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Spotless Face Acne Treatment Facial Cleansing Pads Clearance Sale

Achieve that perfect complexion with our Acne Treatment Facial Cleansing Pads! Exfoliate, cleanse deeply, minimize pore size and completely purify your skin! Stop spending money on costly prescriptions and switch to our high strength formula – Reduce existing blemishes, remove scarring, and prevent new ones from forming! Sweep away pore-clogging oil and makeup every night before bed! Ultra convenient when you don’t have access to a sink. Use once daily to prevent irritating and drying out your skin. Our products are made with the highest quality, so we provide a 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! So you can scroll to the top and click Add to Cart with confidence!

Key features

  • Effective acne spot treatment – Exfoliate, cleanse deeply, minimize pore size & purify your skin
  • Face cleanser pads contain powerful formula, nothing is more effective without a costly prescription
  • Exfoliating pads contain salicylic acid – More effective treatment than cream for acne scar removal
  • Our best anti acne solution is great for teens, women & anyone with sensitive skin – No. 1 acne cure
  • Cleansing pads provide effective facial peel so finally you can be acne free!

Honest reviews


life saver

I am very pleased with this product. My daughter has to use antibiotic cream on her face and has been trying to stop using it, every time she she stops, her face breaks out. I have great hopes that this product is going to bring her through the process. It does diminish the redness quite effectively and so fas so good, less outbreaks. While we have only recently received this product it is already helping, exhibiting positive results with good promise for long term positive outcome. I like this company, very good customer service, backs their product with 100% money back guarantee. If you have a problem like we did, and have tried everything, it is no risk to try this.

Angeline Ramer, TN

Easy to Use!

This product contains the same active ingredient as many other anti-acne medication, but is in a much easier to use format!Simply having the anti-acne medication in a facial wipe makes it quick and easy to use, and it seems to be working great so far!

Katheryn Winneconne, WI

Great product for those with blemishes

This is a very nice product. The pads are smooth and cooling to the face. It is amazing how refreshed your skin feels.If necessary you can use the pads twice a day.Be sure not to rinse your face after using. And remember not to use around your eyes. I have a teenage granddaughter who is thrilled with this product. I’m sure she will be a faithful fan of these acne treatment pads. I recommend you try this product. I bet we will hearing a lot more about "SPOTLESS FACE".

Valarie Eighty Four, PA

It works!

I have used SO MANY acne products that didn’t work for me. This one is actually working! My skin feels and looks better, it does not dry out my skin or leave me looking oily! Super easy to use and works pretty quickly! I saw drastic improvement within a week!! Try it! You’ll love it!

Marisa East Mansfield, MA

great group of products

I have a total of three products from this company and I absolutely love the combination of them all. it is helps with my breakouts

Gussie Stockholm, WI

Great Cleansing pads for Acne. Gentle and clean.

This is great for cleaning on the go for breakouts. My daughter uses this all the time for her acne and has nothing but great things to say about it! Really works well for helping to clear up her skin. Great product and definitely worth the money.

Ola Kilbourne, OH

I find it effective

I bought multiple products from this line and together they all seem to be working quite well. These wipes are great at quickly reducing the redness around my blemishes. I still have some pimples but they’ve reduced and I hope once I use this some more they’ll disappear entirely. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to the ‘Hollywood’ level of clear but I’m on my way. No major complaints at all about the brand or product.

Maureen La Verkin, UT

Good porduct

Works just as well as leading more expensive face pads. Has helped reduce my breakouts. Good quality product.

Johanna Laurel, MS


This product is just terrific, my daughter has had an acne problem for years and we have tried many product but Spotless Face is just wonderful.

Deidra Grain Valley, MO

Blemish Free

I am obsessed with this line, I have ordered all their products available. I have been having bad skin and needed a new acne treatment, I tried this and it immediately made a difference in my skin. It glows and has such a even surface. Im in Love

Cherie Middletown, MD

Wipes work to eliminate oil and sebum

These wipes are very nice to help clear acne and dry out existing acne, my son uses it and loves it!

Jennifer Thayer, IN

Look No More

I started using these the same day I got them and all I can say is "WOW", my face has definitely cleared up in just a few days. No more irritating over the counter acne pads, these are the best. I love how clean my face feels and no more tight skin feeling and definitely do not dry up my face. I definitely recommend these to anyone.

Lucille Clarington, PA

Spot Correction On Steroids!

Do you have a stubborn blackhead, pimple or blemish? This product is for you then, with these easy acne wipes you can diminish these problems with just one application. Without expecting these results I tried one of these acne wipes and was surprised to find that blackheads that I have had for months are gone with ease. This product is amazing and if you do not think it will work, just ask me. My face has the evidence to show you!

