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Spilo: MISC Big Bondini Plus Brush-On Glue, 0.5 oz

One nail glue does it all. Works to apply nails and wraps. Repairs cracked or broken nails. Apply it like polish – simply brush over the area to be glued. Convenient, fast and easy

Key features

  • PACK OF 1
  • Brushes on for Tips
  • Brushes on for Wraps
  • Brushes on for Nail Repairs

Honest reviews




Melinda Bar Harbor, ME

Big Bondini

This glue did not work well for me at all. It is not strong. My fake nails popped off easily with this glue

Nannie Converse, TX

Love it!

I first ordered the smaller bottle and once I saw how amazing this glue was I had to order the bigger size! And this stuff really dries up rock hard so be cautious when you first use this, especially if you’re not used to putting on nail glue with a brush. I also wrote a review on the smaller bottle so you can check that out if you want additional info on this product and how much I love it. So I hope this helps!

Bridgett Kensett, IA

bondini brush on glue

nessessary item.well this goes with the territory of nails . handy for alot other things for scrapbooking jewlry. but i like it to fix a torn nail.

Sondra Hyattville, WY

Good stuff

I applied this to full cover nails about 3 days ago and the nails are still holding strong…very pleased and it came with fast shipping will order again good product

Lorene Stratford, WA

Exploded on me upon opening it

I got this almost-instant drying glue all over myself and the bottle. My skin was burning from the glue and then when I went back to open it, a second time, the lid/ brush were completely and utterly cemented to the bottle. Its not completely useless and I havent even gotten to use it a single time.

Jasmin Hickam Afb, HI

bottle broke

I used this and it worked good. The brush was better than others I have used. I only got to use this once. When I tried to use it the next time I couldn’t get it open so I had my husband try and when he turned it the whole top broke off. The glass broke at the neck of the bottle. Had to throw it away. It was a disappointment because it was expensive.

Marta Bedford, IA

works well

Becareful it gets sticky! But it does work really well. i use it after a manicure to keep the nail polish lasting longer. i hand wash most of my clothes that are delicate and washing dishes all the time and i must say the Brush on Glue keeps the nail color from peeling off too soon. will buy again.

Sophia Indian Valley, ID

Great nail glue

I’ve used this glue for a long time, once in a while trying another brand. Always come back to Bondini! The brush is easy to use and the glue is consistently secure on the nail. Highly recommend the product.

Marta Falls Church, VA


Used this to glue my nail on this works great very impressed long lasting Will buy again it truly does bond .

Latisha Ikes Fork, WV

skip it…

Very disappointing. I thought this nail glue was going to be very good, but its sucks. Honestly please skip it. I put it on the fake nails and on my real nails. The nails can still be pulled off. Not worth it.

Trisha Oberlin, OH

Great For Nail Tips and 3D Nail Art

This glue is great got nail tips and 3d nail art. Once the nail tip or nail art is on it will only come of when you take it off.

Beth Dolliver, IA

Darned good glue.

I always seem to come back to Bondini. It just works so well, and I like being able to brush it on like polish. I have had issues with the bottle gluing itself shut, but pliers work well to reopen. Caution, though- you can break the neck of the bottle if you are too rough with your pliers. I recommend always opening it over and resting the bottle on a plastic sandwich/storage bag or other disposable surface, and I store the bottle in a plastic bag as well. It’s basically super glue, and accidents with super glue can be tragic, so just be careful with it.Anyway. The stuff just really works well, is easy to control, and lasts a long time with proper care and storage.

Eloise Richland, NY

Best value for an all purpose crazy glue!

I use this to repair plastic parts as well as for applying nail tips. For tips, brush glue on nail, attach tip, then gently brush edge of tip to seal the tip onto the nail. This guarantees no pop-offs. Also, I did what other reviewers suggested and applied some olive oil to the bottle top and the inner area of the brush top so the glue doesn’t permanently seal the glass bottle to the plastic. I also keep my botte in the cabinet unscrewed but labeled with a sharpie "top open" on the top white area of the brush holder (use a thin sharpie), otherwise I’d forget and would probably spill it not realizing the bottle was unscrewed. Since crazy glue always seems to be a 1 time use since it seals itself closed upon opening, this brush on glue is a tremendous value for the price. The product is also equivalent to crazy glue or maybe slightly less cement-sealed-like.

