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Spring Valley Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil 2 fl oz

Tea Tree oil is a pure oil, culled from the leaves of a tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia), native to Australia. Traditionally, it has been used as a topical agent for the skin.

Key features

  • 100% Pure Australian Oil.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade.
  • Natural Antiseptic.
  • Topical Skin Care.

Honest reviews


New Use: Make Ticks Drop Off/Multipurpose For Skin and Household

Tea Tree Oil is wonderful for a variety of things in my home from treating blemishes, adding this to my homemade cleaning/disinfecting sprays, adding a few drops to questionable laundry, antiseptic purposes, boil/abcess treatment, cleaning brushes and makeup brushes with a few drops of this, some water and a drop of liquid handsoap, and most recently, I put some of this on a tick that was on my husband’s foot after doing some yard work. I knew not to pull it off, as it was already attached, so I quickly grabbed this and squeezed some drops from a cotton ball onto the tick. (Apparantly, it didn’t like it and willingly unattached itself in an effort to get away from the tea tree oil, where it proceeded to get squashed in a tissue and flushed). I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes to have multipurpose, natural products on hand that last quite a while, as it only takes a few drops per use.The smell of tea tree oil reminds me of turpentine, with a very slight green plant smell, in case you have never smelled it. It is strong, and antiseptic-smelling for sure. However, I can deal with it for all of the benefits it provides. It is worth noting that this bottle does not come with a dropper, so you may want to invest in a glass dropper specifically for this, as it would be very easy to pour out too much.

Toni Denver, NC

A Healthy Alternative To Everything…

Tea tree oil, explains the UWA Tea Tree Oil Research Group, is the essential oil steam distilled from the Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia (unique to Australia and native to Northern New South Wales). Tea tree oil is usually clear to very pale golden in color and it exudes a fresh, camphor-like scent.It is often called a “medicine cabinet in a bottle” because it’s “effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses and stimulates the immune system.”Because this oil is so potent, I utilize it by mixing 3 drops of it with 8 oz of water. I use this mixture for manicures, pedicures, and as a hair treatment after washing my hair. It can also be used in the following capacities:For Health1. Use a dab to treat acne (Again, I’d dilute it with 8 oz of water, and then dip a cotton ball into it to use).2. An anti-fungal for treating Athlete’s Foot, eczema, various yeast infections (if you’re going to use it as a douche, definitely use pre-caution as it can cause irritation if not effectively diluted), etc.3. An antiseptic to be used on cuts and burns.4. An anti-viral: it may lessen the symptoms of colds and flu. Try using a few drops in the bath.5. Add to a vaporizer to loosen chest congestion.6. Add a small amount to shampoo to destroy head lice.7. A small amount added to your bath can help with persistent body odor.8. A small amount to your shampoo and/or conditioner will help in the elimination of dandruff and dry scalp.9. If you suffer from BV, vaginal odor, or chronic yeast infections, mix 1 teaspoon amount into a douche bottle filled with water and regularly insert it into your vagina for a week, at least three times a day and you’ll see results. If your condition is severe, mix 2 teaspoons with a cup of water, and insert a tampon into it. Allow the tampon to absorb the water, then insert it inside your vagina. Leave it on for the remainder of the day (do this preferably at night time prior to going to bed).10. If you suffer from chronic acne or oily skin, in an empty container, mix one cup of water, 1/3 of witch hazel, and two teaspoons of tea tree oil. Use this mixture as an astringent to remove oil and bacteria from your face at least three times a day.

Lakisha Paradox, NY

Work, But Be Ready for a STRONG Odor!

I used this only a few times on my husband. It seemed to be working just fine, but I had to stop using it because my sister, who lives with us, became violently ill from the smell! I even had to put the applicator pads (purchased separately) in a zip-up plastic baggie before I threw it away, because the smell of the pad coming from the trash can made her ill. It gave me a headache, but I would have continued using it, because it did seem to be working VERY well. If you are not sensitive to VERY strong smells, you might want to give it a try.

Terrie Lewisburg, KY

My cure for acne

I’ve suffered from acne for years and tried everything from Proactiv to prescriptions from the dermatologist. I thought maybe it would be time to try a more natural approach since I also have sensitive, oily skin. I use this in conjuction with grape seed oil and lavander oil. Grape seed oil is a carrier oil and is also a great moisturizer that doesn’t clog your pores. The lavander oil helps control sebum production. I use about 6 drops of grape seed oil with 2 drops each of tea tree oil and lavander oil. This has dramatically helped my skin and acne. My ance is almost gone, and the oil production is decreased. Before using essential oils, you should check out This site has a list of what each oil does, what you can and can’t use it with, and oils to stay away from if you have certain conditions like high blood pressure. It’s also good to talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

Pamala Van Vleck, TX

Love tea tree oil

So many great uses for this. Definately recommend as an antiseptic or apply to blemishes to kill bacteria. Has anti fungal properties as well. The price is right too.

