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St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse – Dark

Salon Formulated, Instant Bronzing, Longer Lasting, Fast Drying, No Streaks. Most recognised product format and ideal for both beginners & experts alike. Bikini and beach fans, this one’s for you. Perfect for recreating a holiday tan, this is a beautifully fragranced, superlight mousse formulation, which is easy to apply and creates an instant bronzing effect and an all over flawless tan. Available in Medium for a golden glow, and Dark, for a deeper, long haul tan. You know your best assets so why not show them off?

Key features

  • Salon Formulated.
  • Instant Bronzing.
  • Longer Lasting.
  • Fast Drying.
  • No Streaks.

Honest reviews


Advice for a better application

This is one of the better tanning MOUSSES I have used. The positive to this mousse is that it lasts a promising 3 days before I have the urge to reapply & the color isn’t bad on porcelain skin. The negative is it REALLY absorbs to dry skin, so moisturize knees & elbows to avoid splotches. Also do NOT apply with deodorant on. You will get a dark, orange ring if you do. Btw I use the Tom’s natural deodorant.How To:I applied with gloves, but in the past I have used cut up (new) kitchen sponges to apply evenly. If you use your bare hands I recommend getting a dark colored washcloth damp with water and whitening toothpaste prior to coloring so you can instantly rub/exfoliate the color of your palms, and then also having another dark colored washcloth dampened with water prior to clean the toothpaste suds off your hands. Anyway, I always exfoliate my entire body with a loofah and fav soap in the shower and shave before tanning. After I will tan using one of the above applying methods.I ALWAYS start with my legs and work my way up. Work in small sections too. Ex. front of leg, back of leg, behind the knee, around the knee, top of thigh, etc. It also helps to put a dark colored towel under neath to catch any mousse that may drip off a hand, too. When you get to the neck be sure to get top of ear and behind the ear. If you apply to face, avoid around the eyes and lips. Really go for the forehead, cheeks, chins, and nose if you must. I usually don’t tan my face in the winter time considering my skin is dryer and my skin does not flake/peal evenly at all. If you are using your winter makeup (a lighter color) use a darker powder or matte bronzer to highlight/darken those areas I mentioned that we would have tanned. Go for a lighter shimmery bronzer (if you must) on the highlight area of your cheeks and right on the meeting area of your lip and skin on your upper lip. Also in my opinion, the hands and feet are the hardest to evenly tan. Please take the most time on these areas.

Adelaide Dobbs Ferry, NY


I purchased the St. Tropez tanning mousse several months ago. I loved it. However, I never wanted to use it on my legs for fear of running out of the pricey tanner. I used it on my upper body and face to get a nice sun kissed glow for my summer shirts. I heard about St. Moriz and watched several youtube videos on it. I decided to go with the dark color instead of the regular St. Moriz. I was expecting 18-26 business days for delivery and was pleasantly surprised on the 6th day to see that my shipment had arrived. I tried it immediately and was thrilled with the results. It’s just as good as St. Tropez if not better! I usually use the mousse right before I go out instead of before bed, wash it in the morning, etc. This color is so pretty!! It’s darker than the St. Tropez and goes on so easily. I used it on my face as well. DEFINITELY worth it!!! The fast shipping was enough to give it 5 stars, let alone the amazing product.

Corina Cordesville, SC


Awesome product! If you are currently using St. Tropez and would like to save some money, give this product a try. I think you’ll find it comparable. Color is natural, just like St. Tropez. Glad I took a chance on this brand.

Matilda Haviland, OH

St. Moriz – comparable to St. Tropez

Currently was using the Fake Bake Spray..which was good…just didn’t deliver the dark results like St. Tropez Tanning Mouse did. So..I was going to purchase the St. Tropez…came across this in the reviews – and am sooo glad I purchased it. It is just as good as St. Tropez but for a third of the price!! LOVE IT! Will continue to be a staple of mine.

