would. Helps use my tanning lotions and buff it out for a more natural look.

Lila Litchville, ND

Best quality tanning mitt

This one lasts me months longer than other tanning mitts. No rips or excessive staining. And the material is thicker, not flimsy.

Vanessa Boonville, NC

Holding up well

I’ve had different self-tanning mitts, and this one seems to be holding up really well. Offered at a good price, too!

Liza Lunenburg, VA

Need this for the mousse

I’m glad I ordered this with the tanning mousse. The mousse is very dark and stains. Be sure to put lotion on your knees and elbows before applying the mousse. Also, wash the mitt after each use and don’t wring it out to remove excess water-I destroyed mine doing that. It wouldn’t uncrinkle and I had to get a new one. Lastly, get a mini mitt for your face!

Mellisa Henning, IL

sometimes scratchy

This is an okay mitt. I’ve tried one other one before that came with a spray tan that I purchased and I figured maybe this was the same. It’s not. This one is much more abrasive. The edges tend to scratch your skin while your applying your tan. Also doesn’t really stay on your hand. And the tan will get through the mitt on the other side and tan your hands sometimes. Other than those things, it does mostly what it is intended to do. Which is to keep the tan from getting on most of your hands, and spreading it much more evenly. I don’t see how anyone could apply tan without a mitt so this will do.

Glenna Mahto, SD