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St. Ives Fresh Skin Scrub, Apricot 10 oz

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub deep cleans to leave skin healthy and refreshed. This mild formula is 100 percent sulfate free, and contains natural ingredients that purify and exfoliate for a radiant complexion. By gently removing excess dirt and oil, this scrub lets skin’s natural radiance shine through. All-Natural Exfoliants and Moisturizers This scrub gets its cleansing power from 100 percent natural apricot extract, corn kernel meal, walnut shell powder, and glycerin. These ingredients work together to reveal a healthy, radiant complexion. Apricots contain high levels of purifying carotenoids (like Vitamin A) and anti-oxidants to gently nourish and moisturize skin. Glycerin further replenishes moisture so skin feels soft and smooth. Corn kernel meal comes directly from dried corn and is a gentle but powerful exfoliant that promotes cell turnover and regeneration for softer, brighter skin. Walnuts have a hard shell that once ground serves as another all-natural, effective exfoliant. Sulfate-Free and Hypoallergenic Designed to be gentle and non-irritating, St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub is free of sulfates and paraben. Its creamy formula is also oil-free, non-comedogenic (so it won’t cause breakouts), and dermatologist tested, making it a great choice for all skin types. Easy to Use This scrub is easy to use. Squeeze a small amount in the palm of your hand or directly on to fingertips and massage on face with gentle, circular motions, using as much or as little pressure as you like. When you’re done, the scrub rinses clean away to reveal cleaner, fresher skin. For best results, use three to four times per week. Apricot Collection St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub is part of a complete collection of Apricot products that includes Blemish Control and Timeless Skin scrubs, as well as Smoothing Apricot Body Wash. Use this scrub along with the other products in this collection for bright, clear skin every day. St. Ives: A Commitment to Nature St. Ives believes nature has the power to soothe, heal, awaken, and energize. They are dedicated to bringing you the best of nature with formulas that delight the senses as they work. As a conscientious formulator of quality products, St. Ives is committed to protecting the planet by bringing nature’s power to you while respecting and preserving its vitality. St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub At a Glance: Deep cleans to leave skin soft and smooth Apricot extract, corn meal, and walnut shell powder gently exfoliate Glycerin and apricot extract nourish skin Contains no sulfates, oil, or paraben Use with other St. Ives Apricot collection products St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, 10 Ounces

Key features

  • Deep cleansing formula with 100 percent natural exfoliants
  • Gently removes dull, dead skin cells
  • Instantly reveals smooth, visibly healthy skin

Honest reviews


St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub

I use to love this product before they changed it and the container. Please make it the way it was. PLEASE! o_O

Tabatha White Marsh, MD

Love it, But Watch Out.

I’m a guy and so I wasn’t as well versed or educated about skin care products as women my age are. I only found out about skin care regimens over a year ago (and I’m in my mid-20s approaching my late 20s). As a guy, I thought, solely washing my face was sufficient. I went to a esthetician for a microdermabrasion appointment, due to the hyperpigmentation after marks and she questioned me about what cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, etc., I was using. I was surprised at my lack of knowledge. I didn’t know what any of those, aside from a cleanser, was for, including exfoliating products like this. So I did a little research about what an exfoliator, moisturizer, toner, etc. was, seen the high reviews for this product, and bought this. I gave it five stars because the beads provide the necessary function of an exoliator in cleansing away the dead skin cells on the surface (epidermis-outer layer) of the skin that cleansers don’t efficiently or effectively handle. Plus, although it does contain chemicals, I’m far more concerned with utilizing chemical peel. I bought a glycolic acid peel on here, used it a couple of times, and despite reading the instructions, was concerned because I didn’t know if I was doing it right. Chemical peels also exfoliate the skin, but can be very hazardous if you’re not highly knowledgeable about what you’re doing or if you’re not being cared for by an expert-and there’s no f’ing way I’m going to pay approximately $100-$200 a week solely for an exfoliation. The part you should be careful with when using this product, is when you use this against your face. I’ve had episodes, including now, where the jagged beads left a red/pink mark on my face. So when you’re applying this to your face and scrubing your face, don’t apply pressure to the beads because they’ll also apply pressure to your skin. Just gently move the beads across your face, let it to the job for you. Let it scrape off the dead skin cells so that new and fresh ones become exposed and accessed. People like to discuss the smell of products. For me, how a product smells is almost of no value, unless it’s unbearably pungent. I only care if a product is working properly and effectively for me. But the smell is pleasant. Now another important portion of this review, part of the reason that this item has gotten the attention and acclaim that it has, by reviewers, isn’t only that it exfoliates the skin, but also due to the price of this item. Where exfoliaters are unreasonably exorbitant in price, this is generally priced sensibly at Walgreens and other retailers, approximately $3-$7, along with the Mint Julep face mask which also shares similar characteristics as this, from the amount of people who love the product to its affordable price point. I read articles to see how many times a week it was advisable to use this product and I’ve encountered many websites with diverse recommendations from every day to 3-4 times a week to once a week or two. For me, I try to use it twice a week or every 3-4 days when I feel that dirt and dead skin cells accumulate on my face. That should be a decent amount. You don’t want to use it too much or not too often, because if you use it too much, you’re not allowing the new and fresh skin to breathe, because you’re constantly ridding it from your face, and as a result you will first notice that your skin will become dry and then dehydrated and also sensitive and inflamed, and if you wait for an extended period of time before you exfoliate your face, the oil, dirt and dead skin cells will accumulate and will result in breaking your face out with pimples. So, two times a week or once every 3-4 days for me. Overall, 5/5 for the product.