Tabitha Wellington, AL

Not as good as reviews said….

This glue just didn’t hold as well as I thought it would. Also, the liquid form is a little tricky to manage–I’m finding a gel glue much easier to use and stronger.

Kari Montrose, AR

Not what i expected

I found that this glue does not last or stick well, cheaper brands work better, I was hopeful but will not purchase again.

Chandra East Rochester, NY

The brush is perfect for applying nail art charms.

I use this to glue on charms for my nail art. I love the convenience of the brush. Just be sure to clean the top of the bottle with acetone before you put away. It will guarantee that it won’t get glued shut. And the staying power is incredible. My charms do not fall off!

Liz Berlin, GA

extremly strong and the best

it holds every thing in place and its really strong .. dries very fast so works quickly .. the best i’ve ever used

Rosie East Earl, PA

Excellent Glue!

I think this is the BEST glue. I order 2 at a time to pay one shipping cost, but review it as you check out as that can change. I find the brand of nails you buy makes a difference as well- some adhere poorly and are so very thin, they chip off in chunks. If this glue did not work for you, try a different nail. I am wearing Kiss brand today, but I have also used them on self adhesive- used glue anyways, worked great! If nail is going on sloshy from the get go, the nail glue and the nail are not compatible. I buy the flat pack from Kiss, which have regular and flatter nails in the box. I use some of each. I also only go with shorter nails, as few are available in the flat, I file them after the glue is solid. I also use my bondini for any super glue needs, it comes in brush on so you so not get the clogged tip of the squeeze on. Plastics are not ALL compatible, I think tht is the problem with the3 other reviews. I LOVE this glue- well worth my purchase. I do wish they had an option for Amazon Prime- the shipping club, but I have not found one that does it. Amazon Prime is free shipping for a set fee annually and when you add the price of the product with the shipping on the competing vendors, the Prime is always cheaper. I order a ton on Amazon, so I highly recommend the prime member ship as well. good luck! This is worth a few misses, those pretty hands and nails are very economical if you have a good source of supply. I found my kiss nails on Amazon as well- they have a regular pack,a flat -regular pack and an extra curve pack. most of them are all the french manicure, but you can always paint over them for a change. I have bought some decorative nails here too….I bought some polka dotted ones- they sloshed as they went on, not a good sign and then they broke in chips off the nail. If you are trying something new, may want to buy one to check quality of nail. The polka dotted ones were cute, but so thin, the chipping was really bad. Try this bondini!

Etta Bangall, NY

Big Bondni Brush-On Nail glue.

I do like the bigger size, it last much longer, and holds pretty good, . 5oz is a good size to get, it helps save on money. and if you take care of your nails, you wont have to buy any nail glue for a while.

Lee Sleepy Eye, MN

ok product

I don’t know if it was that nails I used to start with but they didn’t seem to stick right away.

Adrienne Tiptonville, TN

nails that stay on

this really is a great bonding agent i used on artificial nails and the stayed intact for two to three weeks and the nails did not budge.

Sasha Bruin, PA

Spilo: MISC Big Bondini Plus Brush-On Glue, 0.5 oz

I purchaed quite a few packages of Kiss Featherlight nails, but found that the glue they ship with was completely dried out, so that is what lead me to this product. I love it. It holds on the nails very, very well. My hands are continually wet (i.e., dishes, showers, cleaning, cooking, etc.), and the nails hold just fine. I will surely purchase more when I start running low. I would gladly recommend this product.

Shauna Fort Fairfield, ME


This is great nail glue or for other things too!!! I received glass acrylic dishes on ball was broken off lid so I used this nail glue not excepting it to work for glass but BAM in just sec. it was stuck on I was Amazed I love this glue!! ^_^

Robert Brandon, FL


did not bond well with the silk nails , would never purchase this item again, not as it was advertised.

Mariana Riceboro, GA

works good

i think this stuff works pretty good strong smell but great for fixing tear in nail or small cut or even adding some nail art.. i would buy again but i have a feeling this bottle will last quite some time.

Celeste Sisters, OR

Works great!!!

Has a strong hold…pretty much like super glue. I saw all of the reviews and decided to try it. I wasn’t dissappointed one bit. I would recommend to a friend.

Yvette Lake Park, IA