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Spornette Little Wonder Boar-Nylon Bristle Teasing Brush, Colors may vary

Spornette’s Little Wonder Teasing Brush Elevated colorful Tourmaline enhanced nylon bristles penetrate any hair texture while emitting negative ions for hair conditioning. Adjacent rows of pure boar bristle easily pick up hair. Just right length tail handle for picking up hair sections. Created for back brushing, creating volume, and teasing. Colors may vary.

Key features

  • Small Teasing Brush with Pink Ball Point Tips
  • Nylon & Boar Bristles
  • Best When Used To Tease, Back Brush & Volumize Short Hair

Honest reviews



Sorry, I didn’t expect premium quality at the price but this brush is really cheap quality, some of the outer bristles are bent back, not worth ordering. Go to Sally and get better quality for the same price range.

Goldie Lawson, AR


I didn’t find that this was as good as all the other reviews were saying. It is decent, i was just expecting a lot more from it.

Reba Se Ree, KY

Best I have tried!

Works much better than any other teasing brush I have used. It easily grabs your hair and works quickly. Great price too!

Allison Penn Run, PA

Awesome brush!

I got this brush cause i wanted a cheap teasing brush and this works like a charm! I highly suggest this!

Alicia Comstock, MI

Volume and value!

This little brush works seconds you can go from flat to fab! Would buy their products again…love the handle. I want one a little bit larger now for sure.

Tammie Evansville, WI

Better than a teasing comb

I’ve used teasing combs/combs for years at my roots and found this little gem on amazon….love it. Will never go back to a comb again. For root teasing it’s the best. For teasing light teasing for volume on the sides or back of hair a comb works better. This gives you a more solid base if you will. Great, perfect, just the right size!

Lenore East Ellijay, GA


Excellent presentation, nice colors and works as I expected. Good thing to buy. Works better than a normal brush for high volume

Pamala Louisville, KY

Great everything brush!

I love this brush. I use it for parting and smoothing while using my InStyler. It teases hair easily and the nice rat tail can bring up the lift. It’s also perfect for smoothing after teasing, and just to use for brushing your hair. It’s my everything brush. The only other one I use is a Paddle Brush when I blow dry my hair, otherwise this is my everything else brush. No bristle shedding, appears to be very well made.

Elisha Caldwell, NJ

Versitile little brush

I bought this from another site but should have checked the price here first.I love this brush. I always tease the back part of my hair to make it sit better. I usually use my large rounded brush to do this, mainly because I’ve been too cheap to buy another tool. Using this has cut my styling time and made my mornings much simpler.An unexpected benefit is that the small size of the teasing brush is appealing to my 7 & 9 year-old boys who, before now, have had little interest in voluntarily brushing or combing their hair. That alone makes me want to buy two more in different colors for them.

Gale Wisner, LA

i can’t get this to work, but maybe you can

i’m asian with really fine long straight hair and i just couldn’t get this to work for me. maybe i’m not being violent enough with my hair. i can get a small poof going but nothing that bangin’. maybe if you already know what you’re doing this would be a great product, but if you’re a noob like me, then good luck. i use it now as a regular brush and it’s pretty good at that.

Stacy Mattapan, MA


I didn’t end up liking this as well as my cheap plastic teasing comb. Seemed like it put static in my hair. I also didn’t find that it smoothed over the teasing well. Again, somehow it prompted static and made it worse. I’ll probably just throw it away.

Whitney Gas City, IN

Great little tool

I used this brush to tease my hair for Halloween. Did its job as I was a "Mad Scientist". I am pleased with this purchase.

Janis Sunnyvale, CA

I like it

It gets the job done, although i wish the bristles weren’t so flimsy as i sometimes have a harder time teasing my thick hair. Otherwise it works pretty well.

Francisca Wheelwright, KY

Best I’ve Found

Came promptly in the mail today & exceeded all my expectations!I’ve been looking for a good little teasing brush, and FINALLY, I’ve found one.I have extremely fine, flat hair. This makes my hair look as though I actually have some volume!

Tia Frost, MN

Easy to use!

This brush is easy to use and it will get you the volume you need! I ratted my hair then sprayed a little hairspray on it and gently brushed it down and had great volume all day long.

Brittney Midway, FL

So cool!

I’ve never seen a teasing brush before. This is good for not only teasing but for smoothing hair down when styling or putting hair up in ponytails or buns.

Luisa Emmalena, KY

Perfect for Small-Scale Teasing

If you just want to tease the hair along your crown/part for some volume, this brush is a great value and skinny enough to carry along in your purse.

Rose Hale, MI


Seeing that there are many reviews on here, I decided to make my review short and sweet:Spornette little wonder is a really good teasing brush.It doesn’t tangle or pull the hair.Highly recommend.

Jana Hubbardston, MA

works ok

I don’t use it that much, but i think it works ok. I’m not super great at changing my hairstyles, but when I do rat my hair, it works fine.

Johnnie Elnora, IN

Good Teasing & Smoothing Brush

This is a handy brush to use not just for teasing but for pulling the softer hairs into a ponytail or smoothing out a sleek bun. The pointed end of the brush is extremely helpful in creating parts or sectioning hair off for a thorough blow dry. I’ve had it for several months and it’s held up well and shown very little signs of wear. I would buy this again.

Hattie Bryant, SD

Teasing brush is better than teasing comb

I had purchased a teasing comb a few months back in an attempt to give my fine, flat hair some volume. Unfortunately, the combs fell short. They would tease, but when I would attempt to smooth my “bump” down, my hair would go right back to the way it was. After searching amazon for other items, I came across this and decided to give it a shot. I was definitely impressed. Not only did it tease much better than a teasing comb, but this teasing brush part also allowed me to smooth out my hair without losing any volume. I still prefer to use the pick of the teasing comb to separate my hair as I feel that part does a better job, but the brush part does wonders.

Beverley Ocean Beach, NY