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SpaRitual Nail Lacquer – Drop Dead Gorgeous

SpaRitual Nail Lacquers Dramatic High Notes Drop Dead Gorgeous are vegan and DPB-, formaldehyde-, formaldehyde resin- and toluene-free. Shimmer .5 oz.

Key features

  • A deep magenta shimmer with superior shine, dry time and coverage.

Honest reviews


Love This Color!

I had a pedicure the other day and chose this color. I love the name and I absolutely love the color. It’s a perfect mix of pink and purple…it’s really stunning on. I love it.

Ola Deer River, NY

Good But Chips.

I am giving this 4 stars instead of 3 simply because I love Sparitual and love this color. The sad truth is, I have had a lot of chipping on my nails while rockin this polish. The first time I thought it was a fluke but the second manicure got me thinking that maybe this color is not as chip proof as some of their others. This is the only color I have had a chipping problem with which saddens me cuz it is the best black and I wear black polish all the time.I do not plan on stopping using Sparitual since they do not use chemicals and they do not test on animals.

Samantha Benezett, PA

Maybe I just bought the wrong color

Bought "Bouyant" which is sort of a peachy coral. Thought it was very thin, streaky and did not cover after two coats. So I put two coats of a Deborah Lippman translucent shimmer "Dream and Little Dream of Me" on top and now I love it. But would not purchase the brand again.

Shawna Rochester, KY

Vegan Nail Lacquer

I usually love SpaRitual’s nail lacquer..However, this black is like any other black nail polish..Chipping and cracking by day three.Will continue to buy SpaRitual just not this color.

Edna Rothschild, WI

SpaRitual -Love is in the Air

This is the second bottle of SpaRitual i have purchased and i must say i am very impressed by the high quality of this ,the polish goes on so easy i just needed two coats and i love the rubber top of the brush makes it easy to grasp .This color is a bright pink lfits well for spring and summer and this is vegan and free of all the harmful chemicals another plus it drys fast and last along time without chipping .worth the money for a good quality polish.

Kari Cobden, IL

beautiful color

I picked this color out at a salon when I was having trouble deciding on a color. I fell in love with it. It is a beautiful shimmery color that is silver and a light gold color depending on what light it is in.

Kathrine Fort Campbell, KY

Just as good as regular nail polish and vegan too

The caveat here is that not a single nail polish I’ve ever used in the 25 years I’ve been painting my nails has ever not chipped within a day for me. Doesn’t matter what I use, salon formula or drugstore. I bought Sparitual just because it was vegan; it works just as well as other nail polishes, which means it’s very pretty, a good solid color, but chips within a day. I have about 10 of their colors, and I use them exclusively. It isn’t hard to get off, either, and it hasn’t turned my nails yellow (I’ve been using Sparitual for about a year). True, they don’t have a wide range of colors, but I’m guessing that has something to do with their colors’ being vegan.Particular colors worth mentioning: Hunk of Burnin’ Love is a bright but not garish red. Good for winter and summer and when you feel vixenish.Gold Digger is a nice goldish brown, subtle but dark enough, and not GOLD, if you know what I mean. Good for autumn.Fall in Love is a rosy brown, darker and good for autumn and when you feel mellow.Jet Setter is a brown-pink, more pink than brown and pale but not frosty or shimmery. Good for summer and when you feel subdued.Streetsmart is black. Period. Nice and solid but not SO BLACK that it’s horrifically goth. Good for when you feel angsty.I Feel the Earth Move is a good blackberry color: a dark purple-brown but not overpoweringly so. Good for winter.

Ella Dalton, GA

Beauty In A Bottle

I am in the process of switching all of my nail polish collection from toxic to non toxic. I decided the best way to start would be to buy a few different brands and this brand and color are great! The color is a like the color of wine, with a little more purple than red. I love it! The brush is standard and the application is smooth and even.There is a slight odor, but not a lingering over powering smell that can irritate. I polished my toes indoors and the smell dissipates shortly after. I hope you enjoy! I really recommend this color!

Aimee Blue River, WI


Looks like very, very deep black-blue ink. Has a little more of a zingy and more eye catching then the usual matted black. I’ve found all of SpaRitual’s nail polish to be top quality – and it’s vegan!

Cherry Niantic, CT