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South of France French Milled Acai Pomegranate Soap 8oz Bar

Acai Pomegranate Gluten Free | Soy Free | Vegan 8 oz. Experience the exotic with entrancing and luxurious scents of acai berries and pomegranate. A blend of South American and Far Eastern flavors at the peak of ripeness lends Acai Pomegranate an unbridled, slightly acidic, fruitful quality that will invigorate & prepare you for whatever your day may have in store.

Key features

  • Serving Size:
  • 8 Ounces Bar

Honest reviews



I’ve always heard praises (although not in detail) of “south of france” soaps and seen them briefly in stores sometimes but when I read the label and saw it was actually made in the US and not in France as their brand name suggests, I was kind of turned off, thinking the hype about it was a lot of BS. I was wrong. I bought mine for $6 without s/h costs at Cost Plus World Market.As the “important information” and the back of the soap pkg say, it is extremely beneficial for people who are hypersensitive, totally organic/natural, vegetable oil based.”IndicationsFood sensitivity: Biodegradable and recyclable packaging.
• Not tested on animals
• EDTA Free
• Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate Free
• Paraben Free
• Phthalate Free”The acai pomegranate soap is HUGE and has a strong berry-like fragrance from outside the package but when you bathe it’s not so strong that you sneeze. I think what convinced me it was truly organic was when I cut a knife through it to slice off a chunk like I usually do when reviewing soaps and it fell apart not in 1 clean slice like other soaps but in break apart ragged chunks and pieces. Then I KNEW there was a difference!! It’s very mild on the skin, has semi-decent lather, and the scent is noticeable but not intense. It stays kind of hard while bathing so it would last a long time due i’m sure to the “french milling” whereby the french (or in this case, Americans) process not only thru triple milling but also use the large thick rollers to take out the air. It wouldn’t be my favorite type of soap since i like intense fragrances and LOTS of lather and want my soapbar to soften like a real cake of soap, but the value is DEFINITELY there as a pure organic soap without toxic synthetics and the price is right for 8.8 oz. It’s certainly MUCH larger than the french-made “pre de provence” soaps for a cheaper cost!!Also, since this is a very pure organic soapbar, to make sure your soapbar lasts for many bathings, it’s best to keep it away as much as possible from water and moisture/humidity.

Madeline Fulton, MI

Rich lather and mild fragrance without chemicals

South of France soaps are heavenly. This Acai Pomegranate scent is my favorite. Made from vegetable and natural oils, it has a light berry fragrance that isn’t overpowering and smells divine. This triple milled soap isn’t anything like the average soap found in the supermarket. It works into a thick, rich, delectable lather that leaves skin soft and smooth while gently cleansing, and is even mild enough to use on the face. The company can proudly boast that its soaps are sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate free, paraben free, and phthalate free. I look forward to this soap every day in my shower, and just in case you might be afraid it’s not masculine enough for your manly guy, my husband won’t use anything else. Highly recommended!

Maryellen Saddlestring, WY

Soap it is…

This is decent soap.It smells nice and works into a nice lather.However, I haven’t repurchased for two reasons.- It runs out quickly. I guess this is the reason why it’s so large, which is a smart compensation.- The scent has no staying power. It smells nice, for how long it does stay. It wears off in under an hour after showering.Those points aren’t enough for me to give it a poor rating. Overall, it’s a good soap.

Elizabeth Pascoag, RI

Beautiful Soap

I’ve used this in the past, and have just re-ordered two bars. Can’t wait to receive them. This stuff smells BEAUTIFUL! Not only in the shower, but it’s a beautiful berry smell that not only makes your bathroom smell good after showering, but it the scent clings to your skin and clothes long after showering. I love this stuff. I have tried many of South of France soaps and you can’t lose with this one. And it’s a unisex scent. Works just as good on a man as a woman. It’s a very well crafted, “berry smell.”You can’t lose. It’s that well done. 🙂

Kristina Port Clinton, OH

Wonderful Soap

I found South Of France Soap while walking the isles in Whole Foods. Love this soap. We have been using forseveral years now. Could not find locally, of course one can always depend on Amazon. We would not considerbuying any other. Have tried several different ones and love them all. They are long lasting and a good buy.

Sylvia Baconton, GA