Wilma Lovejoy, GA

Only for dry skin

I bought this scrub because I have been looking for a brand that does not use plastic granules (bad for the environment). However, although I have medium–not oily–skin, it makes my face break out in pimples all over. Even though I only use it in the morning and rub my face with alcohol in the evenings. I really don’t recommend it unless your skin is so dry it needs additional grease.

Johnnie Cameron, OK

Scrub cream

St-Ives has lots of skin products which are not expensive and very good. I also use moisturizer and cleansing creams.

Annabelle Mc Farland, WI

Feels so good

I love scrubbing my face and neck with this! It makes my skin feel so soft and refreshed. It’s my favorite face scrub that I’ve tried yet and will probably be my last.

Stella Loco, OK


Love pampering myself! This smells good – I feel great afterwards – this is very refreshing I enjoy how soft my skin feels afterwards

Angelina Piasa, IL

I love this face wash!!

I have been using this product for around four years now and my skin is completely clear of acne. I used to have bad skin before i started using this product. my friend purchased this for me telling me that this is the best cleanser out there. so i started using it right away and within two weeks my skin looked a lot better. Everyone started commenting on how good my skin looks and kept asking what i was using. within weeks everyone started using this face wash at my school and they were all so happy with the results. all you have to do is take a small amount of the cleanser but before you scrub your face with it make sure your face is damp, then scrub the cleanser all over your skin for about a minute then leave it in for about two minutes and then wash it off. your skin will feel so clean and good after you are done cleaning your face. i promise you this is a great product! I hope this review helped you all!!

Liza Middle Brook, MO

Great scrub fresh scent:)

Bought this to use beforehand for my gel peel. Does a great job, and makes your face very smooth. The scent is nice as well. Would definitely purchase again. It comes in a large container that should last for quite some time!

Yesenia West Alexander, PA

Another Scrub I Love Using

I use this one every day and it leaves my skin smooth and silky. Use it all over, not just the face. It’s a great deal too 🙂

Kristie Lake Geneva, FL

Product never fails…

I’ve always used this product but never in this container, always the bottle. I have terrible acne and it’s the only exfoliating scrub that’s ever worked on me. I use this (may be harsh for some people, just scrub lighter) and then use tea tree oil (with avocado base oil) to take care of the zits and moisture. Love it!

Denise Georgetown, MS

Great product! <3

I bought this product at my local drugstore because a close friend recommended it to me. I have combination skin on my face. My T- Zone area is oily, parts of my forehead are dry, while my cheeks are normal. I use this product about once every other day and it works wonders. It sloughs off all the dead skin on my face and leaves it extremely smooth! The smell is very nice as well and isn’t overwhelming like other face products I’ve used. I’ve had this for about 2 months and I haven’t even used 1/4th of it up yet! A little really does go a long way. You also can use it on your body.*I use this and then use the Olay Foaming Face Wash for sensitive skin after. It makes my face feel WONDERFUL.Olay Foaming Face Wash, Sensitive 7 fl oz (207 ml)I definitely recommend you using a face moisturizer afterwards though, as exfoliating often does dry out your skin.

Rachael Stirrat, WV

It’s okay

I’ve used a couple exfoliaters and I cannot seem to find one that I LOVE! The one is okay, I haven’t had any problems with it.

