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Spectrum MyBella Over the Cabinet Door Folding Dryer Holder, Chrome

Free up your countertop and cabinet space, the MyBella Over the Cabinet Door Folding Dryer Holder neatly slides over standard cabinet doors. The coil design neatly stores your hair dryer while the unique hinge action allows for compact storage when not in use.

Key features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Free up countertop & cabinet space
  • Coil design for hair dryer storage
  • Slides over standard size cabinet doors
  • Hinge action for compact storage when not in use
  • Made of heat resistant steel to allow hot items to cool safely

Honest reviews


Tired of laying your hairdryer on the counter?

When I need to reposition a round brush while drying my hair, I lay the running hairdryer on my counter. As a result, anything lightweight blows away. This Holder Caddy is the perfect solution. I hang it on the side of a drawer, so I can quickly slip my hairdryer into it when I need both hands. When finished with my hair, I put it in a drawer until the next time. It doesn’t collapse flat (measures 3 1/2" when folder), but for the grief it saves me during the drying process, I moved something less important in one of my drawers to make room for it. It’s extremely well made and attractive.

Irene Gallup, NM

A little clunky, but it will do

Takes a little attention to get my hairdryer to sit properly in the coil-type holder. But it fits neatly over the cabinet drawer, lightweight, seems well made. Still keeping my eye out for a more perfect solution.

Mamie Wolcott, CO

Not for me

The idea is great but it just didn’t work for MY cabinets. The door wouldn’t close but I probably just don’t have the right types. SOOO theres that. But again…great idea. (Found an alternate place for it!)

Angelique Wildwood, NJ

Three Stars

it’s ok!

Maribel Fackler, AL


This dryer holder works just as described, it even has rubber inserts to minimize scratching the door you hang it on.

Tonya Havaco, WV

Quick draw

I hate storing my dryer away (impatient), but love this little caddy. I keep it on the cupboard door of my bathroom vanity, and it is just perfect. I am able to grab my dryer without having to worry about digging into my hair styling equipment, and it is really convenient if I need to set the dryer down mid-dry to comb my hair, etc.

Brooke Chandlerville, IL

Works but make sure you check measurements

I like this and wish I was more able to use it in my home. The problem is not really with the product itself but the width of my cabinet doors. My hair dryer is too big! My cabinet doors in the bathrooms are smaller than say the average kitchen cabinet door and so I cannot easily use this because it stops me from being able to open and close the doors once the hair dryer is place in it. Otherwise it’s a handy little holder.

Wilma Romulus, MI

Hair Dryer Holder

This thing comes in handy and helped clear off my vanity. Easy to reach and holds my conair pro ion dryer without a problem. Highly recommended

Allie Dallardsville, TX

Does the job!

My husband’s pet peeve was me throwing my hair dryer in the small area between the vanity and the wall. I didn’t like rolling up and taking out and rolling up and taking out the hair dryer every day. This is a great compromise – I just tuck the dryer into the holster, and done!

Lessie Nunapitchuk, AK

This is a neat little gaget

I use it in our motor home where space saving devices are essential. It does a superior job of holding my blow dryer. Works as intended in a very small space.

Lenora Kearney, MO