Bridgett Harviell, MO

So Many Uses For This Superb Oil. Spring Valley Makes The Best

After reading online about Tea Tree Oil, I was amazed at the uses so I decided to purchase it for myself. Luckily the market near my home carries it and I bought the Spring Valley Tea Tree Oil along with cotton balls and Q-Tips to try for health reasons for myself. This product has amazed me! So below I am listing some of the great uses that I have found with this product:1) Ears – For me, I have ears that seem to clog up. What I tried is to place about three drops of Tea Tree Oil onto a Q-Tip. NOTE: I do not poke it deep into my ear for safety reasons. Just rub it on the outer parts of my ears. Then they feel clean and refreshed.2) Mold Removal – So I added 2 teaspoons of the oil to 2 cups of water. I put this mixture into spray bottle and spray it on the mold area and wipe with a paper towel. The mold is then gone and the area has a clean smell.3) Toothbrush Cleaner – After I rinse my toothbrush, before I put it away, I add one drop and rub into the bristles. Now the toothbrush smells great and it is fresh and clean.4) Clothes Wash Aid – I add 2 teaspoons to a regular load of clothes on the WASH CYCLE. Result: The clothes came out fresher smelling.5) Scalp Treatment – I have an itchy scalp sometimes so I add about 6 drops into my shampoo and mix well. Result: My hair is shiny clean and scalp feels so soothed–no more itching!

Lillie North Granby, CT

BEST tea tree I’ve tried – better, softer scent yet more potent

Unlike cheaper versions, this is less camphorous but somehow more concentrated. Great for colds and coughs, settling digestion and treating skin issues – particularly itchy feet. I love how this is gentler in scent and vapor than other tea tree oils yet seems to be more effective. How is that?? Perhaps a better process or plant source.

Alisa Troutville, VA

Love it

I am pleased with this brand of Tea Tree Oil. I haven’t tried any other brand so I can’t compare it. But I’d order it again.

Violet Alanson, MI

when you need it, not much is better

and with our east coast rains… the woodline I had to clear was bug bite land. I really needed it!! I keep tea tree soap on hand (a very good natural disinfectant) but when you know you were exposed to ticks and chiggers for days…… this is the product you want around. Sure it smells horrid… but this mixed with some shampoo and your bug free. I hate putting poisons on my body, Tea Tree Oil is non toxic to humans and even good for you. That is hard to believe when you smell it but, for some medical problems you can putt this on full strength (however for home use you want to cut it down, a couple drops goes a long way when mixed in a little bit of shampoo or in a spray bottle).Use this wisely and it will be a friendly product. Never get it in your eyes. I mix some up in a atomizer spray bottle then carefully work it into my dogs fur by hand (avoiding sensitive skin). .. Do that outside and the fleas dive off. At first my dog wanted no parts of this smelly stuff but she now knows it helps her and deals with it. It is way better than putting poisons on any animal .

Antoinette Taylor, AR

Good oil

I use this oil for a couple of different things like my hair for stimuulating my scalp and my new peircings to help them heal and add a little moisture so they won’t be so dry…. Love this oil it is awesome!,,,!,,,!,,

Martha Dowell, MD

Love this stuff for face

I use this to treat my acne. I have never had acne until my mid 20’s and then boom…. here they were. Luckily I have found that a combonation between this and castor oil is the trick for my acne. I scrub my face and get all my makeup off and them use a cotton ball with the tea tree oil on it all over my face. It does sting but its a good sting. The smell is strong but you get use to it. Then I put a thin layer of castor oil on my face as a moisturizer. This has been so good for my skin.

Fannie Janesville, CA

Amazing for canker sore

I hate canker sores! I haven’t had one in years but I just got a nickle sized canker just inside my lip. It burned so bad. Hurt to eat, hurt to drink. On day 3 of such severe pain that i could barely even talk I remembered I had tea tree oil. I dabbed some on a q tip then placed directly on the canker for about 30 sec. Tingled a little but didn’t hurt at all. Once I removed it it instantly felt better. I then went to sleep and woke up to a numbing effect and noticed it was starting to heal very quickly. Put it on 3 times daily and over the course of 3 days it was completely gone. I think it cut the healing time in half and plus added a numbing effect to it.

Elvia Yoncalla, OR

Very Effective

After trying Monistat to no avail, I researched tea tree oil and decided to give it a try. I love this stuff. Just a tiny amount clears up a YI within a day or two – sometimes overnight.

Lesa Flora Vista, NM

Great quality oil, fresh and effective

I bought this tea tree oil after doing careful scoping online about the “best” brands. I like that this is a pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil, and more effective for disinfecting wounds (what I use it for). The smell is very fresh and pleasant to me – it smells odd at first, but I’ve tried several tea tree oils before, and this certainly smells very fresh and nice. I like that it comes in a dark glass jar to preserve the oil and keep it fresh and potent for a longer period of time. I store mine in a cool dark place (in the cabinet under my sink) for this purpose.

Alyce Luebbering, MO


So I got this not realizing that if you’re using it topically, it should ideally be diluted. This is a 100% concentration and I applied it for the first time without realizing it needed to be diluted. The smell is extremely pungent, but this stuff works miracles.

Lucy Carrollton, VA

A fine grade of Tea Tree Oil

I am a long time user of tea tree oil, and found this bottle to be particularly strong and potent, which I like. I took the advice of one of the reviewers and applied it to a couple of tags that were starting to appear and am glad to report they went away. But I must say I did employ another method along with it and that was black Jamaican oil so I would recommend the combo, however as a anti fungal preparation it is unparalleled it has a host of uses, just google and you will find that it is most useful in so many ways. I recommend.

Allyson North Sutton, NH

I love it!

I’ve used this before and it’s very healing to my body. It’s great and I will purchase it always! Thanks!

Lindsey Joyce, WA


I love this tea tree oil. I am using it on my skin and have noticed the difference.It is also good for smelly feet..If you can overlook the strong smell, this product is wonderful.

Stacy Gruver, TX