Mildred West Point, NY

These pads do a lot more than just dry out pimples..

I have tried hundreds of products and haven’t found another that took care of every aspect like this one does. Not only does it have salicylic acid in it to help dry out the pimples, but it also has alpha and beta hydroxy acids that help prevent scarring, it works as a toner as well to help shrink the pores, and has extracts to help get rid of redness. I saw a significant difference overnight. Right away I felt a difference in the tightness of my skin and it didn’t burn or smell really strong like some other products on the market. You could feel the exfoliation but it didn’t turn my face bright red from an overly rough surface. These actually start working on day one.

Melba Kansas, AL

It’s Okay

My daughter is the one who uses this product. It is convenient because it is in the form of pads, but I don’t think it works all that well. That said, it could be that she hasn’t used it long enough to see true improvements. I recommend getting this treatment if you can afford it and see if it works for you.

Irma Maybee, MI

he says that he likes them better than the clearasil ones I usually buy

My son ended up taking these from me, he says that he likes them better than the clearasil ones I usually buy. Guess I will be back in a month to buy some more.

Melanie Worth, MO


Tired of acne and needed something to address the issue. I got this line of acne treatment between facewash, sunscreen, and acne cream. It’s been working well so far and shrunk pre-existing acne by 24 hours. Good smell.

Bridget Fayetteville, NY

Great acne wipes

I like these wipes a lot. I’ve used Stridex and other acne wipes in the past but I’ve never been fond of the way they left my face feeling – kind of stinging and sticky. These pads are different, they wipe away dirt and oil and still leave my face feeling fresh. I especially like to use them on my "tween" daughter. She’s in that awkward stage now where her face will get greasy out of nowhere! I throw them in my bag and take them along with us, wherever we go. Great product.

Theresa Bar Mills, ME

Love it!

I did receive this product for free but that does not mean that I do not love it! It really works!

Kayla Boyd, MN

Love it

These face pads are a must for anyone suffering from acne or any other skin condition. Have been using these for about ten days and really can see a marked improvement in my complexion.

Vera Vernon, UT

Great product just be sure to moisturize afterwards!

This product worked very well for the first few days. Cleared up my skin and you could immediately see all the dirt it removed. However, it does dry your skin out fast. My skin cleared up in about 2 days but I didn’t use a moisturizer and my skin got very, very dry and then all of the sudden I broke out like crazy. Probably the worst I broke out since I was a teenager. This is a fantastic product but just be sure that you use a moisturizer with it! It’s very important that you do! I will keep using this product because how well it works but I will never forget to use a moisturizer with it again though.

Lashonda Brockton, PA

Adult acne

I ordered the whole product line in hopes of finally having clear skin. I am seeing a real improvement after a week. I’d love to say it was an over night miracle but I don’t think anything is but this product is seriously working. I used to be a loyal Proactiv user but after having babies, it irritated my skin. This is much gentler.

Esperanza Shelby, AL

works for my daughter!

I purchased four of Hollywoods Acne products the Hollywood acne treatment cream, the acne treatment wipes, the face wash/acne cleanser and the sunscreen for my daughter who is starting to go through puberty and has been starting to have some minor issues with her skin…I have to say we are both very pleasantly surprised and how this product works – it has reduced her breakouts and doesn’t dry out her skin…very happy and will continue to use – highly recommend!

Stacey Currituck, NC

My niece love these!

My niece love these! Again I got her the whole line of these products and she uses them daily and loves them all. The wipes she says are so easy and gentle on her skin, but help to keep the blemishes away. Great products you have here.

Myrna Brandywine, MD

Great product

I have tried the other products in the Best New Acne Treatment line and love them. That’s what makes this product that much more great! It’s acne cleansing on the go! I love it, it’s easy and it works! I would definitely recommend!

Martina Mount Carbon, WV

My favorite of this line!

Love the face cleansing pads! They have salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid but are not drying to the skin. They provide gentle exfoliation and cell turnover. Perfect for those of us fighting acne and aging at the same time! These do have a bit of a light chemical smell but not enough to make me stop using them! I can see a decrease in discoloration from the increased cell turnover and less clogged pores. Definitely my favorite product of this line! I use them all!

Louisa Volcano, CA

acne pads

Very useful for the summer my daughter loves this product she started using it as soon as I get it. Need ti repurchase for my daughter and hubby.yes my husband used this product as well..maybe they can create a mens acne line

Jody Ford, WA