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Spark Innovators Hair Bean Hair Detangling Comb

Original Hair Bean™ Professional gently separates hair without pulling. Its alternating bristles with Memory Flex Technology remove tangles. Use on any type of wet or dry hair. Easy to clean. Includes BONUS travel case with mirror.

Key features

  • The Ultimate Hair De-tangler
  • Won’t damage hair
  • All hair types
  • Wet or Dry Hair
  • No pulling

Honest reviews


TOTAL FIASCO for a so-so brush.

First of all, can you say “SHIPPING NIGHTMARE”?! I got mine from the Carol Wright seller. After 5 days I saw that this item had no tracking number and was holding up 2 other items I bought that did have a tracking number. One of those items was red palm oil that doesn’t need to be lingering around unrefrigerated that long. I have never had items just sit for many days for no reason not being packed up and put into the mail. One assumes the 5-8 days they tell you it will take is to account for actual shipping time. So I contacted the seller. She rudely informed me that she has no responsibility for my order. She told me to contact Amazon if I was unhappy about the shipping. I told her that sellers get rated for shipping times but she didn’t care & was even more rude. When I contacted Amazon via chat the person refused to address anything I actually said. They kept repeating that the 10 day overdue date hadn’t passed yet. They would not address that my other 2 items had a tracking number already but were being held up by this item which still had no tracking. When I clicked to track my other 2 items in the supposed package it said they had been scheduled for delivery but not actually in transit yet. So essentially, the seller and Amazon stuck me in the middle of their internal business issue and forced me to bounce between them so I took all the negativity, frustration, deception and being patronized rather than them dealing with each other like professionals.Both the seller and the Rep kept telling me that none of this would happen if I had an Amazon Prime account. OMG… in other words if you don’t throw away money on a prime account you are treated like garbage! That’s basically what they told me in so many words. It’s like you have no right to complain about poor service if you don’t buy a prime account. That really steamed me that they would use this negative experience as a way to push me into buying Prime.When I asked the Amazon rep why they have us rate the seller on shipping when Amazon is the one screwing up the shipping she told me that’s just how things are done at Amazon. The rep just kept telling me everything is okay because the LATE DATE of 10 days hasn’t passed yet. She kept saying they would pay my shipping if it ran late. I kept saying that wasn’t the issue and that I wanted to know why it was just sitting there holding up my other two items without actually being in the mail yet. That would prompt her to repeat what she said again to me like a typing parrot.As icing to this shipping fiasco cake… They refused to let me cancel the order. As for my red palm oil… the bottle was broken, leaked all over the place, and it turned rancid and smelled like someone puked in the box. It takes many days in heat for oil to rot that badly so obviously it was roughly treated by Amazon & sat around in the heat for days before it even got in the mail. I know it wasn’t in the mail long enough by watching the tracking. As for the Hair Bean… it arrived today… on the last day before it would be late… 10 days.As for the product… Well I already had a Tangle Teezer that I love. I wanted this for the cover that came with it for putting in my purse. The color is not the nice bright purple shown but a dull darker purple. The brush bristles are a bit softer than the Tangle Teezer and so it just runs over the snarls many times before it finally gets them out. It does essentially work the same and I like the cover… so that’s the only plus side to this whole nightmare.Lessons learned: Avoid Amazon shipping like the plague. Make Amazon a last resort place to buy stuff online. Next time I’ll just go to the store and buy something I know is there. Their free shipping here is just not worth it. Last but not least… if I ever have the slightest doubt about an Amazon item I will just cancel it immediately without talking to anyone. I’ll refuse to receive it and call my credit card to help me get my money back (where I know I’m a valued customer).

Amy Mentmore, NM

Love love love!

This product is so great and I wish I bought it sooner. I know the grip could be a little better, but the positives are more prominent than the negatives of the product. I use this after I use the Diane Ionic Extra Wide Tooth Comb with Handle and the two together are just so in sync and make my hair so soft and manageable. I used to have a huge frizz problem, but I do not need to use serum anymore. Really all you need to do is learn how to properly comb your hair and the frizz disappears. Also, use detangler before you use the wide tooth comb to make your results even better.

Jacquelyn Burbank, OK

Purchased a second bean…. IT WORKS

I am a man with long hair and little patience for detangling. This is the rare detangle product that actual works. I have two (One at home and one in the car). Very much recommend!

Mable Cleveland, AR

So worth it 🙂

I love this product so much. The Bristles feel great through my hair and leave it feeling nice. I know a lot of people use this on their child but, it works great on adults too. After my hair drys its not knotty, dry, or flat it looks perfect and gives my hair lots of volume. It really lives up to what it does and I love it. Also the carrying case and mirror are a plus love it. Thank you 5 stars bravo!!

Josie Depew, NY

Not great

I bought this product hoping it would be gently on my long, long fine hair. I thought it would be a good detangler. It works fine on my scalp, but, as soon as it hits a snag on my long hair, it stops. It doesn’t really solve tangle problems for me.

Georgette Factoryville, PA