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Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Bristle Paddle Brush

Spornette’s DeVille 100% boar bristle paddle brush.

Key features

  • Rich, luxurious hardwood handle brushes
  • 100% Boar bristles
  • Great to smoothe hair

Honest reviews



This Spornette brush is on it’s way back to Amazon. The bristles will not go through my medium weight slightly wavy Caucasion hair. Bristles are too short. I guess it would be good for smoothing top layer hair. I was also very disappointed to see “Made In China” emblazened on the front part of the handle right under the company name.

Bridgette Prudhoe Bay, AK

I Will Not Go Back to Rubber-Tip Bristles!

This is my first boar bristle brush, and it is amazing. It smoothly detangles my hair, which is very long (to my butt), thick, coarse, frizzy, and slightly wavy. It makes my hair shine and look beautiful and healthy. It glides through my hair and helps to tame the frizz and work the natural oil from my roots to my tips.The brush itself is quite beautiful. Each tuft of bristles includes slightly longer, natural-colored bristles surrounded by slightly longer black bristles. The wooden handle and back is one solid piece, and it’s a beautiful, rich color. It’s nice and heavy, which feels like it’s doing a better job to me than a light, plastic brush. The varnish gives it a beautiful shine and brings out the beauty of the wood.I’d also like to add that if you enjoy spanking your consenting adult partner, this brush should be a perfect implement for such an activity. The smack as you land a swat will sound beautiful. The heft will give it a great “thuddy” sensation, and make some great bruises for you to admire later on.For whatever purpose you purchase this brush, it is beautiful and a great value. Enjoy!

Charlene Screven, GA

Very Disappointing. Pretty Enough. But disappointing.

I had high hopes for this brush base on some other reviews. Unfortunately the review that says that this brush left her hair with a lot of static was correct. I had a head full of static. I have fine, wavy but dense hair. I got much better results from the Isinis hairb rush I purchased. I just happen to really like paddle brushes this size. I liked the look of the wood.The bristles were too soft and did not brush down to my scalp. They didn’t clean the hair as boar bristle brushes are supposed to be notorious for doing. This brush is made in China like everything else and overall it just lacks actually quality. If you are about to spend $15.00 on a brush it should deliver results. This brush did not deliver the results that boar bristle brushes deliver. Because it doesn’t brush deeply it also does not deliver that famous shine that you get from a boar bristle brush either. Overall, a very disappointing purchase.

Judith Ida, MI

Very nice inexpensive boar’s hair brush!

I’ve been looking for a boar’s hair brush to help re-distribute the oils in my hair, the first few I came across were out of my price range. I ordered this brush when I saw the price, unsure if I could expect a quality product at the given price. I’m impressed. I have long, fine hair that comes to the top of my thighs & while I didn’t expect this to be able to get through my hair in one stroke, it does much better than other bristle type brushes I’ve used. I have stuck to a metal peg type brush just to be able to de-tangle my hair until now. I still use that other brush, but I find myself turning to this one more & more.I should say, I quite using conventional shampoo & conditioner months ago (search the No ‘Poo method if you’re curious) and my hair is much easier to brush, perhaps that makes me like this brush more. However, my 14yr old son, who has shoulder length hair with much more texture & curl to it (and uses conventional shampoo) says this is his favorite brush too.All in all, we’re happy & impressed!Edit:Its been nearly two years since I purchased this brush. I still use it regularly & its still in good condition. The wood has lost some of its luster, but its still sturdy. No loose bristles at all.

Faye Rogersville, TN

Shiny smooth hair

I have hip-length, very straight, fine, medium thick normal hair. My daughter has hair to the middle of her back, wavy with some curl, medium coarse, super thick dry hair.We don’t ever detangle using a boar bristle brush. We get tangles out using a wide-toothed pick.What we do use this brush for is styling when our hair is dry. It leaves both of us with very shiny, very smooth hair. We clean the brush once a month with shampoo, and comb it out quickly after every use over the sink. This has kept it in great shape. Neither of us use hair products, so if you do use mousses, gels, etc, you may want to wash your brush more often, possibly with a clarifying shampoo.

Selena Summit, UT

Stiff Enough

I have a favorite hair brush that I have owned for 30 years. It was a quality brush with stiff nylon bristles, so it was excellent for managing my short hair. Problem is that eventually bristles fall out of any good product.I have been looking for a quality replacement for several years. The stores where I shop just do not carry what I need. So I searched on Amazon. I found hundreds of choices and selected the Spornette.”The Spornette Deville 100% Boar Bristle Paddle Brush” is good enough for me. Not only are the bristles stiff enough to function like the a comb to define the part in my hair, but it smooths my hair into place. After a good brushing, my hair is actually more luxurious.The only problem I have with this brush is that the “paddle” is a bit large. The paddle is about one and one half inches too wide which makes it a little awkward to use (especially with my arthritic hands). If the makers reduced the paddle by a third it would be perfect.I recommend this product.

Penny Pine Hall, NC

good brush

This brush is nice if you have thin hair. But I do not, I have thick hair and the bristles hardly touch the scalp.

Rosanna Whitehall, NY

Great hairbrush

This is what I have been looking for! My hair is glossy and looks so much better. I brush now every night just like in the old days. Wonderful brush — love it!

Florine North Waterboro, ME

Not combination bristles

I could have sworn the description shown on Amazon said this brush was combination nylon and boar bristle. Its not. Maybe I misread. The brush wouldn’t even go through my hair it was so wimpy, and I have fine hair. Threw it away.

Katie Nicolaus, CA

I love this brush

I bought this brush to help blend my real hair into my clip in hair extensions when I wear them straight. It does an amazing job. The brush is a good quality. I would and have recommended this brush to friends.

Martina Bassett, VA

Good quality

Nicely made.. Heavy bristled brush! Great for short hair! Definitely not a plastic brush! Would be great for that guy in your life!

Margarita Jonas Ridge, NC

Boar bristle brush

This boar bristle brush is great for smoothing my frizzies, or after I flat iron my hair. My hair retains its shine, and my baby hairs lay down better after using this brush. Glad I bought it.

Esperanza Pineville, AR

I love this brush

Great brush for flat brushing the hair when drying very thick/coarse hair. The hair is so shiny and soft when using this brush as a drying aid.

Deirdre Tipton, TN

Five Stars

Christmas gift mom loved it

Bettie Davenport, IA

I don’t really like how thick the bristles are

This brushes the top of my hair but not underneath. It is very thick bristle and it is 100% boar, but I liked the other spornette I bought better.

Felecia Riverdale, GA

100% Boar Bristle; Amazing Price!

Absolutely love this brush. Have used it 4 days and already notice a difference in the softness and shine as opposed to a regular plastic bristle brush.

Nona Sharon Springs, NY