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St. Ives Timeless Skin Daily Microdermabrasion 4 oz

St.Ives timeless skin daily microdermabrasion with fine mineral crystals, chamomile & vitamin E. This daily microdermabrasion scrub gently exfoliates to reveal younger looking, refined skin.

Key features

  • With fine mineral crystals, chamomile & vitamin E
  • Contains 100 percent natural extracts
  • Formulated without parabens and phthalates
  • Does not contain animal ingredients
  • Dermatologist tested

Honest reviews


Doesn’t do anything , Aluminum oxide crystals works better, Cheaper.

I tried this along with many other products at 10x this price and now I use Medical Grade Aluminum Oxide crystals, yes it is the same crystals they use in the machines at the Doctors, I use it with a flat buffing pad and it is much cheaper and more effective than this or olay or anything else on the market.

Sheree Wofford Heights, CA

Did nothing

I used this product after reading that it could help refine pores and keep acne at bay. This product really did nothing for my skin and the bottle was small enough for it to really not be worth the money.I would much rather use Mary Kay’s MicroDermabrasion set over this. With that set I can feel the difference and my pores disappear.

Susie Genesee, PA

Should work nicely for those who want a gentle microdermabrasion.

I, however, found it to be too gentle for me. I like to feel a good scrub on my face and this was not gritty enough. I’m back toderma e Microdermabrasion Scrub, 2 oz (56 g). When I use the derma e product I feel like it’s really giving me a microdermabrasion. But this St. Ives product would be better for those who need something gentler. It has a pleasant scent and can be used daily.

Marlene Craig, NE

Love it! Love it!

Love it so much! Do I need to say more? Seriously, every girl needs one… must use every day (or every other day)!

Sherry Fedscreek, KY

if you must get a face scrub go with the st ives fresh skin

the scrubs in this are super fine but they are rough at the same time they can also get into your eyes burning and scratching them the consistency of this is like mixing fine sugar with waterwhen rinsing my face i noticed that there is a light film over my face i do not feel squeaky clean like i didnt get a good scrub down its just to rough not creamy enough for me i can almost feel it scratching my skinover time the scrub can block the tubewould i repurchase? nojust buy yourself a clarisonic

Catalina Lauderdale, MS

great product!!

works great! skin feels soft and smooth after use. would totally recommend for anyone who wants softer more youthful looking skin

Kathleen Calvin, KY

So far, so good (Updated 10/7; more acne info)

Purchased this to use on my fair, mildly oily, acne-prone skin. LOVE how smooth my skin feels after, and it also helps gently exfoliate the dead skin left over from drying acne. I have only used it a few times, so I can’t say whether it helps w/ breakouts or not, but so far, I really like it!Update: Been using for a little over a week and though I still am dealing w/ acne, I don’t think this is making it any worse or causing more pimples. I would recommend to those with acne to barely touch the surface of your skin as you put it on your face. Don’t try to scrub; the St. Ives does that for you, even if you are very lightly touching your skin. Anything more, and you will possibly irritate the heck out of your acne.Also, on a side note, I LOVE how makeup primer goes on after using this… it’s as though your skin couldn’t possibly be softer. Great product….changing from 4 stars to 5!

Pamala Plum Branch, SC

It’s just alright.

I’ve used better microdermabrasions. I was hoping to like this one, because it’s for daily use. It seemed to work well at first, but now my skin is back to looking dull.

Georgia Alamo, TN


I’ve used this stuff for a long time, ever since I found it in the store, probably close to about a year ago.My skin is amazingly soft, thanks to my using it twice a day. I love that it is not very harsh on the skin- I can use it morning and night with my other skincare products with NO problems, and it helps get rid of dead skin that would give my face a dull appearance. It also has a bit of a nice smell, but it’s not overpowering.I really don’t have anything negative to say about this product, because, well, I don’t usually have problems with St Ives 🙂

Kristina Inman, GA

i like it

I really like this scrub. I am kind of a lazy person so I don’t use it regularly but whenever I use it I feel really smooth & nice skin.

Phoebe Corydon, KY

Just average

It’s hard to wash off, and does not do much for the pores on my nose. Also you have to take extra care to wash the hairline, else you end up with white film ….but the face does feel clean after use

Wanda Bowmansville, NY


I used this product everyday for a while after receiving it. It was nice that it isn’t irritating and that you can use it everyday. But I didn’t see any results.

Petra Lorton, NE

can’t find it in stores

I have been using St. Ives products for years and am very impressed with the Timeless Skin facial line. I have used this product and am very impressed with it. I would recomend this to anyone. It does what it says, you have to use it more than once to see the results. I also recomend using the entire line together to see the results. I do have a hard time finding it and the price is really high. I will continue to buy it when I can only because I love this facial product and St. Ives is my only skin care. Please bring this product back.

Jerry Milan, NM

Deep Cleans

I’m amazed how clean my skin felt after using this. It really cleans deep into your pores, just make sure to keep out of eyes.

Juliet Kaunakakai, HI

A great addition to your skincare routine

I like this scrub and it is very nourishing to your skin, It has helped with my skintone and the hyperpigmentation I suffer from. Be very careful when using this scrub on face, you don’t have to scrub your face hard, just gently sweep it over your face and st ives will take care of the rest :.

Margery Bells, TN


Wasn’t blown away by this product. It wasn’t bad either, just adequate.I have sensitive skin and this didn’t bother me. Can’t say it really did much in terms of exfoliation though. Much better products out there in the same price range.

Gale Amber, OK

St. Ives Micro Dermabrasion Scrub

This micro dermabrasion scrub is great, it’s gentle and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.St.Ives has discontinued production of this particular product so I suggest buying more than one. *By the way this is a facial scrub not a body scrub but it can be used as a body scrub if that is your preference.

Judy Henrietta, TX

Works great!

I love this scrub! I use it every other day. Works great and makes my face look so clear and even :] I would recommend this ~

Denice Friend, NE


excellent scrub, i use this also on my body and it feels great.

Vilma Mereta, TX

Gentle, nonirritating

This St. Ives product makes the skin feel so soft and supple. I need to use a scrub at least several times a week to combat dry skin. I’ve tried other microdermabrasion products that were harsh and led to breakouts and skin lesions. Not so with St. Ives Timeless Skin. The granules in the product are very fine and quite small. If you are looking for a product with a thicker consistency, you might tryPhilosophy Microdelivery Purifying Peel, which I had a good experience with but was costly. This product helps me keep my skin clear and at a price that is not shocking. Timeless Skin has a slight floral scent. I am typically very sensitive to products with fragrance but could tolerate this one quite well. For extra softness, I turn toCalifornia Baby Calendula Cream, 2 ozafter using Timeless Skin.

Daphne Wales, AK

Wow! For his price get it!!

Never tested on animals but I’m wild about this stuff. I use morning and night in combination with other purchased amazon products I recommend so please tr it if your skin feels dull or lifeless toy you, it will change it. It’s gentle yet its definatley exfoliating to the max. I’m recommending it and stocking up.ADD: Now that I have had it a while – they need to make the bottles bigger – MORE PRODUCT!

Laura Elkader, IA


This is a super product that can be used daily. Removes makeup, is gentle, yet keeps my skin soft and smooth. For the money, this can’t be beat.

Marcella Floyd, NM