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Spornette 25 Wood Handle “Porcupine” Brush With Genuine Boar Bristle * Made In Germany

#25 Made in Germany, large attractive wooden handle boar bristles leaves hair with excellent shine. Styling cushion brush with porcupine nylon penetrates into hair.

Key features

  • One bristle is missing for AIR VENT FLOW

Honest reviews


Umm no

Bought these because I heard that boar bristles are good for stimulating the scalp and help to distribute sebum oils that your scalp produces to help encourage hair growth. First of all, the little clear "porcupine" prongs are LONGER than the actual boar bristles, MUCH longer. So when I went to brush my hair, the boar bristles don’t even touch your scalp and barely even touch your hair. Only the clear porcupine prongs touch your hair. I will return this immediately.

Lenora Stoutsville, OH

Good brush but not for thick hair

I was really hoping this brush would work for me. After reading other reviews that said it was good with thick hair I gave it a shot. It’s comfortable to hold and it comfortable on the head but it doesn’t touch my scalp; my hair is too thick. That makes it hard for the boar bristles to distribute the oils throughout my hair because it can’t really grab the oils.

Shari Roanoke, LA

Not so great for thick hair

I have short hair and I bought this in hopes that some extra brushings at night would help it grow faster; however my hair is thick enough that the bristles don’t reach all the way to my scalp.

Beatriz Fort Davis, AL

Still on the fence.

I thought this was an upgrade from my old, dingy plastic bristle brush, but I’m not sure.I have wavy, often frizzy hair, and this brush does no favors for me. It creates a lot of STATIC when I dry brush my hair.However, if I use this on somewhat damp hair, the results are wonderful. Go figure. I’ll update this review as time goes by.

Dollie Springbrook, IA


I bought this brush because I was told that it was the best brush to use on your hair. Static. Nothing but static. It’s a nice brush, but so much static.

Lacy Mystic, GA


I can’t believe I haven’t come across a brush like this before– It is AMAZING. I am picky with my reviews!My hair is on the thicker side and I had bought a Wigo Boars Hair brush which didn’t really help me at all since it only brushed the top layer. This Spornette hair brush works wonders.I have shiny hair and when I use this brush, it looks like how I come out of the salon after a bunch of products etc. PLEASE buy this. You will not regret it if you have thicker hair

Geri Angwin, CA

Does a great job and feels good on my scalp

I have very thick hair and am attempting "no poo," so I enjoy the longer bristles that reach down to my scalp and help exfoliate while the shorter bristles distribute the oils. I can clean it quite easily. There was one cluster of bristles missing after my first use, and I honestly couldn’t say if it arrived like that or it just fell out after I brushed my hair once. Either way, that part wasn’t so great. Also, I’m hoping the rubber smell will get less and less because I don’t like that transferring onto my hair. Luckily I have hair perfume that I spray on to cover that up or else it’d probably bother me a lot more. As far as looks go, it’s a beautiful brush and I really hope mine doesn’t start peeling/cracking like some others have noted.

Marylou Saint Maries, ID

High quality brush for the price.

I can’t speak for the qualities of my hair after using this brush, as I don’t really notice any, but I mean, it does the job…it brushes my hair. Feels great and durable in my hand. Seems like it’ll last a lifetime. Completely happy with the price and purchase.

Megan Shields, ND

Feels so good…

I should have ordered 2 more, because this brush makes my hair so full and soft, and my hair feels cleaner even if I haven’t washed my hair because it pulls oil away from scalp to the ends. Best brush EVER!!

Allene East Haven, VT

Pretty good

I have thick, wavy, mid-length hair. For 20+ years, I’ve only used a pick on my hair, but I bought this thinking brushing would help distribute the scalp oil through the hair and reduce the need to wash (I try to wash my hair only twice a week to minimize frizz and damage). It does work for that purpose, but even with the longer nylon bristles, this doesn’t come close to getting all the way to my scalp. I have to brush my hair in sections to reach it all. It does seem to distribute the oil around pretty well; it’s just a bit of trouble to get to all the hair.

Selina South Bethlehem, NY