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Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer

The SoliaTM Thermal Ionic Dryer is an Italian engineered, 1875 Watt Professional Thermal Ionic Dryer designed to produce millions of negative ions with beneficial effect on the hair. Hair is shinier, healthier and smoother. The SoliaTM Thermal Ionic Dryer is a professional lightweight and quiet hair styling tool. Utilizing negative ion technology the Solia Thermal Ionic Dryer seals in the moisture and adds shine to hair. No more copper coil heating elements that can damage the hair or heavy appliances that take too long to dry. The Solia Thermal Ionic is a lightweight and powerful dryer that helps make styling faster and easier thus minimizing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. The SoliaTM Thermal Ionic Dryer features a Ergonomically designed comfort grip handles engineered to reduce stress on the hand and wrist while drying the hair.

Key features

  • Ionic Generator with indicator light for ant-static, smooth, shiny hair
  • 1875 Watt High Out Motor with removable air intake filter.
  • Instant Cool Shot Setting for setting a perfect and long-lasting hairstyle.
  • 2 Concentrator nozzles for professional styling results.
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Honest reviews



This is the first time in 20 years that I have bought a hair dryer. And I have never spent more than $20, on them! Now I GET it! Wow. What a difference a high end professional tool makes. This is a beautiful hair dryer. It is substantial, a gorgeous color and even has a rubber bumper to protect it and your counter tops. It’s a very sleek Italian design and the power is amazing. My drying time went from 20 minutes with a regular cheapo dryer – same 1875 wattage – to FOUR minutes with this dryer. Great dryer. Now I am buying one for my mom, who has to have the thickest hair on the planet. I would NOT get this dryer for thin hair – but for really thick hair this would be a great choice. Not sure what the ion thing REALLY does – but it is fun – like the icing 😉 One other thing to mention – this hair dryer weighs at least 2x what my cheapie one ways – so if you are weak or have arm problems – you might want to think about that. This is a very substantial machine.

Tricia Cayuse, OR

Pro dryer made a huge difference

Some things, you got to buy higher quality. We live and learn which items are worth spending on to get good quality. I am usually cynical of expensive products that promise but don’t deliver I wish I knew that pro dryers made such a difference. I waited until my 30s to try a pro dryer and wow, what a difference. I have short, fine hair that needs volume but is also dry and brittle. I also am busy and impatient so I need a hair routine that’s quick and effective. I don’t know if it’s the ions or the heat level or what but this dryer helps my hair get bouncy and shiny in little time. I love it! I did not rate it 5 because it’s quite heavy but it’s a solid 4.5 stars. I recommend anyone who can afford to get a hair dryer to bite the bullet and get a good machine. It is worth it!

Betty Drummond, WI

It works well before it prematurely dies completely?

In our house we’ve gone through two of these hair dryers in less than two years.The dryer itself has a lot of power and works well. It dries my thick long hair quite quickly and leaves it feeling soft and smooth, not dry or brittle. I like that I can work faster with this dryer than my previous cheap-o drug store model. I definitely think it is healthier for my hair as well and will significantly cut down on damage and breakage in the long-term…But that’s the exact problem: there is no long-term.These hair dryers, despite being quite heavily and having the appearance of being solidly built, are unbelievably fragile. I don’t abuse my tools in any way, but they do experience a normal amount of use and wear. I have bought this hair dryer twice and neither one has lasted more than 6 months. I have concluded that the problem is just shoddy quality assurance.The first dryer’s switches began to malfunction. You could try to change to heat or power settings, but doing so would only work maybe 50% of the time. And if you managed to turn it off altogether using the switch, chances are you would have to mess with the settings quite a bit to turn it back on again. Awful! It got to the point where we would leave all the switches on their highest settings and turn the dryer on and off by plugging it and and unplugging it. Not the safest of methods.The hair dryer also has a very thick cord. This is easy to get twisted and the plastic coating covering the wires rips and splits VERY easily. This can leave exposed wiring and we all know what a danger that is.The second one around lasted just shy of three months before it stopped working altogether. Nothing in particular happened to cause this, but it seems to be irreversible.Now that I’ve used the Solia hair dryer as well as the Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron, I have to conclude that Solia just does not make particularly good products. They’re okay and they’re definitely the cheapest available on the high-grade market, but the quality and endurance is just pitiful. Next time I’m going to save up and invest in a Sedu hair dryer.

Trisha Downingtown, PA

Not so great!

I hoped this was going to be a great purchase as it was pricey, but it was not just as good as any other dryer. I wished so much that this was going to be a dryer like the Dominicans use but it is not, I will continue to look.

Johnnie Redford, MO

So Worth The Money

I thought that the high end hair dryers used by professionals were only needed because the dryer was used all day long – not so! I borrowed a friend’s Solia dryer on a girls weekend and was immediately impressed. I have short hair and I think long haired users would enjoy this dryer even more than I do. It dries quickly, provides a lot of lift, is easy to use and added shine as well. Highly recommended!

Mitzi Eastchester, NY