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St Croix Sunless Tanner, Self Tanning Lotion 8 fl oz.

Achieve a deep, natural-looking tan for the face and body while avoiding the harmful rays of the sun with St Croix Labs Ultra Dark Lotion. This highly moisturizing formula coats the skin in an instant dose of color to prevent streaking or patchiness. The natural active ingredient, a sugar derivative, then works deep in the skin to intensify the color over a three hour period, resulting in a rich, natural-looking hue. Its non-clogging formula is ideal for all skin types, even sensitive.

Key features

  • A deep tan for face and body
  • Natural sugar-based formula leaves a bronzed look in just three hours
  • Instant color prevents streaking or patchiness
  • Hydrating, protecting formula
  • Ideal for all skin types

Honest reviews


work decent but why the parabens?

It isn’t as orange as other products and it does make for a decent looking tan and i can even go over my knees lightly and it doesn’t make them orange like some will but why can’t it be made without parabens? If I had known that I would not have ordered it. Please make this without the nasty stuff so we can feel safe using it.

Selma Ojibwa, WI

Remove nasty Parabens please ! NOT Paraben Free

Parabens ( Methylparaben, iosbuparaben, propylparaben, ect) are strongly linked to tumors and cancers. If this product contains phenoxyethanol as the preservative, why doesn’t the manufacturer remove the parabens ? Thousands of others have already done so.

Rosa East Saint Johnsbury, VT

Second time buying.

Love, love love this stuff. Can use it the day I want to be tan. And presto I’m tan. I didn’t even have to lay out this summer. Just put this stuff on my legs and the rest of me tanned enough without laying out. I don’t mind the smell at all.I do use a plastic glove to put it on though. I also put lotion on first, Then immediately put this tanner on. Keeps my leg smooth and helps the tanner go on.

Gloria Britton, MI

Great Tan. Lots of Comments

I have tried the Morrocan Tan and thought i’d try this out. They both are about the same type of tanning. I like St. Croix because it soaks in a little better. The smell is pleasant, but you have to wear gloves when applying this because it is really dark. I didn’t notice too much MORE of a tan occur after several hours. You get what you see when applying initially. I will definately order this again, and recommend it for a skin cancer survivor like myself trying to get a HOT tan without the sun’s rays. Thank you very much for this.

Joanna Westhampton, NY


This tanner turns me orange. Everybody’s skin might react differently to different products, but all of the sunless tanner’s I purchased on have been inferior to the product’s website. A lot of fakes here, especially with Levi brand jeans.

Helene Powellsville, NC