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Spornette Large Smooth Operator, 4 Ounce

Finally, a one-piece seamless brush handle that will not catch your hair, most brushes have a 2 piece handle that catches hair, not this brush, the handle is solid throughout.

Key features

  • Tourmaline ionic bristles condition hair
  • Ceramic thermal barrel rapidly distributes and retains heat
  • One piece handle does not catch hair

Honest reviews


OK brush, count your bristles

Spornette Large Smooth Operator, 4 OunceI gave this to my mom, who I care for and her aide to use to do her hair. They liked using it and found that it was helpful in styling her medium long hair. I noticed some bristles were missing as holes in the head of the brush were empty and looked like they shouldn’t be. It’s a nice brush but quality control may be an issue.

Clare Renfrew, PA

Going to order every size available!

OMGoodness this brush is unbelievably awesome! I am Latina and have thick long naturally curly hair. The Spornette 3" Smooth Operator brush cut my drying time in half and left my hair soft, silky smooth and super shiny. The bristles took hold of my hair and keeps it taunt without snagging or tangling. The Ceramic barrel allows the hair to glide through the brush easily while the barrel actually heats up evenly allowing the Tourmaline bristles to release negative ions to close the hair follicles to a smooth finish. I also want to mention that it leaves my hair static free.You can actually have the same results as if you used a flat iron. Apply a smoothing serum/heat protective product like Aragan oil before blow drying and you hair will end up sleek and smooth without needing to use a flat iron afterwards.It is lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Casey Cedarville, MI

for medium to short layered hair

My hair is about 2-3" above my shoulders, medium thickness, with layers. If I had looked at this brush in person before ordering, I might have chosen a slightly smaller size, but this one is workable.I have been using this brush to blow dry my hair, focusing on the roots, and I can tell that it’s helped create volume. I can feel that the brush heats up as I use it- not in an uncomfortable way, but enough that I can feel a bit of warmth with my hand. I’m sure that the heated barrel speeds the drying process along, but my hair only takes a few minutes to dry normally, so I can’t really gauge how much of a difference that makes. If I use a smoothing product my hair dries smoothly, but without the product, this brush doesn’t seem to make a difference in texture and I still need my flat iron.I had hoped to be able to use this on my 11 year-old daughter’s long, wavy hair, to help it dry faster, but that’s not possible. The bristles on this brush snag the hair and turn it into a tangled knot. I think it’s best suited to a cut and hair texture like mine.Disclaimer: I received this brush for free via the Amazon Vine program in exchange for posting my honest opinion.

Lynne Alcova, WY

3 inch diameter means for medium-long to long hair

3 inch diameter means for medium-long to long hair. I have short hair so I will give this away to someone with much, much longer hair. It is an OK brush, better made than Conair or Goody drug store brands. This one is more "Pro" and lightweight, not decorative at all.

Alba Cardale, PA

Professionally styled hair…at home!

I really love the spornette large smooth operator round brush. You wouldn’t think it would be evolutionary to create a brush that has a seamless handle BUT IT IS! This is the first round brush I have owned (and I literally have three others in my drawer right now) that has worked smoothly and not left my hair a tangled mess.I have always been in awe of the blowout I get from my hairdresser when she uses a round brush and have bought several different kinds with different types of bristles and barrel diameters and have never achieved the same results. But this brush makes me feel like a pro. It glides easily through my hair (which is long — down to the middle of my back, and plentiful — I have A LOT of really fine hair) without creating a rat’s nest of tangles. My fine hair typically ends up frizzy if I don’t use a lot of product to tame it and some brushes create more frizz but the design of this barrel that heats up quickly dries the hair without damaging it. When I was finished, in half of my normal drying time, my hair was soft, had a nice curl to it, and my arm wasn’t exhausted from trying to fight with the brush, my hair, and blow dryer.Wholeheartedly recommend.