Alicia Big Island, VA

Absolutely fantastic!

As someone who usually gets professionally spray-tanned, I am proud to say I am saving more money than I could imagine using St. Moritz products. I have used ONE bottle four times already and still have solution left. I like to have full coverage so I apply it all over my body and have not had issues with it streaking. I think it lasts about 4-6 days depending on how much you shower, exfoliate, etc.People usually knew when I would professionally get spray tanned due to the noticeably dark contrast the next day. St. Moritz has a beautiful NATURAL tan appearance. The product has impressed me thoroughly.I know that some people have said it makes them itch. I did have a little bit of that, but my issue was dry skin. Application is a little tricky. Other than that, I have continued to order this product to stock up on!

Bettie Jonestown, MS

Pretty good tanner..

I got this because I read many great reviews about it, It is better then st tropez like many said i have tried st tropez and i like this one better so i tried this st moriz it gave me a deep dark color I am naturally pale(not like cullen vampire pale, but average pale) and I did this on my arms and legs and feet I must say I did not fully follow instructions because I didn’t exfoliate my ankles to well and because of that I had horrible dark tan blotches all over my ankles and feet which I didn’t realize and I wore flats that showed my ankles and feet and people made fun of me so that was major embarrassing also it stained my hands a really dark color and so i’d suggest wearing gloves when applying this and after I scrubbed my ankles with a toothbrush and "whitening toothpaste" (it really works btw) my tan looked pretty good! Also since its a foam its s little hard to work with but i managed and I will keep on using this and probably buy it again.

Alyssa Mendon, MI

cheap and dark!

I’ve tried about 10 different tanning products and this is the best so far. It gives the most amount of color after 1 use out of any of the products I tried, which I like because I want a dark tan. It’s also the most natural brown out of the products I tried. It has a slight dark green color in it to give olive brown tones instead of orange or yellow tones. It does make you look slightly dirty while it’s on though, so I only apply before bed then wash off in the morning.It dries fast and feels like you didn’t put anything on your skin which is nice compared to other tanners that leave you feeling sticky or take forever to dry. I just wish that it stayed wet for a tad bit longer to help blend it. You have to put it on your skin and rub in very fast because it will dry and can make the tan look uneven if not blended well.Best color/darkness, feeling on the skin, and price! Too bad I don’t live in England; they sell it there for like $2-$3!

Alana Rudyard, MT

Almost perfect!

I really liked this self tanner. Great color, easy to apply with a mitt, and didn’t smell bad. The color looked really good, very dark. When I use self tanner I use it everyday and I make sure to exfoliate. What I didn’t like about this tanner was that if you got the smallest amount of water(washing hands, dishes,etc) it looked terrible. The color disappear’s from your skin leaving you with spots, looks really bad. Another problem with this self tanner is the fading. After a few days when this starts to fade it looks horrible. Looks like some kind of skin condition or disease. No matter how much I exfoliated, nothing helped. I really wish I could use this because the color is great. I think I am gonna try the St. Moriz lotion instead of the mousse and see if that works better.

Malinda Marston, MO

I’ve tried them all and this is it!

Let me preface that I am white as a wall and have tried- L’oreal, St. Tropez, Nivea, Neutrogena, Jergens, Fake Bake, Moroccan Mineral Tan, Sun Labs, Body Drench, Banana Boat, Glow Fusion, Sally Hansen, Mystic Tan- and others. Living in California I like looking tan and I’ve been doing self tanning for over a decade now. THIS self tanning foam gives you a really good, natural-looking tan for less than $12 including shipping.I’m raving about that amazing, brown-toned color similar to (and possibly even better than) FakeBake at HALF the price. Another plus, is I like the smell better. I use the ‘Dark’ tone instead of medium. I do this because I want to get a deep tone and not have to apply more than one or two times to get the desired hue. It’s so great- no orange! Be sure to exfoliate like a madman before applying this. I also use a self-tanner mitt. St. Moriz makes one they sell here on amazon, otherwise you can buy the St. Tropez one. Stock up on this product ladies! My first shipment did take about 5 weeks to arrive so keep in mind it can take time because this is shipping from the UK. My next order I put in more than one so I don’t run out 🙂

