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Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher Skin Care System 7 piece

Get spa like treatment in the comfort of your own home with the Spa Sonic 7 piece skin care system. Spa Sonic delightfully deep cleanses the entire face and body, tones the skin, and makes you feel great. Spa Sonic skin care system face and body polisher is a waterproof device which is ideal for use in the shower, bath and sink. It operates with 4 attachments (all included), a small brush for the face, a large brush for the body, pumice for rough areas, and a facial sponge for micro dermabrasion and reduction of fine lines. The Spa Sonic’s dermal penetrating action promotes rapid absorption of skin care products. Made with clear skin technology, the Spa Sonic brush heads were specially designed by dermatologists to deep clean while being completely non irritating. Have beautiful spa like skin without the spa price with the Spa Sonic skin care system. Available in 6 stylish colors, white, pink, lavender, orchid, tangerine and optic yellow. Each 7 piece includes, 1 body polishing unit, 2 small facial brushes, 1 large body brush, 1 facial buffer, 1 pumice stone and 1 battery four pack.

Key features

  • Exfoliates, smoothes and softens skin
  • Clean Complexion Technology, Non-irritating
  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • Can be used with your favorite cleansers
  • Tightens and reduces size of pores

Honest reviews



Spa Sonic is my new love. It gently cleans and exfoliates leaving you with glowing, soft skin. It’s gentle but really deep cleans your pores. In the shower I use it before and after I shave my legs and it leaves them soft and no gross razor bumps. Haven’t tried the pumice stone for my feet yet, but that’s next. I purchased mine from Costco at a much better price and it’s one of the best purchases I have made.

Ruth Hacker Valley, WV

Love it!!

I purchased the Spa Sonic system hoping to help my troublesome complexion. I am very pleased with this product! The bristles are gentle but the system is effective! I tried a similar type spa brush before, cheaper and the bristles were much harder than the spa sonic. My face broke out horribly from it! I have been using this product for a few weeks now and my skin looks and feels great! No breakouts at all!

Gladys Cordele, GA

Not Bad: Please Read This Before Buying A Rotating Facial Brush

Now, I already have a few other of theses facial systems, but what drew my attention to the Spa Sonic product was that it had different SIZED interchangeable heads for face and body…Cons: Like the other rotating brush systems, No, it does not go super fast, but none of them do, and/but, it is about the same in terms of actual speed and what you get, but what really sets this unit apart is the price. On-sale for under 50-bucks it was a steal!Pros: I love the versatility of alternating between the face brush head and the body brush head. It is very gentle and relaxing. (For body, I like to alternate use of this unit with my (manual) natural bristle bath brush which is very exfoliating, but very strong bristles for every day use). For Face: I like to use it every other day to promote collagen and still allow the skin to properly rest but if the bristle head brush is to strong for frequent use you can use the super soft sponge-head, which is gentle enough for daily use (on other days I simply use a soft face cloth)…And So, I can still gently massage the skin with the Spa Sonic on those other days and they even have a little pumice stone head for feet. And the brush heads can be used on wet or dry skin for stimulating collagen/rejuvenation, etc… as well as just having a very relaxing cleansing experience overall.Now, It’s not a Clarion, which as I understand has the head with bristles that move in 2-directions or something like that, but having so many other units in the past, I felt that for the price, combined with what I discovered in general usage in comparing the different units on the market, is that, they are generally evenly matched in terms of the overall intensity in which the brush heads actually spin (even those that claim multiple speeds). So, that might be a factor in your decision-making process as well. While, I can’t comment on comparing the Clarion specifically, I find that I do like it (Spa Sonic) much better than the Olay and the Neutrogena facial brushes that I already had in the past. And I do feel that in terms of quality of performance of these types of units in general, I will never need to try another spinning facial brush (so far they all really do work the same, but only have variable price points) unless someone gifts me one.And in terms of actual use, as I said, they all perform pretty much the same and I think all of the systems on the market could have brush heads that spin faster than they are currently making them, but possibly there is a concern of injuring the skin or some such liability…In terms of assembly, what’s nice about this one is that you can use a shoe string to help pull open the battery compartment, as in this and other models, it can be almost impossible to open using hand-strength alone (but it has a little hole in the bottom to hang the unit on a vanity hook–so it does makes it a lot easier to install the batteries), which I also like quite a bit after many fights with a butter knife trying to open up other models.Now, if you don’t care about the bath brush feature, you can buy the Olay and it will work fine and save you a lot of money (it’s only about $25) and is a good brush (although a bit difficult to open). But, I do think a lot of people will like the body-brush head feature in this Spa Sonic unit as well, which is what makes this product different from the others on the market, and worth the buy.Overall I’d rate this one a solid B/B- About 4 stars. A nice product.

Luz Navarre, OH

Not as good as others

I had a nutrasonic that I used for years and I loved. When it finally died, I needed a another one and thought I might try a cheaper version. I can definitely tell the difference. I do not feel like it does as good of a job as exfoliating as the other unit.

Benita Apple River, IL

Great for the price!

Excellent little kit for when you are washing your face and bathing. I especially like the foot pumice and love that this is water proof and can be take with me in the shower.As far as the power of it, I would say it works pretty well. Definitely not comparable to a Clarasonic, but I did notice that this helped me thoroughly wash most of my makeup when compared to just using my fingers. The body brush is an excellent size and when combined with an exfoliating body wash, your skin is left silky smooth!If you have realistic expectations about this product then it’s an excellent buy!

Cora Sentinel Butte, ND

Pretty good

This is no Clarisonic, but it is 1/3 the price. It seems of good quality and I use it every day. I rub the head in my tub of Noxema and go to town. It gets off every speck of makeup and is a very easy and comfortable process. It also helps get all of the dead skin flakes that are a side-effect of my Retin-A regimen. Good product.

Constance Buttonwillow, CA

I Love It – Spa Sonic Skin Care System – 7 Piece Kit

I bought this Spa Sonic Skin Care System – 7 Piece Kit and I have used it. It works very well for me. Thanks!

Grace Sullivan, WI