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Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron


Key features

  • Ceramic/Tourmaline ion plates give a shinier, silkier result in lesser time
  • Designed to work well with both dry and damp hair
  • Wide enough for short, medium and even long hair, yet narrow enough for bangs
  • Feature the patented Dynamic Alignment System
  • 120V 60Hz for use in US/Canada with one-year limited warranty

Honest reviews


Salon Styling at Home!

The Solia is the hair iron that the three bears would have chosen: Neither too hot or too cold, too cheap or too expensive, it’s a product that’s just right.These irons can go for as little as $25 or so, and on up to about $150 and more. The cheaper irons can damage your hair, and the more expensive ones can put holes in your hair. As described (very well) in the “features” section here at, the Solia combines ceramic with tourmaline, a gem that creates six times more negative ions than ceramic alone. These ions, combined with the heat (which the user can “dial” to a temperature between 140 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit) give you the capability to change the direction and texture of your hair.More than just a hair straightener, the lightweight Solia can give you flips, curves (both towards your face and away), and generally shape your hair. It’s lightweight and heats up quickly. I don’t know exactly how the “patented Dynamic Alignment System” works; I do know that the iron glides easily and without pain through short and long curly hair. Extra curly, thick hair will conform to the new straight look your stylist gave you, and there’s a beautiful sheen due to the hairs’ alignment. It comes with an instruction booklet; I’d also recommend the product’s website at A product that consistently works well at a resonable price make this an excellent value.

Crystal Carbon Hill, AL

never get hot, not for humidity!

i have wavy, dry, thick hair that goes about half way down my back and chest. i bought this iron because of it’s awesome review on […] but i wish i read into other reviews first. i don’t like this iron because i feel like it never gets hot. it goes up to 420 degrees, i believe, but i feel like the plates are never hot and i need to go over certain parts of my hair four or five times. also, in a couple hours my hair starts to get wavy again. i would never recommend this iron to someone i hated! but.. the iron makes AWESOME barrel curls, which is why i give it three stars.

Antonia Frederic, MI

So happy with it!

I’m Indian and have slightly wavy hair that’s to my shoulder blades – that said, this is an awesome flat iron! I had the Chi for many years before, which finally gave up on me, so my comparison is to that product. With this iron, I can straighten my hair in about 10 min versus about 12 min with my Chi. I think this is way better than the Chi though based on my hair after straightening. My hair feels smooth and healthy and it’s super shiny. The Chi wasn’t bad, but to me, this is way better.

Lilly Monson, MA

Love it love it love it

I bought this iron as an impulse purchase one late night a year and a half ago. I wanted to get the Sedu Revolution but couldn’t justify paying over $100 for a 1 inch flat iron when my Chi still worked well. So I bought this (cheaper and smaller) iron instead.I’m black with a relaxer. I also stretch my relaxer to over 12 plus weeks. As you can imagine, that’s A LOT of new growth. I rollerset my hair every week, then will hit the roots only with my Solia. It leaves my roots straight and very shiny.This little irons works just as well my Chi Turbo (without the problem of the felt wearing off and it being hot to the touch) and better than my maxiglide (which was a waste of money), my t3 wet or dry (even more of waste of money, i gave it away) and my FHI Platform (which is probably my second favorite iron after the Solia).Definitely recommend.

Marva Ashuelot, NH

A very good, but not GREAT flat iron…

Ever since I discovered ceramic flat irons about ten years ago, I haven’t been able to live without one. I’ve tried so many different brands from Chi to Fhi to Hai to Solia and Sedu… Each has its own benefits and detriments. The honest truth about all of them, though, is that none of them last more than a couple of years. The wiring goes out or the casing cracks. Or they just die. Either way, no matter which brand you choose, unless you’re the most careful person on the planet, you aren’t going to have this iron forever.Now that that disclaimer is out of the way, onto the Solia! I shop on Folica for all my major hair needs and I find they offer the best prices for hair tools. The Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron is one of the most reviewed items they had and at a reasonable price of $80 (with coupon I got it for $60), I figured it was worth a shot. Before I bought it my Sedu iron had just died, so I was comparing the Solia’s performance to that one as soon as it arrived.The Solia, compared to the Sedu, feels like a solid iron. There is a little more weight to it and it doesn’t feel flimsy or easily breakable. I’ve only ever owned the black model, so I can’t comment on any of the other colors. I bought the one inch size since I wanted to try to curl my hair with it after watching several tutorials on youtube.This iron heats up to a pipping hot 450 degrees, which is nice. My hair is quite thick and somewhat wavy so I generally have to use these irons on their highest setting.Unfortunately, the Solia did not perform as well as the Sedu had. It took me about 30 minutes to fully straighten my hair and I would have to go over sections three or four times with the iron before they would be perfectly straight. The other downside of this was that the straightening did not hold up as well when I would go outside. Windy or humid weather would make my hair wavy all over again, somewhat defeating the purpose.Curling was out of the question since the exterior of the iron did not get very warm, although the plus side of that was that I never accidentally burned my fingers.Two years down the road when my Solia died, I shelled out the extra money and replaced it with the Sedu. However! Folica was running a promotion at the time that if you spent over $75, you would get a Solia 1″ iron as a gift with purchase. So I guess I know have a backup Solia iron for when my Sedu ultimately dies.If you have easily straightened hair and are on a budget, this might be the iron for you. I need something more powerful, so I prefer the Sedu. However, I can still get the Solia to work for me with extra time and effort.

Daphne Coltons Point, MD

leap of faith

This is my second flat iron, a replacement to a conair 3/4 $15 dollar iron. If you are worried about the cost, DON’T be; it’s worth it. My hair has never looked better, and the best part is that it lasts until I wash my hair again. I no longer have to fear drizzle and humidity and rain or going to sleep and waking up with a mess on my head. I don’t feel like I’m damaging my hair like with my old conair, and the results are far better. There is no fuzziness to my hair when I’m finished and all it takes is one swipe. When I was using the conair, I would have to go over it with my curling iron and the results would last, if I was lucky and the weather was perfect, two days. And my ends would also looked fried. With my Solia, my hair is straight, light, and shiny and it doesn’t frizz or fuzz up. And my ends have yet to looked fried while using the Solia. ^_^ My hair also looks healthier than it ever has before.

Natalia Buxton, ME

this flat iron makes all the difference

I had been using a flat iron that I purchased several years ago to straighten my hair only occasionally. It worked okay, but, when I decided that I wanted to straighten my hair more regularly, I thought an upgrade might help me do the job more quickly. I did a lot of research on flat irons and eventually settled on this one. I have been using this product for about two weeks now, and I absolutely love it. I am still shocked by how much more quickly and easily I can straighten my hair. The iron heats up and cools down quickly. It doesn’t pull my hair. Most importantly, I see great results every time I use it. Highly recommended.

Kelsey Colusa, IL

Quick tool for pretty hair

I have long, thick, wavy, frizzy hair. I love to straighten my hair (looks good on me and I get tons of compliments), but have had a hard time fixing my hair with my new time constraints as a mom. I had a cheap & old (10+ years) flat iron that finally fell to it’s death on the bathroom floor. Lucky for me, I got great advice from my hair stylist and a good friend. They encouraged me to invest in a ceramic iron. After reading reviews, I decided on this Solia ceramic & tourmaline iron. Paired with the Chi silk infusion product, I have smooth and shiny hair again. The difference is that it takes 5 minutes to straighten all of my long thick hair compared to the 20 minutes I spent with my old iron. My stylist told me that the cheap irons lose their ability to get hot after a period of time and when you have thick hair with curls, you need max heat.

Willie Elliottville, KY