Cecilia Nunica, MI



Malinda Lexington, TN


This self tanner has a super dark tanning guide, the tan its self is a golden brown, most amazing of all, it last 5 to 6 days and it is the first tanner that didn’t turn me orange. If you are new to tanning purchase a mitt at a local store and aply the self tanner with that, mousses are a bit tricky but they last longer and take less time to dry.

Roseann Encinitas, CA

Best Tanner I Have Ever Bought!

I don’t use self tanner every day or anything, but I like to keep it around. This stuff is amazing. I am caucasian, but I am naturally fairly tan and in the summer I get pretty dark. When I initially pumped this stuff out, I thought I would look ridiculously streaky because it is SO dark and I am pretty pale, as it is towards the end of winter. It doesn’t have that nasty tanner smell, and it bronzes instantly (though the tan continued to darken over a few hours). I have no streaks whatsoever. Zero. None. I am dumb and I didn’t wear gloves so my palms got pretty dark even though I scrubbed them right after I finished applying. Amazingly, though my palms looked weird, they were *brown* not orange. There was literally no orangey-ness to them at all. This is the most natural, easy-to-use stuff ever.

Trudy Foyil, OK

Better than St Tropez

I love this, do not believe the bad reviews try it for yourself and be impressed! i read the reviews and i said why not just try it its 12 dollars you can even look for it at your local ulta. so glad i tried it! it smells good, looks good, and gives me the color i wanted to get from st tropez dark.the instant bronze gives you instant satisfaction and you looks good! you can apply and go out no problem, i even saw it was darkening on my legs when i was doing my arms!NO streaks, i was so nervous but i havent had ONE streakDried FAST but not too fast, i had plenty of time to work on my thigh and still blend things on my calf. or upper arm v lower arm.the color is NATURAL, this is the color my skin would be if i had actually went and tanned, dark but still golden and warm looking. not orange and not green.DOESNT wash off, i left it on 24 hours and washed one leg with soap and compared it the difference was really slight, not like st tropezEASIEST to apply, the application is so quick it blends so well and quickly it doesnt take me 30 min like the st tropez did, and because of that it is so easy to apply another layer the next day because it is sooo easy and last a few days but i always apply tanner twice a week to keep the color strong.i say TRY it, you never know you may love it and at a fourth of the cost of st tropez, you can maintain a dark beautiful tan all year round without breaking the bank. there;s a reason this is compared to st tropez, its a high end product at a low end price

Fay Murrieta, CA

Love It!!!

I have been using self tanners for along time, and now judging St. Moritz by the reviews I’m so glad I ordered this self tanner. I almost went for the St. Tropez but the price is way out of line, this is the best, and I will keep using this as my to go to tan.

Benita West Bloomfield, MI


I’m Asian and have extremely pale skin!!!!! And this works like magic!!!! I’m so excited to be using it!!! It looks really nice and real tan!!! Might make me look a bit too tan! But if u want just a nice glow maybe u can go for the medium shade but this really made my pale white legs beautiful, glowy, and nicely tan!!! Haven’t try this out for swimming yet! But I just hope it doesn’t wear off 🙂 totally recommend anyone to buy it! It’s cheap and dries off quick! Please don’t use your hand for the product! Use glow or the mittens for the product

Enid Waynesboro, PA

Not a fan

I have tried appling this in a couple different fashions and have not liked the results. Dries much too quich to evenly blend and therefore tried with a mosturizer as it is very dark but did not like how that turned out. MUST wear gloves as your hands will be black in seconds.