Erin Hecla, SD

Great Scrub!

There is a reason St. Ives apricot scrub has been around for years, it’s great stuff! My skin feels so soft and clean after I’ve used it. So many scrubs out there aren’t as gritty as I would like, but this one is!! At the same time, it isn’t in the least bit harsh or irritating. Super price, too. What’s not to love?!

Gracie Schulter, OK

Supple skin!

I was using body shop’s aloe scrub earlier and was not really satisfied. I did not have have any particular quality in mind when i was searching for a scrub, but i gave St. Ives a try just like the previous one. I was really surprised as i had never heard about it on the internet. There are so many hyped products that i came across and i am glad i did not fall into that trap. St.Ives is grainy, aromatic and leaves my skin supple and smooth. I would definitely recommend this everyone.

Nettie Bellefontaine, MS

My go to full body scrub

The headline kind of says it all. There’s so much in here that it’s a fantastic value and it works great for face and body.

Paula Lompoc, CA

Good product and value

I like this scrub a lot and, like all the St Ives products, it has a great price. It feels a bit coarser than the Burt’s Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub but works just as well.

Deloris Caledonia, MI

Great product for clear skin

I received a sample in a "goody bag" and decided to purchase the full size jar. I use it 3 times a week. It keeps my skin clean and clear. It rinses off easily.

Marissa Morley, MI

Does a good job!

This stuff is great. Has a nice scent and exfoliates my skin well. I don’t use it on my face but it works really well on the rest of my body.

Debora Rock Island, TX

Always loved this.

I’ve used this scrub for years. It’s always made my skin smooth and clear. Loved it before, and I still love it now. Arrived quickly too.

Jami Mukilteo, WA

Solid Buy

Great face wash/ rub for the shower. It last longer than you’d think and helps exfoliate your face without being harsh on your skin.

Britney Asheville, NC


I have used St Ives scrub for years, but I have always used the squeeze bottles. I always hated when I got down to the last on the scrub because it was difficult to get it out of the bottle. Well, this jar eliminates that problem. Such a large sized container, with a wide opening, and a lot of product. You get the satisfaction of knowing you are not being wasteful leaving any product behind.

Suzanne Camden, ME

Inexpensive, quality cleanser

Have purchased several times from this seller, always professional, timely and sends only quality products. This scrub is great, I use it as a dermabrasion cream – without the harsh chemicals. Helps remove old cells, skin looks fresh and minimizes pores.

Polly Milladore, WI

Every women should own this stuff

I love this product,never in my life has my skin been so soft and blemish free. This scrub leaves my face nice and smooth, and it has a nice fresh scent. I have been using this for several years and every so often I try something else and I always come back to this product. It is so affordable which is the best part, I usually get mine from, alot of other places sell it for too much.

Vera Meyersville, TX

a must go to

For years I have always used the scrub and love it so much out all scrubs I def can say that this is the one and only I refuse to stop buying, soft clean fresh clear skin is what you ll have after you use this and the scent isn’t bad either!!!

Nellie Otis, OR

Does the job well!

The smell of this scrub is just amazing! I love smelling it and use it often. It removes the dead skin from my face quite well and I will be buying when I run out of this product. Try it and you’ll love it too!

Susan Rosendale, WI

Good and inexpansive srub

It doesn’t overdry your skin and I like the scent it leaves on your face. Within $5, it is definitely worth a try.

Ramona Fairview, WV


I love this scrub,the tub is huge and you only need a handful for the whole body,it exfoliate gently but firmly and rinse off easy,i will get different scent.

Patrice Almont, MI

Great exfoliator for a first time user….

Smells great and makes you feel really clean, I’ve been using it for the past week as a prepping tool for my self-tanner and it definitely gets rid of all the icky dead skin so I can get the best complexion possible. Great product, definitely a keeper!! 🙂

Yvette Stoy, IL

Adorable product

I have no words to describe how happy I am with this purchase!The best scrub ever!I have a dry skin but this product left my face and neck clean, fresh and soft!Just have bought it for my mom, mom-in-law and best friend 🙂

Mitzi Vandalia, MT

Um, fantastic

I use this to exfoliate before i do my self tanner, and it works perfect. It leaves no greasy film on my skin and makes me feel softer. It is the perfect body scrub to use before any self tanner. I am very happy with the product and you can’t beat the price.

Anastasia Afton, TX