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Spornette’s Luxury Cushion, Small, 3 Ounce

Spornette’s small uxury cushion brush has a great velvet finish that feels great in your hands! It has boar and nylon bristles. 2 sizes to choose from.

Key features

  • Small cushion
  • Velvet finish
  • Boar and nylon bristles penetrate hair

Honest reviews


Mason pearson watch out

If you hve curly, coarse, and thick hair you will love this more than the mason pearson popular which is over 10x the price. The handle on this brush unlike the mason pearson and angelo david is thick and not flimsy/thin/ and glass like plastic that breaks in half once dropped on the floor. The grip is looser than the mason pearson which is great for my coarse curly hair and didn’t give me the splits I got from the mason pearson which ripped through my hair instead of glidding through my hair. I even blow dry my hair wet with this brush and none of the bristles have yet to melt on me. I love this for working product through wet or dry hair as you’d use a denman. Though I prefer this over the denman. And I love it to blow dry my hair straight b/c my hair is left smoother w/ no frizz.

Trisha Cheneyville, LA


I ignored the reviewers because I didn’t see how a brush could do it but this brush makes my hair really greasy. I can’t explain why but its awful. Definitely do not buy this.

Kayla Dunn Center, ND

Best Brush I’ve Used

I was blessed with hair that requires very little upkeep. It’s thick, bone straight, and never tangles or frizzes. It doesn’t require brushing (the occasional comb through is all the maintenance it needs). However, I’ve been growing it out recently, and felt like a brush was in order. I’m so glad I purchased this one. It’s a beautiful looking brush, and very gentle (I’m very paranoid about hair breakage/damage) on my hair. Highly recommended.

Elinor Millington, NJ

Love this brush!

I stumbled upon the Spornette brush when I was searching for a cheaper alternative to a Mason Pearson. I really love this brush, it doesn’t cause my naturally wavy hair to frizz if I decide to brush it out after it air dries. It doesn’t snag my hair or give me static and it is comfortable to use. This is a great buy.

Rhonda Chambersburg, PA

Great brush

Well, I have no comparison as this is the first brush I buy in the last 5 years that costs more than $3 but I really like it. I feel like it doesn’t break my hair, it brushes smoothly and the bristles massage your scalp. Even though I have no comparison I tried to compare the description with the other, more famous brand that makes a similar brush (and sells it for 10 times the price) and the description was almost the same -I def. recommend this brush.

Georgina Harrison, NJ

Wonderful brush!

I shy away from these kind of bristles. I have thick curly hair. Have always used the brushes with more sparse bristles and the little balls on the end. This brush works GREAT on my hair all the way to the scalp. Leaves hair very soft and detangles. I need to purchase a backup!

Lauren Bellvue, CO

smooth and shiny hair

love this brush i order for everyone i know (thanks prime). i think its helped my hair grow too… hair for sure has more sheen. i also own a mason p brush but wasnt going to buy a second one for that much for my work. love this it’s great

Edythe Providence, UT

feels great on the scalp

This hair brush is so nice and a great deal, especially compared to other comparable hairbrushes in terms of quality. It feels amazing on the scalp of second day hair and instead of making my hair feel puffy and gross like other brushes, it makes my hair feel smooth and refreshed.

Blanca Mc Grann, PA

Love this brush.

These are wonderful brushes. I bought one and reordered more for my 3 grown-up daughters. They really liked them too. Don’t rip your hair out and gets through thick and thin hair gently.

Morgan Simon, WV

Great brush, but has plastic smell

I really like this hair brush and I use it everyday day. The only problem is that it has a very strong plastic smell. Other than that it is very good quality!

Ola Bethel Island, CA

Love this brush!

I love brushing my hair at night with this brush, it smooths it out and feels silky! Stimulates the scalp and leaves it tingly. Very well made and simply luxurious for a great price!

Alyson Middlesex, NC

I love this brush!!!!

I have long, straight, fine hair, but lots of it….and was having a hard time finding a good hair brush that didn’t pull all my hair out when I brushed it. I was using a great paddle brush that I loved, but it was losing it’s luster and was kind of old….bought brush after brush with no luck, till I came across this one! I love it. It’s gentle and does the job. If you have thick hair or textured hair, I would probably stay away from this brush as it probably won’t do the job, but if you have fine and straight hair, this is the brush for you!!!!

Harriet Edmeston, NY

Really nice brush; great value

This looks just like the Mason Pearson brushes that sell for over a hundred dollars — I can’t compare the quality since I don’t own the MP one, but this one works very nicely. I feel like I’m pampering myself when I brush my hair at night now! I don’t think it would work very well to style a hair-do, but for detangling and grooming before bed or after drying, this works great.

Simone Benson, MD

Pretty nice brush

It combs through hair like a Mason Pearson BUT I do not like the rubbery soft plastic handle. Is it soft plastic or rubber? Not sure if it’s going to tun into sticky mess in a few years. But for the price, it really does comb through my head of fine, but tons of wavy, curly nearly waist length hair.

Taylor Snow Hill, MD

Scratch the scalp with sharp plastic bristles

This brush has boar and plastic bristles. The plastic bristles are far too sharp and irritate the scalp very easily – even with gentle brushing. Not appropriate if you have normal to delicate scalp. Other Spornette 25 brush with wooden handle is much gentler.

Letha Leshara, NE

It works okay, but I was expecting more

I used this brush everyday for blow drying but I was expecting more. I still need to use my other brush to get through the hair. This brush seems to only brush the top layers of my hair.

Saundra Earle, AR

Spornette’s Luxury Cushion, Large, 6 Ounce

This brush was bought for someone with very, very, thick hair that knots easily. It has so far been one of the best brushes for getting out unruly tangles. It still takes time – just less time.

Katie Jonestown, PA