Summer Riverdale, MI

Good and Cheap

Refusing to pay the $40 price tag of St. Tropez, I opted for the “knock-off” St. Moriz years ago in high school. I remember really liking it. I bought this one about 2 or 3 months ago in the dark version instead of regular. First off, the price is AMAZING. I spent a total of $9 after shipping on this product. The smell isn’t awful, but there is definitely the biscuity self-tan smell that everyone despises. I really like the color I get when the color guide is still on me, but after I shower, the color is just, meh. It’s not very dark after one use, but my skin is already kind of dark so maybe others get a better result. It takes me about 3 or 4 back-to-back applications to get desired dark color.It dries my skin out a little, and if you don’t take good care of it by moisturizing and exfoliating, it can fade patchy. I hate having to reapply it so often, and much prefer a product that I only have to use 1-2 times a week.I ended up buying St Tropez, and it is considerably better, but it’s also about 5 times more expensive!

Emilia Alpine, NY

good product

Works well but my skin on my face has a slight bit of patchy dryness and the bronzer really over colors it on the first day. After I wash off bronzer it’s fine. Wish they made it without bronzer.

Selma Wolf Island, MO

Nice color

I’ve used almost every self tanning item out there. This one is good, especially for the price. Nice color, doesn’t have a bad smell. Just be sure to wash your hands asap if you do not use gloves. This stuff sets in quick, and I have to scrub to get completely off, even when immediately washing off. Other than that, nice color, no orange look. Would purchase again.

Janell Cornwall On Hudson, NY


This is the best self tanner I have EVER used….that says a lot because I have tried pretty much all of them. I am VERY fair skinned…and blonde. This tanner makes me look like I have just returned from an extended stay in the Cayman Islands!! It applies very easily and stays on. It does have a tanner smell, but it’s not nearly as bad as the rest. When it comes off it’s very gradual…it doesn’t leave spots like most other tanners.

Candy Riverside, CA

Love, love, love!

I read many reviews in the past on this product and decided to order it since the price was very reasonable. I realize that this is an imitation of a higher end product and I actually like that – I usually find that the imitations come very close to the real thing. So I ordered it and I have been so pleased that I have gone through two bottles and re-ordered my third.As a fair-skinned person who self-tans a lot, I am always looking for the holy grail of self tanners : not orange, easy application, a nice fade when it does come off, and the least amount of funky smell. St. Moriz is exactly that! I absolutely love it and the mousse texture is light and easy to apply. The color is not orange in any way and the price is out of this world. I have definitely found my favorite self tanner. I highly recommend it.

Willie Summerville, PA

Dark tanning Mousse

This product goes on nice and dark and has a nice smell,and it dries fast.Thye only thing that I can complain about is that the color should last longer then it does.

Rosetta Brookhaven, MS

St. Moriz

For the price this self tanner works very well, the only thing I wish is that it stayed as dark as it initially appears. A lot washes off in the shower.

Adelaide Lehigh Valley, PA

ST. Tropez Knockoff

I use this on my legs to fake tan them, with lotion rubbed in on my knees, ankles, and feet beforehand. I like this and feel it gives good even color, with no streaking I’ve noticed. I do not use it on my upper body because I find it looks faker than if I use the medium up there instead. All in all, good.

Tanya Millers Tavern, VA

Love this!

I’m middle aged unfortunately and have been holding on to my youth and those days of feeling fit, toned and tan as a 20year old. Only difference is I NOW understand the damage of the sun and avoid it like the plague.After ~20 years of using different types of sunless tanners, this is by FAR the best I’ve used (and reasonably priced).I apply with bear hands b/c it gives the best coverage ( takes a little practice/experimenting). Then I wash several times over and over and always ad a little bleach to the palm of my hands, mixed in with my hand soap. Works very well and doesn’t seem to dry out my hands as much as I thought it would. I apply a heavy layer 1x per weekend, wait at least 24 hrs to bathe or shower, and seems to last all week.Overall, VERY satisfied.