Jessie Cheyenne, WY

Great hair brush

Great brush! I’d been looking for one when this appeared on the review list. They sent me the 3" size which is a little big (I now have short hair) but works really well. The bristles are firm but comfortable and it’s very easy to use. The handle is just the right size and shape. Definitely recommend this product.

Angie Lewistown, MO

Great for long hair

I have very long hair. I like the Spornette Smooth Operator because it takes about 15 minutes to dry my towel dried hair using the Smooth Operator and my tourmaline dryer and my hair looks great! My Spornette is the largest one and gives a very smooth sculpted result.Supposedly the handle is designed so that hair doesn’t get wrapped around it. I’ve not had that problem, but I have gotten hair stuck in the bristles. That’s not a deal breaker; the amount of hair involved was insignificant, but did deserve a mention. I’ve not had a problem with the brush getting too hot, but I’m very careful, too.

Rachel Mccurtain, OK

Try a different styling brush before this one

I use a similar brush, and figured I’d give this one a try. If you want really straight hair just from a blow dry, this is the brush for you. But it also really fried my hair.I have long, wavy hair. I use an Ionizing brush to straighten my hair normally. This brush has a coated metal barrel that heats up while applying a blow dryer to it. So obviously it gets hot. However, it left my hair lank and lacking volume, and somehow frizzier than my regular drying brush. I let my hair dry naturally whenever I can, but prefer a smoother look for work and when I know I’m going somewhere and want to look neater. This brush frustrated me, since I felt like it really just damaged my hair and didn’t do much for the style. There are better brushes out there that don’t get as crazy hot and help your hair look shinier and healthier.I’d say skip this brush, and look around for something a little more gentle. I really feel this brush is way too harsh for any hair.

Karina Bush, LA

Great brush for long bangs

I’m a big fan of this brush and its construction – I have one trusty brush I’ve used for years on my bangs to get them just perfect and it has all sorts of hair wrapped around the barrel. After using this brush twice, I threw away that trusty old brush and switched over to this one full time.Things to like:- One-piece handle construction is pretty great. My hair doesn’t get tangled in it and it lightweight and easy to hold.- Color is pretty (yay for red instead of pastels).- Barrel is the perfect size for long bangs (I have the 4 ounce size)- Super comfy to hold- Barrel has open slots to dry hair quicklyDon’t have anything not to like. I’ve tried a few different brushes from Ulta in an attempt to replace my old brush, but this one is the first to replace it!

Ashley Port Washington, NY

This brush is super light weight which is awesome because a lot of …

This brush is super light weight which is awesome because a lot of barrel brushes are large and heavy. I use this to dry my mid back length hair. It’s very easy to brush through wet hair. It doesn’t get caught on my strands which is important because I want to avoid breakage as much as possible.While I’m brushing it through my hair, the blow dryer heats up the barrel of the brush which actually gets my hair drier faster! This cuts my hair drying routine down about 8 minutes. This is a plus when you are trying to get out the door fast. I really like this brush and will recommend it to others!

Marcie Marlborough, NH

No tangles, works well

Using this brush with argan oil is a great way to smooth curly, dry hair that tends to frizz easily.It goes through wet hair easily, the barrel design allows good air flow and heats to speed drying. The base of the brush part where it meets the handle doesn’t grab hair. Not even my fine straight hair.For my waist length, straight hair, drying was a lot faster, and combined with argan oil- my hair looked very shiny. Curling the ends was beyond my dexterity though. It’s not really designed for people like me who have fairly smooth hair.My daughter on the other hand has hair that tends to be dry, it’s very thick and a bit coarse, and full of loose curls and waves that fluff and frizz at nearly any change in the weather. It’s shoulder length and she has tried so many things to get it as smooth as she prefers. Her preferred hair style is smooth with the ends curled either up in a flip or under in an all one length bobbed cut.This works great on her hair. I’ll continue using it for those rare times that I blow out my hair, but she’s going to use the brush regularly. It just does the job easily, and leaves her with the nice, smooth, non-frizzy or fluffy style she likes in a lot less time with less damage than drying and using a straightening iron.

Kelly Glenwood, MN