Jeri Anahola, HI

Excellent self tanner

This is a great self tanner and you can’t beat the price! It was recommended to me by a co- worker and I was impressed. Be sure to order a mitt for application so you don’t stain your hands. Apply lotion to knees and elbows before moussing. . You can also mix the mousse with your favorite body lotion if you want a lighter color. Be careful with your face- it can come out dark if you don’t watch. I like that you get an instant tint and can see where you”ve applied.

Anastasia Newburg, WI


This stuff is the bomb! Totally worth ordering every time I need it. The only complaint I have is that it washes off after my first shower and isn’t as dark of a color. I’m super insecure about being pale and really wish it lasted longer. But it’s an awesome color, much preferred over the medium one, and isn’t streaky or anything. It would be awesome if they sold this in America, they would make a ton of money off of it.

Marcia Charlton Heights, WV

Hmmm..feeling weird…

I honestly don’t know what to say about this mousse. It gives me the oddest color ever that I can’t even explain it. Maybe should have bought the medium color.

Georgette Salesville, OH

Truly the best

I am usually pretty liberal with the gold stars, but this tanning mousse is so far above all the other tanning products I’ve used, that I feel like I should go rate the other products lower. I can’t believe how low the price is for a product that works so much better than any tanning product I’ve ever used. I have used tanning sprays, lotions, aerosols, mousses, beds, stand up beds, and salon spray tans. The tan I get with this is super dark, not just for sunless tanning, but as dark as someone who goes to tanning beds regularly. I knew someone who tanned every other day in a bed and my skin is as dark at theirs (without the dangerous UV!). The tan I get with this is the most even, un-blotchy tan I’ve ever had with sunless tanner. It looks as even as a natural tan (and without tan lines, it’s more even than natural tanning).Ease of application is about an 8 out of 10. I shake the bottle, pump the mousse directly onto my skin, and blend in with a tanning mit. Immediately, I can see my skin absorb the color. "Dark" is so dark that you really need to watch for streaks and blend around hands and ankles. It takes a while to dry completely. Definitely longer than "Fake Bake" takes, which I’ve found is the fastest drying. Dry time is comparable to salon spray tans. Avoid wearing white clothing immediately after application, or in situations where you may sweat, until you have showered.Immediately as you apply, you will be DARK! After showering, your skin will still be dark! While some products achieve color through bronzers, this one seems to offer most of its color through the actual tanner itself.The tan is a very natural brown with olive undertones. I’m dark haired, get naturally tan easily in the sun, and this product mimics how my skin looks when I’ve spent days in the sun. CAUTION: until you allow the product to set (several hours) and take a shower, do not let any liquids splash onto your skin. If I get so much as a drop of water on me, I see a spot there later. That just shows how dark the tanner is.I can use this on my face and before showering under makeup it looks a little "muddy", but after showering my face looks very naturally tan.I’ve already ordered more of this. I’ve gone three days between applications and still look dark before I do the next application. So I’m guessing the tan you get with this won’t fade for at least four or five days, and then you’ll probably still have a light tan.TRY THIS STUFF! YOU’LL LOVE IT.

Dolores Powersville, MO


I am absolutely in luv with this product!! I am very picky about my sunless tanners and have never been able to find one i like other than sun laboratories but i luv this one and its my new fav! It dries fast and isnt heavy on the skin like lotions.It instantly tans u and im talkin a dark golden brown!! I wouldnt recommend goin swimming with this on or bein caught out in the rain as with any tanner the color guide will come off which might b alil embarrassing to those not wanting anyone to kno they sunless tan 🙂 but dont wry you still have ur tan underneath as long as u follow directions on the bottle but still shower first bfore swimming. Also dont use but mayb half a pump on ur face cuz it is dark! and use gloves or it will stain ur hands!! Hope this helps and trust me and everyone else here when we say TRY IT!!! U wont b disappointed!!

Deidre Aaronsburg, PA